How much is 925 marked sterling silver worth? Read and watch the tutorial!

Today, 1 troy ounce of 925 silver is worth $22.99 and 1 pound (lb) is worth $335.33.

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Remember: there is a significant price difference between silver that sells for the material value and special silver pieces that are worth more. The value depends on rarity, condition, manufacturer, age, and many other factors.

Watch our video tutorial: How much is 925 sterling silver worth?

In this video, our appraiser explains the value of sterling silver and guides you through the appraisal process for common silver items such as jewelry, spoons, forks, silverware, or scrap silver, along with a general explanation of the term sterling silver.

This informative video will enable you to assess the value of your silver at home (you will only need a good working scale). Please understand that silver prices fluctuate regularly, and the prices mentioned in the video may require re-calculating using our online silver calculator.

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How much is 925 silver worth? Asked Julia

Hello reDollar appraisers! My name is Julia and I want to know how much .925 silver is worth. I own several pieces of .925 silver and I want to find out their value. I have silver bangles, silver rings, and also a set of silver cutlery.

Julia from San Antonio, Texas

Hi Julia! Thank you very much for contacting us. My name is Alan and I will help you find out how much your 925 silver is worth. You mentioned several pieces of silver, and I think you will find it very exciting to discover the value of these  items. Let’s get started right now.

reDollar appraiser Alan Jensen

Our Current Prices at A Glance

We are buying 925-marked silver items on a daily bases. Please see the table below to price your coins, medals, flatware, trays, scrap pieces, and other items.

Current 925 Silver Price

Here are some examples of .925 silver pieces and their value

.925 silver chalice with gold plated inner surface .925 Silver Chalice

This silver chalice weighs approximately 175 grams (5.62 troy ounces) and is worth

.925 silver spoon and fork weighing approx 145 grams .925 Silver Fork and Spoon

This silver fork and spoon weigh together approximately 145 grams (4.66 troy ounces) and are worth $120.60.

.925 Mexican Silver Bangle

This silver bangle weighs approximately 95 grams (3.05 troy ounces) and is worth $79.01.

925 sterling silver mustard bowl with lid .925 Silver British Mustard Bowl

This silver mustard bowl weighs approximately 225 grams (7.23 troy ounces) and is worth $187.13.

sterling silver bowl for little treasure .925 Treasure or Jewelry Box

This silver treasure box weighs approximately 490 grams (15.75 troy ounces) and is worth

925 silver soup or sauce bowl with lid .925 Silver Bowl for Soup or Sauce

This silver bowl weighs approximately 880 grams (28.29 troy ounces) and is worth $731.89.

.925 sterling silver tray .925 Sterling Silver Tray

This silver tray weighs approximately 3,450 grams (110.93 troy ounces) and is worth

giant .925 silver bowl for fruits Heavy .925 Silver Fruit Bowl 

This heavy silver bowl weighs approximately 2,600 grams (83.60 troy ounces) and is worth $2162.41.

How much is your 925 silver worth?

925 silver is made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper

The most important silver alloy is .925 sterling silver, which consists of exactly 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The so-called “sterling silver standard” has been used for hundreds of years. Starting in 1300, silversmiths were allowed to stamp a leopard’s head symbol on a piece of silver if a purity test was performed.

Usually, eight out of 10 pieces made of .925 silver are worth the material value. One troy ounce of pure silver is worth $31.01 today and one troy ounce of .925 silver is worth $31.01.

Selling price of .925 silver per gram: $0.83
Selling price of .925 silver per dwt: $1.29
Selling price of .925 silver per kilogram: $831.70

925 Silver Price Comparison With Gold

925 silver is worth less than pure gold

Silver is without a doubt just as beautiful as gold. While gold is 100% resistant to oxidation and shines perfectly under all circumstances, silver tarnishes and requires regular polishing to maintain its shine. But it’s not the perfect sparkle that makes gold more valuable than silver. It’s the scarcity that makes gold so valuable.

• 4 to 5 milligrams of gold can be found per ton of the earth’s mass
• 60 to 80 milligrams of silver can be found per ton of the earth’s mass

Gold/ Silver Ratio = 1:15

While scientists estimate that around 25 billion tons of gold exist, they also estimated that approximately 375 billion tons of silver is hidden in the earth’s crust or still exploited.

Julia wants to know, how much is 925 silver worth?

Julia: Good morning, Alan! How are you?

Alan: Hello Julia! I’m fine, thank you. How are you?

Julia: I’m doing well. I would like to learn more about the value of .925 silver. Can you please help me determine the value of my silver items?

Alan: It’s my pleasure to help you. Could you please be so kind as to send me some photos of your silver? That way I can see if there are any stones included, identify any designer work, etc.

Julia: Of course. I just sent you photos of my cutlery, my two silver rings and my three sterling silver bangles. I know that the bangles are made of .925 silver, and I think one of them is a Pandora bracelet with charms.

