How much is Tiffany silver worth?

How much is Tiffany silver worth?

This question is one of the most searched Tiffany related terms on search engines. Tiffany & Co. has been around since 1837 and is one of the most important jewelers and silversmiths. They created countless pieces made of silver and gold, which makes it critical to have a tremendous knowledge about Tiffany silver. If you ask yourself, “How much is Tiffany silver worth?” and you need a fast answer just provide our experts with some information to get a free value-estimation.

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      To find out how much Tiffany silver is worth, a reliable expert needs access to a literature archive. The reDollar experts have access to a great library containing a variety of books, auction catalogs and magazines that allow for in-house research.

      vintage Tiffany & co add for sterling silver

      How much is my Tiffany silver worth, Brian? I sent you a bunch of pictures taken from my silver I’ve inherited. I went crazy digging through this collection. First, I started to sort out how much it is worth myself. I used auction archives and the latest metal prices to get an idea about the value of my items. Very fast, I became frustrated of searching. If you have no clue how to do the value estimation, searching becomes like a hunt for a needle in a haystack. I found a recommendation about your service in our community forum and thus I’d like to get a free estimation for my Tiffany silver. The person, who left me the silver was a connoisseur of Tiffany & Co. He used to buy Tiffany jewelry, Tiffany silverware, Tiffany watches and other Tiffany merchandises constantly. Now I’m faced with silver treasure and trash that I’m unable to tell the difference of. How much is my Tiffany silver worth and what is the recommended way to get the most cash out of it?

      Peter from Des Moines in Iowa

      Your Tiffany collection is impressive. I can see that the collector strived to expand his collection. What I couldn’t find in your lot was contemporary Tiffany silver. It seems that the person, who collected, stopped collecting in the middle of the 1990’s. Predominantly, I see women’s jewelry and silver accessories to decorate a home. Certainly, your Tiffany silver mixture contains some scarcely available pieces but most pieces aren’t very unique or rare. Let’s go step by step through your collection to get your questions answered.

      Brian Miller, Expert for Silverware and Collectibles

      Tiffany’s History

      Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 and has provided the finest jewelry and silver items for decades. So many well-known people became very happy Tiffany customers which was pivotal in making the brand strong and important. VIP’s like Harpo Marx, P.T. Barnum, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Houdini, Elizabeth Taylor or Scott Fitzgerald were responsible for almost every American knowing about Tiffany.

      vintage Tiffany advertising for gold and silver

      Tiffany’s Uniqueness

      Tiffany & Co. created a variety of unique gold and silver pieces besides collections with high circulation. It’s extremely important to differentiate between a unique piece and a piece that was created for the mass market when it comes to the question, “how much is Tiffany silver worth” – the value difference is enormous and very often a detailed evaluation is necessary.

      a bird loaded with diamonds is sitting on a Tiffany diamond

      How much is Tiffany silver worth?

      Please see our value examples. We chose different items to give you a brief idea about the value. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find your item. It’s always free.

      The value of Tiffany & Co. silver

      It’s impossible to provide a complete list of Tiffany silver items. Thousands of different items were created but the list gives you an idea about the value in general.

      Tiffany Candlesticks made of silver, gold platedTiffany Candlesticks

      Impressive Tiffany & Co. New York candlesticks. Gold plated on sterling silver.

      Sell for up to $1,250 per candlestick

      Tiffany silver and gold ring 1837 editionTiffany Rings

      Sell Tiffany rings like this Interlocking circles ring set. 18 karat gold ring and .925 sterling silver ring.

      Sell for up to $350 per pair

      sterling silver bangle made from Tiffany & Co.Tiffany Bangle

      Tiffany & Co. sterling silver bangle from the famous 1887 series.

      Sell for up to $250 per bangle

      sterling silver bowl, small, Tiffany & Co.Tiffany Bowl

      Tiffany & Co. New York bowl/ dish made of sterling silver in the 1970s.

      Sell for up to $350 per bowl

      Tiffany & Co sterling silver tazzaTiffany Tazza

      Early 20. century made Tiffany & Co. tazza. Made of sterling silver.

      Sell for up to $500 per tazza

      Tiffany & Co. sterling silver shell dishesTiffany Shell Dish

      Tiffany New York made shell dishes. Made of sterling silver in the 1960s.

      Sell for up to $200 per dish

      Tiffany sterling silver basket with handle Tiffany Basket

      Tiffany & Co. sterling silver basket made of sterling silver in the 19th century.

      Sell for up to $1,000

      20th century Tiffany sterling silver tray with coat of armsTiffany Tray

      Tiffany & Co. sterling silver tray made in the late 19th century.

      Sell for up to $1,000

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      How much is Tiffany silver worth?

      Peter: was recommended to me for offering free advice when it comes to sell valuables. As I explained, I have Tiffany silver for sale. I’ve weighed and measured my items and have sent you the required pictures. My plan is to sell the silver because I don’t have a use for it. I also called a liquidation company and an antiques buyer. Both came to visit my silver but offered me no more than 2,000 dollars. My inner voice said to me, don’t sell it – it’s worth more than they offered you. Now, I hope you can help me. How much is my Tiffany silver worth?

      Brian: First, thank you very much for consulting us. I’m sure I can help you today. It was very smart to ask another expert before selling your silver outright. You’ll find out that your silver is worth far more than what you got offered from the liquidation company and the antiques dealer. Every day we speak with people from all over the US complaining about the value they were offered from local companies. Your Tiffany silver is very nice and almost all items are worth more than the scrap silver price. There is only the silver vase, with serious damages and scratches that I would calculate at the scrap price.

      Peter: That’s good news to hear. I knew that Tiffany & Co. produced and still produces jewelry – everyone knows that but I didn’t know that they also produced silverware and accessories. Are they really well-known for that too?

