Jewelry identification: identify your valuables

You have a shoe-box or a jewelry-box full of unidentified jewelry? Perhaps from your grandma or your grandpa? Perhaps vintage or even antique? You would like to find out if there are hidden treasures in it? Go ahead and you will be amazed what you can find in it and how much this secrets are worth. Our experts constantly find in our customers jewelry hidden valuables: lockets with diamonds, gold chains, cameo brooches, real pearls, gold wristwatches, solid gold necklaces and a lot more valuables. When you take a look on the gold price per pennyweight you will know why you should not fail to identify real gold treasure. Learn to distinguish the real treasure from the trash and you can be happy about getting some extra cash between your paychecks selling this undiscovered items to a reliable company like reDollar.

Jewelry identification – lesson 1: gold will tarnish too

Contrary to the popular opinion, gold items will tarnish too. So if you find tarnished pieces that could be gold with intricate workmanship and no mark, don’t automatically discard it as trash. Since gold is very soft, the markings on a ring or a necklace may literally be worn off. Marks on many gold items have also become worn by rubbing against clothes in their daily use. Always have such pieces tested before you decide to get rid of them. You could loose a valuable item. This also belongs to items that look like scrap because identified scrap gold, no matter witch alloy, can be sold for a good sum of money. Normally scrap gold is just broken jewelry but because of constantly risen metal prices this gold is very salable too.

Jewelry identification – lesson 2: gold marks can be a fake

From time to time it happens that our appraisers get some items marked as solid 18k gold or solid 14k gold but in fact this pieces are just gold plated. Fraudulent marked items by a goldsmith are a crime. But almost always it doesn’t come out or it comes out too late, because the fraudulent working goldsmith is not operating anymore or the case has been barred. But don’t worry about that. You are never responsible for fraudulent marked jewelry. You are not obligated to identify wrongly marked items as a consumer. Jewelry identification can be learned but it’s not a must to do before you sell.

Jewelry identification – we can tell you what it is is running a department of jewelry appraisers. We can to the main work for you. Use our free evaluation service if you don’t know how to deal with unidentified jewelry. We can tell you exactly what you have and how much it’s worth – without an obligation to sell your items to us. A reliable company, like ours, will always offer a hassle-free process coming with no commitments. Just get started online to get a free evaluation by the day after tomorrow. And consider that you can mail in a whole box of jewelry including all the potential trash items. Our employees are trained to find a needle in a haystack. Trust our experience: we separate the treasure from the trash.

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