Alan: Thank you for sending me the photos! It helps me a lot when I can see the items we are discussing. Let’s start with the bangles. First of all, I want to tell you that silver has a quantifiable value. It’s the same as with the other precious metals like gold, platinum, and palladium. All precious metals are traded on the commodity exchange, and every day their prices change a bit. Sometimes the price fluctuations are higher and sometimes lower; it strongly depends on the influences of the market and the economy. That means 1 kilogram of silver has a determined value. The current  market price for one kilogram of fine silver is $997.04. Sterling silver, or 925 silver, is a special silver alloy. Fine silver has a purity of 99.9%, whereas sterling silver has a purity of 92.5%. So the purity is a little bit lower, but not that much. The remaining percentage is made up of added base metals; in the majority of cases the metal is copper. So your sterling silver pieces consist of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% copper. Currently we pay $0.83 for one gram of .925 silver, $831.70 for one kilogram of .925 silver, and $1.29 for one dwt. of .925 silver.

Julia: OK, I understand. And how do you calculate the prices for my bangles?

Alan: We calculate the prices by each bangle’s weight. Other factors can also play a role in determining the value: the age, condition, manufacturer, design, and rarity will also influence the price. You said that you own a Pandora bracelet. To find out the price, we multiply the weight by our purchase price per gram or dwt. Then we can add that price a little surcharge for the manufacturer. Pandora bracelets (especially those with lots of charms) are very popular; that allows us to pay more than just the raw material value of silver.

Julia: Interesting! My Pandora silver bracelet with charms has a weight of 120 grams.

Alan: The raw material value of this silver bracelet would be around $109.78. But I estimate a value of around $125 for your .925 silver bracelet. There are some charms on it, but not that many.

Julia: That’s fine! I think that is a good price. What about my other bangle and the rings?

Alan: For the other silver bracelet and the silver rings, I would calculate prices on the basis of scrap silver.

Julia: Scrap silver, what does that mean?

Alan: Scrap silver is silver that can not longer be resold. The appearance and condition are not as good as they could be. These pieces are evaluated on the basis of the raw material value. For scrap silver, we don’t calculate surcharges. Do you know the total weight of your bracelet and rings?

Julia: Yes, all the pieces have a total weight of 165 grams.

Alan: And you are sure these pieces are also made of .925 silver?

Julia: Yes, I’m pretty sure. All items are hallmarked.

Alan: Great, that’s a good sign. For these silver pieces, we can offer you $137.23. You can also use our gold calculator to calculate our purchase prices yourself. It’s a great service tool, especially for people who have a basic knowledge of determining the value of gold and other precious metals. All you have to know is the weight of your items and the alloy. That’s enough to calculate the prices. For fine jewelry, we pay higher prices, but it’s very helpful to get a first impression about the value of your jewelry based on weight.

Julia: Yes, it is. I just tried it out- it works great! And you really pay the prices that I can calculate using your calculator?

Alan: Yes, we do. If the weight and alloy match with our analysis, then we pay exactly the price that you have calculated.

Julia: Wow, that’s very fair and clear!

Alan: Yes, that’s how it should be! We have nothing to hide. But thank you for your feedback on the gold calculator! We update the prices twice a day so that our customers can see if there are significant price fluctuations in the market.

Julia: That’s very useful. I like it a lot! Even if I weren’t serious about selling, I could use this tool for fun. It’s a pretty cool feature.

Alan: Thank you, Julia! Let’s keep going with your .925 cutlery. Do you know the manufacturer?

Julia: Good question! I don’t think so. I was hoping that it would be Reed & Barton sterling silver cutlery, but I’m afraid it’s a no-name manufacturer. It shows no special hallmarks or any other signs that it comes from a notable silversmith.

Alan: Alright. In that case, please weigh the silver cutlery, but please weigh the knives separately.

Julia: How come?

Alan: Because the blades of the silver knives are not made of actual silver. The blades are mostly made of steel; that way they are stronger and more solid. For this reason, we have to deduct around 60- 70% of the weight when we calculate the silver price of silver knives. To learn more about this topic, please read our article “How much silver is in a knife handle?”.

Julia: I understand. The total weight of all the silver spoons and silver forks is 1.8 kilograms. The knives have a weight of 600 grams.

Alan: For this cutlery set, I would estimate a material value of $1696.66. I have deducted 60% from the knives.

Julia: That’s not bad for this old stuff. You answered my question, “How much is .925 silver worth?” very well. Thank you!

Alan: Yes, in total I could estimate approximately $1,500 for your .925 sterling silver pieces! That’s good money for silver that was unused or unwanted.

Julia: I agree! With that money, I could take a cruise to the Caribbean. That sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Alan: Yes, it does! Now you see how much .925 silver is worth. Silver is often underestimated but has real value, it’s not just silver’s “big brother,” gold, that can be valuable.

Julia: Haha, you are right. Thank you for the appraisal, Alan. You helped me a lot!

Alan: You are welcome, Julia!

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