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Do you know our competitive scrap silver prices? No? You will be amazed! We do not know another company offering prices that high. Sell your scrap silver with reDollar and become part of a constantly growing family of extremely satisfied online sellers. 

  .999 fine silver price .999 scrap silver price .925 sterling scrap silver price .900 scrap silver price
1 oz $15.85 $14.18 $13.13 $12.77
1 dwt $0.79 $0.71 $0.66 $0.64
1 gram $0.51 $0.46 $0.42 $0.41

reDollar experts check received scrap silver for sellingThe metal “silver” is part of the American history and the most widespread precious metal in the US. You can find silver almost everywhere: jewelry, coins, ingots, flatware, silverware, dental gold, artificial joints, electronics, artwork, medals, music instruments or even special glues or photo paper contain silver. Most of these items end up as scrap silver, someday. And what to do with scrap silver? Right, you sell it. But you need an experienced buyer to sell scrap silver for a proper price. If you have done some research, you probably found out that the price, silver buyers are willing to offer, has often nothing to do with the current spot price. But we think the purchase price should be based close to the silver spot price. reDollar offers the opportunity to sell scrap silver and other precious metals for truly high prices. We run our own refinery and our experts on-board are able to determine scrap silver extremely precisely, on basis of the current silver price. Individuals as well as commercial sellers can sell their scrap silver with us. We do buy 3 silver spoons as well as a barrel filled up with scrap silver. The key to a satisfying selling experience is the offered price and the service. has very high standards of dealing with precious metals. Part of our company philosophy are the highest prices, ingenuity and promptness. We are the perfect partner for individuals who wants to sell some scrap silver from their households, for heirs ready to sell inherited scrap silver, or even for collectors selling silver remains from recent deals. But even when you sell to get some extra cash, is the ultimate option for you. Our selling process was created to make cash in less than 48 hours, indifferent where you live in the US. A New York based customer gets the cash as fast as a customer from anywhere in Alaska. That’s, that’s what it is! Hungry to make that cash now? Start online and initiate the selling process just with 3 clicks.

Beware of so-called silver buyers announcing to pay “THE HIGHEST PRICES”

An average gold buyer, pawn shop or scrap dealer in your neighborhood is not able to pay the highest prices because they don’t have the huge turnover to pay close to the spot price. You need to mine a lot of scrap silver from the folks out there, so that costs for trading and refining can be covered. gets a lot of scrap silver and therefore we are able to pay truly high prices. With help of our melting department, we can even melt small quantities of scrap silver, without burden our customers with any costs. Theoretically, we could melt 5 spoons without generating costs. Our target is to provide the best imaginable assay-result for your scrap silver. That’s guaranteed by our satisfaction guarantee.

What is scrap silver? What kind of scrap silver can you sell?

First, you can really sell all kind of scrap silver with us. Only hazardous materials aren’t welcomed in our laboratories. Scrap silver is a wide-spread term. Simply explained, scrap silver are all items made of silver without a higher resale value than material value. A nice looking medal can also be classified as scrap silver when there is no demand from buyers. Every day, we receive nice looking silver items which dealers tried to sell for more than the just the material value. After a while they got frustrated of keeping a silver item worth $500, for example. Sometimes it’s better to get cash immediately instead of waiting months or years to make a bit more. It’s all about cash flow. And consider that selling a nice looking silver item for more cash than the material value, also generates costs. You have to store it, you probably have to take pictures, you have to provide a description and you have to wrap it carefully for shipping. In most circumstances, the time and the hassle isn’t worth the extra bucks.

How much is scrap silver worth?

It depends on the point of time when you plan to sell scrap silver. The amount we can pay for your scrap silver is related to the current silver price. The silver price fluctuates permanently. But to make a general statement, the times are good to sell scrap silver. Well, prices could be better but what is the perfect time for selling? If you wait too long and the silver market drops, you lose money too. Individuals as well as commercial clients should not spend too much attention to the market prices. If you have a plan to sell scrap silver, do it when you know a reliable dealer like!

And please consider that knowing a silver buyer who is able to pay high prices is almost more important than the current silver price itself. It doesn’t help you if the silver price is exceptional high but a prospective buyer offers only 50% of the spot price.

We find the treasure in your scrap silver!

Silver treasure still exists but is hard to discover without skills, even for a single working expert. Why? Because you need to have consolidated knowledge to recognize the probably barely visible indication that makes scrap silver rare and valuable. Hallmarks, engravings, serial numbers, inventory numbers, sticker, monograms, crests or statements can help to find THAT SLEEPER in your lot. Our solution for this problem is group work. All the scrap silver that arrives in our labs undergoes a so-called “reveal-process” done by several experts. 6 or 8 eyes see and know more than just 2 eyes. First we make this time intensive process to make a customer happy by finding a treasure in his scrap lot and second because we want to avoid that a piece from historical value gets melted and destroyed forever. Start to sell scrap silver right now.

Individuals as well as commercial customers can sell scrap silver online

Folks, it’s easy-peasy to sell scrap silver online. Individuals and commercial clients start the selling process online. Commercial customers: get sure that you asked for our amazing special conditions. After the first step done online, the shipping follows. Please wrap your items carefully for shipping. Shipping can be done by a free pick-up or with a provided prepaid shipping label. Shipping organized from is always insured. Sell scrap silver online to achieve the best selling experience you can imagine.

Get rid of your unwanted scrap silver and sell online now:

reDollar scrap silver selling set for mail in serviceYou can sell scrap silver items like: jewelry, watches, pocket watches, flatware, table accessories, forks, spoons, knifes, tea spoons, bowls, coins, bars, bullion, art bars, food pushers, letter openers, cocktail server, servers, placeholders, pocket knifes, chains, tea pots, fish knifes, ladle spoons, goblets, brooches, snuff boxes, dinner forks, figurines, photo frames, card cases, cigarette cases, trays, candelabras, centerpieces, plates, vases and much more.

Items made by American silversmiths are also welcomed to be sold: Gorham, International Silver Co, Kirk Stieff, Meriden Britannia Co, Reed & Barton, Rogers, Tiffany & Co, Towle, Wallace, William Adams Inc, Allan Adler Inc, Valerio Albarello, Alvin Corporation, American Emblem Corporation, American Metalcraft, AMS MFG, Amston Silver.

Where can you find some scrap silver to make some extra cash?

We know some people making a living with collecting scrap silver and other scrap metals. These guys provide free pick-up of unwanted household goods in hope that sellable metals hide. Other spots where scrap silver can hide are flea markets, garage sales, storage auctions, heritages or beaches and parks where visitors lost their jewelry. Our regular customers get advice where scrap metals hide in their region. Just ask our sales team for more information.

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