Let’s price your gold: how much is 18k gold worth?

18K gold is a very common and wide-spread gold alloy in America. A great majority of jewelry is made of 18 karat gold, especially high-value and high-grade jewelry, often from famous jewelers and goldsmiths. This includes engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, bangles, and a lot more. 18K gold is very often used by famous designers such as Tiffany, Graff, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Cartier as well as unknown manufacturers, producing machine-made jewelry. People love this exclusive gold alloy, and they also want to find out how much 18K gold is worth. Usually, there are just two reasons why someone wants to know how much 18 karat gold is worth. Either you plan to

  • BUY items made of 18K gold,
    or you plan to
  • SELL items made of 18K gold.

We fully understand your concern. On the one hand, you don’t want to spend too much money if you plan to buy 18K gold, and on the other hand, you don’t want to get paid less money if you plan to sell 18K gold. In any case, it’s good to know how much you should spend or how much you should expect. It’s important for you to know that 18K gold has three different prices: the commodity price, the selling price and the buying price.

Please use our gold calculator to pre-calculate your payout amount.

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How much is 18K gold worth? The Commodity Price

gold nuggets on stock prices newspaper18K gold is an alloy that contains 75% pure gold. Only pure gold is stock exchange listed and will be traded. For this reason, jewelry producers can only buy pure gold for the manufacturing of jewels. It takes 75% pure gold and 25% other metals like silver, platinum, palladium, or copper to create an 18K gold alloy. So the stock price of 18K gold is 75% of the pure or fine gold’s price. The stock prices for gold are mostly stated in ounces. One ounce equals 31.10 grams.

Current stock price of pure gold: $2328.11 per ounce
Current stock price of 18K gold: $1747.83 per ounce

reDollar price for 18K gold: $1574.62 per ounce
reDollar price for 18K gold: $50.63 per gram
reDollar price for 18K gold: $78.48 per dwt

How much is 18K gold worth? The Selling Price

18K gold jewelry on two hundred dollar bank notesThousands of Americans own unwanted 18K gold in the form of jewelry, scrap gold, or old-fashioned gold. It’s extremely likely that this gold was inherited or bought many years ago, or maybe it’s the remnant of a divorce. It doesn’t matter where it comes from if you would like to find out how much it’s worth. But it’s essential for you to know that you cannot get paid the stock price if you want to sell your 18K gold to a dealer. A reliable gold buyer will deduct a margin of 10-15% of the current stock price, which means you should get paid 85%-90% of the stock price. But be aware, there are countless gold dealers deducting a margin of 50-70% for themselves for buying your 18K gold. Most of them are not willing to publish their prices. Of course not, otherwise their shameless enrichment would be more evident. Never deal with such dubious and nontransparent dealers. You can lose a lot of money. Search for a gold calculator or a price table to find out how much a dealer is really willing to pay for your 18 karat gold.

18 karat gold brooch with garnetsThis beautiful 18K gold brooch with garnets has a weight of 14 grams. Sell this beautiful antique gold brooch for $708.83

18 karat yellow gold and rose gold braceletThis wonderful 18K yellow gold and rose gold bracelet has a weight of 49 grams. Sell this elegant jewel for $2480.91

18K gold ring with tourmalineThis beautiful 18K gold ring with a Tourmaline has a weight of 12 grams. Sell this gold ring for $607.57

18K gold necklaceThis solid 18K gold necklace has a weight of 29 grams. Sell this 18K yellow gold necklace for $1468.29

We highly recommend not selling for a lower price than these quotations:

Per ounce of 18K gold: $1574.62
Per dwt of 18K gold: $78.48
Per gram of 18K gold: $50.63

18K gold chain composition fine silver copper and gold granulesNote: We buy 18K gold and also other gold alloys. We, as a reliable company, let you know how much your 18K gold is worth and how much you can expect to get paid. We are not afraid of comparison. Go ahead, shop around and find out how much other companies will pay you. After wasting your precious time in different dealer stores, you will realize that reDollar.com pays the most cash.

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How much is 18K gold worth? The Buying Price

Planning to buy an 18 karat gold engagement ring for the person you love? Looking for jewelry for yourself? Whatever the reason you want like to find out how much 18K gold is worth, it’s essential to compare dealers and their prices. It’s very complex to determine a selling price because there are nearly countless factors that influence the selling price for 18K gold.

Below we have listed the most important factors that can affect the buying price of 18K gold significantly:
A piece of jewelry made of 18K gold made by a famous designer is worth much more than a piece of 18K gold made by an unknown designer or goldsmith.
A handmade piece of 18K gold is worth much more than a machine-made piece of 18K gold.
A piece of 18K gold lavishly set with diamonds or other gemstones is worth much more than just a plain piece of 18K gold.
A piece of 18K gold made as a limited edition is worth much more than a piece of mass production.
An antique piece of 18K gold belonging to a famous provenience is worth much more than a piece without a famous provenience and origin.

For all these reasons, we are unfortunately not able to publish a recommendation of prices for buying 18 karat gold.

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