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WE LOVE CARTIER WATCHES: is one of the best places where you can sell Cartier watches. Our appraisers are used to all Cartier watches of all decades and this ability is a must to calculate a high price for you. Lots of buyers promise to be the perfect place to sell Cartier watches, but only the minority of this buyers like, is really able to deal with Cartier watches on the highest level. You expect the best advice – you get it there. You expect the best price – you get it there. You expect an extremely fast selling process – you get it there. Do you get these benefits elsewhere? That’s very questionable. Search our website: it’s full with helpful expert information, prices and Cartier watch selling tips. is one of the best places to sell Cartier rings or to sell Cartier jewelry. We invite you today, to sell your Cartier watches with us. Plus, meet our appraisers to unlock your watches’ value. Asking questions is free and without obligation. We see ourselves also as a place for inexpert consumers asking questions they can’t ask elsewhere.

Learn for how much your Cartier watch can sell:

Sell a Cartier Watch More Information and Value
Cartier Panthere watch Sell a Cartier Panthere watch: A Cartier Panthere is a women’s wristwatch made of 18K gold. The diamonds show a total weight of approx. 5.50 carat. This awesome watch comes with a quartz movement in a yellow gold casing. The cream colored dial with old Roman numbers turns this Cartier watch into a timeless classic piece. The topping of this watch is the premium sapphire glass. The Panthere designs are extremely popular and well known Cartier designs and even used for jewelry. Wearing this watch in combination with a Cartier Panthere ring is like “WOW”. Sell this Cartier watch for: $4,500
Cartier Tank Americaine watch Sell a Cartier Tank Americaine watch: Cartier Tank Americaine watches are classic pieces. Very popular with black crocodile leather watchbands, the yellow gold gives an awesome contrast. The casing of this Cartier watch is made of 18K gold. The watch itself comes with an automatic quartz movement, silver dial and typical Roman numbers and sapphire glass. Sell this Cartier watch for: $2,600
Cartier Pasha Watch Sell a Cartier Pasha Moon watch: This outstanding gent’s watch is a Cartier De Pasha Moon watch made in the 1980s. The casing is made of 18K yellow gold with with a classicly designed, sword shaped dial. Besides hour hand, minute hand, second hand and date function you can find a moon dial too. The Pasha watch comes with a quartz movement and sapphire glass. This watch fitts for collectors as well as for first-time Cartier watch buyers. Thanks to its popluarity, such a Cartier watch can sell for a good price. Sell this Cartier watch for: $2,500

Cartier watches are not only status symbols, some models have become legends and that not only for collectors. The history of Cartier watches goes back to 1874 when Louis-François-Alfred Cartier the son of the company founder, build up the watch division of Cartier. In 1904 Cartier created the first wristwatch with a leather strap, an aviator’s watch. With this revolutionary creation Cartier has set the first milestone in manufacturing watches. This remarkable history makes it so attractive to sell Cartier watches. Also because of the uniqueness beauty and elegance of this watches you can realize very high prices if you sell Cartier watches to us, the experts in the field of luxury watches such as from Cartier. We guarantee adequate prices for that one-of-a-kind pieces and we keep our promise.

Sometimes it can happen that you urgently need cash. The reasons can be multifaceted. The yearly taxes are due, there is a medical treatment which must be paid, the college fees for your children are due and many many other reasons more can bring you in the situation to gain cash. We offer you the perfect online platform where you can sell your Cartier watches when you are forced to gain liquid funds. Sell your Cartier wristwatches, Cartier clocks, Cartier women’s watch or Cartier men’s watch to and we guarantee a transparent and discreet purchase service. We work together with nameable appraisers who have consolidated expert knowledge to evaluate your Cartier watch with the necessary professionalism and accuracy.

The following Cartier models we love to accept. The age and condition does not play a significant role for us. We are interested in buying all kind of Cartier watches.

Sell Cartier men’s watches:

  • Ballon Bleue de Cartier
  • Tank
  • Calibre de Cartier
  • Santos de Cartier
  • Rotondre de Cartier
  • Rondre Louis de Cartier
  • Ronde Solo de Cartier

Sell Cartier women’s watches:

  • Tank
  • Ballon Bleue de Cartier
  • Ballon Blanc de Cartier
  • Baignoire
  • Pasha de Cartier
  • Santos de Cartier
  • Creative Jewel Watches
  • Crash

How does it work to sell my Cartier watches to

reDollar experts use caution for Cartier watch evaluationTrust us and send us your Cartier watches, we make a quick in -depth analysis and when you agree to our price we can make a payout at latest 48 hours after you have shipped your Cartier watch to us. This is how it works: First please fill in our online sales form and let us know some basics to your person and the valuables you are going to sell to us. Afterwards, please pack your Cartier watch very well so that it is ready and secured for shipping. Then please decide which way of shipping you prefer. We can offer you shipping by yourself, with this shipping option you can decide with which carrier you would like to ship your Cartier watches. The second option we can offer you is a free pick up from FedEx at your home or workplace. This is the shipping method we highly recommend for high quality goods such as Cartier watches. As third shipping option we can provide you with a shipping label from USPS or UPS and you bring your parcel to you closest USPS or UPS branch. Feel free to use the most convenient shipping method for you to sell your Cartier watches to, your first address in buying luxury fine watches. Between 24 and 48 hours after shipping, we will contact you to make you an offer for your Cartier watch. We have no doubt that you will be very happy with our offer but just in case you should change your mind, we will send your Cartier watches back to you because with us, you have no obligation to sell, to no point of time. All our services are free for you, the shipping, the appraisal the possible return, everything, no hidden costs guaranteed.

So why do you still hesitate? Get started now and sell your luxury watch to us, with reDollar you have the choice!