Stone Removal

We offer FREE gemstone removal and FREE gemstone returns on a fair use policy . We do our very best to satisfy your request but ask that you respect our decision if we decline to unmount your gemstones for free. We can ALWAYS return your whole piece instead of having your gemstone removed. Our most important goal is to not damage your property and to turn you into another satisfied customer.

Rest assured! We will never take action without first reaching out to you for permission to proceed.

Valuable Gemstones

We can remove and send back valuable gemstones as long as the mounting allows for a damage-free removal process. Gemstones with a hardness of 7.5 or lower on the Mohs Hardness Scale have a higher risk of getting damaged during the removal process. We reserve the right to not remove your gemstone and instead return the whole piece to you.

Quality Diamonds

We pay high prices for quality diamonds, but if you would rather keep your diamond, we can unmount and send back your stone as long as the mounting allows for a damage-free removal process. We reserve the right to NOT remove your diamond and instead return the whole piece to you.


Pearls’ Mohs hardness is only between 2.5 and 4.5, so they face an extremely high risk of getting scratched or severely damaged when being removed from jewelry. In most cases, we refuse to remove pearls from items, as there is a 90% chance of damaging your property. However, if pearls are threaded on gold wire or silk thread, we may be able to remove them for you.

Semi-Precious Stones

We receive thousands of items every month, and the time required to dismount such stones stands in no economic relation to the value of these stones. We pay pretty much the highest possible prices for gold and jewelry in the US, so our profit margin is very low. At the same time, we employ highly educated appraisers that are focused on determining the value of your jewelry.

Class Ring Gemstones

The way class rings are designed and the gemstones are placed in the mounting makes it impossible to quickly remove a stone without causing severe damage. This would need to be done by a goldsmith, and ultimately the labor would outweigh the value of the recovered stone. Almost all gemstones in class rings are lab-created stones with no monetary value. Please understand that for this reason we cannot offer stone removals from class rings.

Silver Jewelry Gemstones

Almost all gemstones used for silver jewelry reflect little or almost no monetary value. We receive thousands of silver items every month, and most of those items contain gemstones. It would be impossible for us to remove those stones and have them sent back to you. But the good news is that we may include the gemstones of nicer jewelry in the weight, which results in a higher payout for you.


Gemstones & Diamonds May Be Included in Your Offer

Semi-precious gemstones, synthetic gemstones, low-quality gemstones, pearls, or tiny diamonds may be included in our purchase offer. Please check your laboratory report for more information. In certain cases, we include the weight of your stones in the gold weight, which results in a higher payout amount.

Commercial Sellers

Since we pay the highest possible prices for jewelry and precious metals, many commercial sellers are interested in our services. Please understand that we cannot offer free gemstone removal for commercial sellers, and we reserve the right to charge a $10 fee for sending back loose gemstones or gemstone jewelry. To us, a commercial seller is either a registered seller for whom we have a business license on file or a person sending precious metals on a regular interval.

Low Volume Transactions

We reserve the right to charge up to $10 for removing and returning gemstones on low-volume selling transactions of up to $350. We operate on a 9% profit margin for gold jewelry resulting in very little profit on low-volume transactions. But even the smallest sales transactions matter to us and are treated with appreciation and respect. Whether you sell your items for $20, $100, or thousands of dollars, we highly value your trust in our company. No one customer is more important than any other.

Hardness of Gemstones

Low Risk of Damage


Medium Risk of Damage

Aquamarine7.5-8rather high
Emerald7.5-8rather high
Tourmaline7.5-8rather high

High Risk of Damage

Pearl2.5-4.5very high

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