Why we request a photo

reDollar experts checking photoYou may receive a photo request from our support team. Let’s help you understand why we might ask you for that.

  • Photo for insurance purposes
  • Photo to determine an item’s authenticity
  • Photo to check price expectations
  • Photo to check for purchase eligibility

Photo for Insurance Purposes

With reDollar.com, your valuables are REALLY insured. Many online companies promise you insurance but only provide you with a basic $200 or at most $500 coverage. That’s not the case with us. We insure your packages for up to $150,000. And because of the level of insurance we offer, our insurance policy will randomly require customers to provide a photo of the items they plan to mail in. This can happen for both high-value and low-value selling transactions.

Photo to determine an item’s authenticity

Unfortunately, there are MANY pieces of fake jewelry in circulation. Eighteen-karat gold especially was faked very often. Most fake items were bought overseas during a vacation and brought back to the US. Our company receives literally tens of thousands of items every year, and thus our experts have seen almost every kind of fake jewelry. There is a high chance that our experts will be able to identify a fake piece just by looking at a photo. This is in your best interest as a customer, as we can avoid shipping your items back and forth if any of them are in fact fake.

Photo to Check Price Expectations

Emotions are closely tied with jewelry. If your beloved grandma gave you a ring, it may have tremendous value to you. We fully understand and appreciate that. But is that ring as valuable if it’s sold on the open market? This may be another reason why we ask you to provide a photo. If you start a selling inquiry with us and we suspect the market situation may not be able to fulfill your price expectations, we’ll ask you to provide a photo of your items. Very often, our experts are able to find out whether the market can meet your stated price expectations. That way, we can avoid wasting your time and shipping your items around unnecessarily.

Photo to Check for Purchase Acceptance

We buy many different types of merchandise. An almost complete list of things we buy can be found under what we accept. It can sometimes happen that we cannot buy a particular piece, either because the market has no demand for certain items at that time or because we generally cannot accept your piece. This applies especially to colored gemstones (we only buy top-notch quality stones), artwork, and other very special items.

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