      Brian: Oh yes, Tiffany & Co. has a long history that started in 1837. The two Tiffany founders, Charles Tiffany and John Young, opened their first store in lower Manhattan displaying decorative accessories, silverware and jewelry. Besides jars, bowls, vases, plates and clocks even statues, lamps and swords were offered. Very soon, the Tiffany store became a hotspot for well-to-do men and women looking for things to decorate their homes and offices. It became a must for wealthy families to display Tiffany silverware and accessories on their elaborate dinner tables. A proud host was also a proud owner of art, fine furniture and Tiffany silverware. Tiffany and Co. became the epitome of all silverware available during the 19th and 20th centuries. What you own is a piece of the American silver culture and its peoples’ trust in precious metals.

      Peter: What an amazing history. I’m sure most people don’t know about these exciting facts. What about my Tiffany silver? Was it also made in the 19th century?

      Brian: No unfortunately not, your silver is younger and was produced after the 1950s. Only the silver tray was made at the end of the 19th century. But anyway, your Tiffany silver reflects a nice value. I’m very happy that you didn’t sell it for a bargain of 2,000 dollars.

      Peter: Me too but if I would have been hard up for money, I would have sold it, probably.

      Brian: This is what dealers often hope to meet – overly excited people in need of some extra cash agreeing to a fast selling deal without considering that they may get paid a bad price. Let’s talk about your giant silver tray. This wonderful piece is made of sterling silver and bears all markings: TIFFANY & CO 14806 MAKERS 401 STERLING SILVER 925-1000. At about 20 inches in length, it’s a giant piece weighing about 4 pounds. Alone this tray goes for at least 1,000 dollars these days, the price our company would pay for it.

      Peter: 1,000 bucks only for the tray?

      Brian: Yes, I told you Tiffany silver is extremely valuable. And this is an authentic piece – for sure.

      Peter: That’s great news, Brian.

      Brian: Yes and you have more amazing silver pieces. Let me tell you more about the value of your Tiffany jewelry. The Tiffany “Return to Tiffany” silver necklace is worth about $100, the Tiffany bead necklace is also worth $100, the Elsa Peretti designed weave necklace goes for $200, the American Bald Eagle head pendant goes for $120, the dogwood pin goes for $50, the broad bangle is worth $150, the I LOVE YOU ring is worth $100, the dolphin brooch sells for $150 and the money clip goes for $100. In total, your Tiffany silver jewelry is worth about $1,070. Our company would offer you rounded up $1,100.

      Peter: So we already met 2,000 dollars and many things are left.

      Brian: Exactly! You also possess a very nice Tiffany bowl with underplate marked TIFFANY & CO 12048 MARKERS 3477 STERLING SILVER 925-1000. The condition looks great and after investigating my auction archive, I can tell you that this bowl sells for $300 with us. You also have a Tiffany picture frame. I think this frame was made in the 1990’s. We can offer you $100 for your small frame. Your decorative silver teddy bear from the 1980’s goes for $140. It’s a small piece and weighs about 50 grams. Your Tiffany silver trophy vase has missing handles and a damaged base along with some scratches. I have no idea what happened to that piece. It makes the impression that the collector rescued this piece from the power press. Anyway, due to its weight we have $150 here. The Tiffany shoehorn sells for $100. The initial-engraved baby cup goes for $70 and finally, your last and very valuable cocktail shaker goes for $600. By the way, I love this shaker. Surprised to get another $1,460 more?

      Peter: Yes, I’m very glad to get your support. Your mentioned prices, are these prices the final prices your company would pay me?

      Brian: Of course, those prices are final and no deductions apply. Our company makes a profit between 5% and 15% – so you’ll get almost the market price for your pieces. Compared to an auction where you would get charged fees and commissions from up to 35%, our prices are more than competitive.

      Peter: Yes I know that auctions can charge high commission fees, I wouldn’t go that way. Finally, let me ask you another question. How much is Tiffany silver worth when it was made in the 19th century? And, Brian what was the most valuable piece from Tiffany you have ever heard about?

      Brian: Those are good questions. Tiffany produced silverware and jewelry for very wealthy individuals but also for sport events and anniversaries. If you would have entered a Tiffany showroom in the 1830’s you would have found neo-medieval armors, marble sea nymphs, bronze beasts and a selection of jungle creatures. Tiffany always strived to offer unique and rare pieces. Charles Tiffany, for example, was able to acquire the diamonds of the deposed French Empress Eugenie and displayed the biggest diamond of that time, weighing 128.51 carats. After only five years in business, Tiffany’s circulating assets got estimated with no fewer than 40 million dollars, which was an incredible amount of money for the 1830’s. What I want to explain is, that it’s hard to talk about the value in very unique and rare Tiffany pieces because such pieces arise seldom and rarely enter the public market. They are kept in museums or within important collections. But let me tell you about some curios objects Tiffany has created. First, there was a real Tiffany sterling silver bicycle made in the 1890’s. Or the sterling silver racing trophy cup – higher than a grown man and made of sterling silver. Such objects are priceless and almost never found on the market.

      Peter: What a great history. Sadly, I’m not the guy for collecting. Otherwise I would think about keeping my Tiffany silver, but I think there is someone out there that would appreciate my Tiffany silver more than me.

      Brian: That’s a decision you have to make. But I agree if you don’t follow collecting, silverware is maybe not the thing you are looking for. It gets tarnished and needs an extra eye of attention and care.

      Peter: I’ll make the deal with your company. Let me know how to schedule a free collection, Brian.

      Brian: Thank you for your trust in us. That’s easy. Click start now, fill in the form and choose day and time for your pick-up.

      Peter: Straight and simple, right?

      Brian: Yes!

      Peter: Thank you again, Brian.

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