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Sell your wedding rings made of gold and platinum online

Wedding rings – what an exciting topic! Wedding rings are by far more than just a piece of jewelry – they are history and associated with lots of memories. If you plan to sell a wedding ring made of gold or platinum, you need a buyer who is able to understand the complexity of dealing with wedding rings. Furthermore a reliable buyer has to serve you with the needed sense of dealing with very personal jewelry, considering your personal circumstances. When you probably plan to sell, it’s not all about melting down a wedding ring for fast cash. Wedding rings may come with mounted diamonds, gemstones or rarely even with pearls. A sensitive buyer like our company will ask you how to proceed with gems. It’s an easy job for an experienced dealer to dismantle your wedding ring to keep the gems for you. Well, many people plan to sell a wedding ring as it is. They don’t care about stones or what happens to the ring. They just want to get rid of unwanted memories. Anyway, it’s up to the buyer to communicate with you the best way of selling. goes that way with you. We discuss with you the way of selling. It’s fine for us if you want to keep the stones of a wedding ring you plan to sell, and it’s also fine if you sell the ring as one piece without taking care about what happens further to it. Consider that a wedding ring in one piece can often sell for more money than a dismantled one. Get started online if you look for an honest buyer for your wedding rings made of gold. We offer the best service and the highest prices plus the guarantee that we unlock the value of your wedding ring.

Sell wedding rings of all sources: personal ones, inherited ones or collected ones

For the majority of the Americans a wedding ring is much more than just a piece of jewelry, it’s a symbol of love and faithfulness. Consider that approx. 2.5 million weddings get celebrated every year. Historians estimated that over 200 million wedding rings got sold in the 20th century. But sadly, approx. 50% of all marriages fail. Within the last 5 years over 5 million people got divorced and at least 1/3 of these guys plan to sell their unwanted wedding ring. Regarding to this estimation, approx. 350,000 wedding rings are traded in the US every year. That’s over 1,000 every day! If you are one of these guys planning to sell a wedding ring, you should gain some knowledge before you get rid of your precious-memories. It’s very important to know that wedding rings can be very valuable. Especially, women’s rings can be extremely valuable due to mounted diamonds. The risk comes with widespread ignorance. If you have no clue about the value, you have no chance to recognize if an offer is good or bad. is a very reliable buyer of jewelry and the right place to sell wedding rings. We tend to a very good communication with our customers, explaining how the value of a wedding ring will be calculated. We provide understandable information for all clients – even for those without any knowledge.

But not only wedding rings of divorces, enter the selling market. Think about collected wedding rings or inherited wedding rings. Especially inherited wedding rings are often offered for selling. Over the decades, people lose their sentiment towards passed by relatives. And suddenly the once beloved wedding ring enters the jewelry-market. Generally, it’s always the same process of selling wedding rings from different sources: our experts check the designer, the brand, the precious metals, the workmanship, the gemstones and the shape. Based on that information, we create a proper purchase offer for you.

Sell collected wedding rings – maybe belonging to an interesting origin

Some people collect wedding rings. But not just some wedding rings – wedding rings with the ability to fit in an interesting collection. A wedding ring from a politician, celebrity or an industrialist can reflect an extreme value. Imagine how much a wedding ring of Truman Capote, Agatha Christie, Jimmy Carter, Ernest Hemingway or Henry Ford is worth! But not only wedding rings from very famous people, are interesting for a collection. Think about your hometown. Wedding rings from local celebrities like former majors, businessmen or sportsman can fit perfectly in a nice collection. Every now and then, such collections come up for selling. Watch out, if you inherited a collection of wedding rings and you plan to sell it! You need a buyer with the ability to identify wedding rings belonging to famous people or other interesting proveniences. employs very experienced appraisers working in groups to unlock the true value of your pieces. That’s very important for you. Only knowledge can raise the proceeds of your sale. Demolition Guarantee

We can understand that you may don’t want to see other people wearing your former wedding ring. If you sell wedding rings with us, we can provide you with a demolition guarantee. Just let us know if you would like to use this special service to get rid of your wedding ring. You get a certification and the certainty that your wedding ring got melted. Consider that you can only get paid the material value for a destroyed wedding ring.

We remove engravings if you sell wedding rings with us

If you sell wedding rings with personal engravings like dates or statements it’s good for you to know that always removes all kinds of engravings. We only keep the existing hallmarks. All other personal engravings get removed to keep your privacy. That’s most important if you own a very nice designer ring you shouldn’t destroy because of its value. Designer wedding rings or wedding rings made from well known brands can sell for a lot more than only the material value. We do everything to prepare your former wedding ring for resale. Very often, resale comes with remodeling work on your ring. It’s hard to imagine but with help of excellent craftsmanship your wedding ring can turn into a new piece of jewelry.

We are sure that you are convinced now! Sell your wedding rings online, right now!

Once again, please consider that the majority of jewelry buying companies look for a good deal and are only waiting for unaware customers selling wedding rings made of gold or platinum for a low price. Beware of our competitors and better trust – we really offer very high purchase prices with an outstanding customer service. We also offer top quotes for other jewelry made of gold and platinum. Our payout calculation is based on the real marked price for gold and platinum and also based on prices for diamonds and gemstones. Even small diamonds can sell for big money with us. And if you look for selling huge gemstones, expect best payout amounts too. We don´t bargain down the value or we don’t badmouth your assets to make a high profit because we are interested in building a very long and satisfied customer relationship with you. Hurry and start now to sell your wedding rings.

I’d like to sell my wedding rings made of gold or platinum right now but how can I start the selling process?

It’s really easy, self-explaining and convenient: just choose a way of shipping your wedding rings to our company and start the selling process online. You can ship your rings on your own or by scheduling a free collection. Alternatively you can also order a free selling pack including full coverage. After your wedding rings have arrived, our experts start the evaluation process. This process just takes a couple of hours and we can tell you the exact payout amount on the same day. Just agree to our offer and get paid instantly. We offer a direct deposit to your bank account, a fast PayPal payment, Cashier´s check or a standard check payment. Take a tour through our calculator to estimate the value of your gold and your diamonds.

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