How much is a Tiffany engagement ring worth?

Tiffany & Co. diamond engagment ring SelesteDear Sir or Madam,
The reason why I am contacting you is to find out how much a Tiffany engagement ring is worth. A friend of mine recommended your free appraisal service, which I would like to use. I’m thinking about selling my Tiffany ring because I am no longer engaged and I could use the money for diverse payments. I don’t know if it’s a good time to sell my Tiffany engagement ring but to be honest, I have no choice. I’m afraid that the local gold buyers in my town could only offer me a small amount of money, that’s why I would like to seek an independent evaluation for my Tiffany ring. Thank you!
Sincerely, Joan
Joan from Indianapolis in Indiana

Dear Joan,
Thank you very much for contacting us. It’s my pleasure to determine the value of your Tiffany engagement ring for you. Your decision to contact us regarding your concerns, before consulting local buyers, is very wise. Especially for unknowing customers it’s very important and helpful to get an independent appraisal before starting sales discussions with potential buyers. With the help of the information you provided, I will make a significantly thorough assessment of your Tiffany engagement ring. Sincerely, Maria Tait
reDollar appraiser, Maria Tait

Joan wants to know, how much is a Tiffany engagement ring worth?

Joan: Dear Maria, thank you very much for your friendly reply. I’m happy that I found a professional appraiser who is willing to estimate the value of my Tiffany engagement ring. I’m so thankful for your help.

reDollar jewelry expert Maria Tait is appraising Tiffany engagement ringMaria: Dear Joan, it’s a pleasure for me to help you and I’m happy that I can make the assessment for your Tiffany ring. What sets apart our company strongly from our competitors is our concern and transparency with our clients. We take the problems and personal situations of our clients seriously. It’s very sad that this trait gets more and more lost in our society and in the capitalistic world we live in. It’s no secret that every company has to make a profit to survive or to exist successfully, but for us, this success has a certain limit. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and 100% trustworthiness. This is not just a promise from us, it’s much more than that, and it’s a commitment to our clients.

Joan: It seems that you and your company have admirable values. I’m really pleased.

Maria: Thank you for the compliment Joan. Let’s go ahead with the evaluation of your Tiffany engagement ring.

Joan: Of course. Should I send you pictures of my Tiffany engagement ring?

Maria: Yes, this would be perfect. Also if you have a certificate, I would be more than happy to look at it to learn more!

Joan: Unfortunately I have no certificate belonging to my Tiffany ring, but I have the original box and a note from my ex-fiancé. His note indicates different diamond specifications relating to my engagement ring. I think his accuracy can be very useful for us, right?

Maria: Yes of course. I just saw the pictures of your Tiffany engagement ring and I have to say it’s a wonderful ring. Does the ring show any grave signs of usage?

Joan: My Tiffany ring is in great condition. I wore it only for two months, and then my ex and I split up. But I already got over it.

Tiffany & Co. platinum hallmarkMaria: I am very sorry to hear that Joan. Your Tiffany engagement ring is a really lovely piece of jewelry and a wonderful example of a diamond engagement ring. Do you know if it was made of platinum or white gold? Can you see a hallmark or a stamp on the inner side of the ring?

Joan: I know that my engagement ring was made of platinum. There is a hallmark that shows “950”. What does that mean?

Maria: The hallmark shows us that your ring was obviously made of .950 platinum, which means 95% fine platinum. That’s the most common platinum alloy in the US used for jewelry.

Joan: I understand. What else can you tell me about my Tiffany engagement ring?

Maria: Your Tiffany engagement ring has a cushion-cut diamond of 0.32 carat which is the centerpiece of the ring, surrounded by several pavé accent diamonds. The 0.32 carat cushion-cut diamond has a color grade E and a clarity grade SI1. The color grade is very good and the clarity grade is decent. The other 57 diamonds have a round cut, an F-color and a clarity of SI1. The total carat weight of the 57 round accent diamonds is 0.43. In total we have a carat weight of 0.75. In addition to that, the Tiffany ring has a beautiful solitaire setting of platinum and is made in the popular Tiffany Soleste design. The Soleste design is a classic-elegant ring design, very beautiful because it has a dazzling halo effect. The maker’s marks are clearly visible. Your Tiffany engagement ring has a weight of 2.5 DWT and a ring size of 5.25. All in all, a very beautiful piece from the house of Tiffany.

Tiffany & Co. diamond engagement ring SelesteJoan: That sounds promising. But what about the value? How much is a Tiffany engagement ring typically worth? How much is my Tiffany engagement ring worth?

Maria: Well, on the basis of the information you provided I would estimate a fair market value for your pre-owned Tiffany engagement ring of approximately $4,000-$4,500.

Joan: Wow! That sounds very good to me. That’s a lot of money!

Maria: Yes, that’s true. But you have to consider that your ring is set with many diamonds, in total 58. Well, the accent diamonds are very little, but even with that it’s a high-quality platinum ring from Tiffany. And a ring like that has its value. Is this the amount of money you were expecting for your engagement ring?

Joan: Yes, it’s much more than I originally thought. The price was not what I expected. I speculated that my ring would have valued approximately $3,000. But your estimation surprises me a lot. Is this the amount of money you would pay me?

Maria: We could offer you $3,750 for your Tiffany engagement ring. Our profit has to be deducted from the assessment value. But we try to keep the margins as low as possible.

Joan: That’s fine with me. It’s still much more than I expected. I’m really surprised about your offer, that’s the reason why I would like to show you a second Tiffany engagement ring. It’s the ring from my mother. I inherited the ring from her and I wanted to keep it, but your fair prices are really tempting. I’m not sure if I have the heart to sell it but I would like to get an estimation.

Tiffany & Co. engagement ring with boxMaria: Of course! I’m would be more than happy to proceed with the evaluation of your second Tiffany engagement ring. On the basis of the information you provided I came to the following estimation result: Your mother’s engagement ring is also a .950 platinum ring. According to the certificate we know that this Tiffany ring is a solitaire engagement ring with a 0.42 carat round diamond with a brilliant cut, a color F and a clarity of VVS2 (very, very slightly included). It is a very nice solitaire ring with a very good diamond quality. The setting is a classic Tiffany setting, very typical of older engagement rings and perfect for a classic- elegant engagement ring. Your ring is more opulent and your mother’s piece is more modest but still a beauty. The maker’s markings are clearly visible.

Joan: Thank you for your summary. How much is this vintage Tiffany engagement ring worth? What do you think? My mom’s ring has much more signs of usage. She wore the ring for decades. Do these signs of usage significantly influence the value?

Maria: Yes, that’s a strong possibility. Our in-house goldsmith can polish and clean the ring so that it looks almost new again. This benefit allows us to pay more for your Tiffany engagement ring than an average gold buyer could pay who would maybe melt it down. I would estimate a fair market value of $1,800-$2,300 for this ring.

Joan: Oh wow! That’s a good offer. The idea of selling both rings is appealing. Please give me some time and I will think about it.

Maria: Don’t worry Joan. My appraisal work can be seen as customer service. It’s not our goal to convince you to sell with us. We just want to give you an idea of how much a Tiffany engagement ring is worth. Now it’s your choice of where to sell it. Of course we would love to buy your assets, but ultimately it’s your choice. You have no obligation to sell with us.

Joan: Thank you for being so understanding. I’m very impressed with your values. Let’s stay connected. I will discuss the sale with my sister and I will get back to you soon. But I see no reason to not sell my jewels with reDollar. Your honesty and professional work has fully convinced me. Thanks again for your time!

Maria: My pleasure! Have a nice day!

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