Value of precious metals

There are four important precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Gold is typically known for jewelry, bullion, coins, dental crowns or electronic components. In contrast to gold, silver is known for flatware, jewelry, religious objects, industrial parts or batteries. Palladium and platinum is also used for jewelry and coins but not as much as gold or silver. Platinum and palladium are very typical for industrial use: from the automotive sector to the medical sector to the aviation industry.

Probably you are looking for the value of typical precious metals:

Very likely you are looking for the value of typical precious metals such as gold and silver coming as jewelry, scrap gold, coins or bullions. The value can be calculated by the similar way, no matter if you are looking for the value of jewelry, coins or scrap gold. The base of every value calculation is the item’s weight and the current precious metal stock price. We provide the current prices for your overview:

precious metals stock price (ounce) stock price (dwt)
GOLD $1,215.44 $60.55
SILVER $17.02 $0.85
PLATINUM $1,228.50 $61.42
PALLADIUM $812.20 $40,64

This published quotes are the current stock quotes. If you want to buy precious metals you have to calculate a surcharge and if you plan to sell precious metals, you have to calculate a deduction. Calculate +/- 15% depending on the item, as a guideline. The value of precious metals may vary sometimes more, sometimes less within a day. Watch the prices very well to trade to your advantage.

Value of precious metals, selling precious metals:

You own some jewelry, some coins or some scrap gold that you would like to sell? The value of this precious metals can be calculated by yourself, determining the weight if you have a scale handy. Your total payout amount can be easily calculated using our online calculator. You get your total paid without any deductions. Don’t trust your local dealer to that you immediately offer your precious metals for sale. The dealer could make a good business with your assets in contrast to your result. Beware, your precious metals can be more valuable as you think. Knowing the value of precious metals is the basis to obtain an amazing price. There are thousands of US gold buyers out there and just a few are reliable and recommendable. is the company you can trust for competitive offers. We really pay amazing prices for your goods. And we keep our promises.

Dealing with precious metals on the flea market?

You are offering silver flatware on the flea market and you realize that it’s very time-consuming to find reliable buyers for your goods? There is an alternative to get good cash for your silver flatware: it’s reDollar, paying you the highest prices without charging you fees like an auction house. Think about requiring a non-binding offer from our precious metals department. We can calculate a first estimation without melting your silver. You get your items back if you are not satisfied with our offer. Without damage!

Individuals and companies are welcomed to start selling online. We are more than happy to receive your precious metals in our laboratory.

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