Let’s find out how much a10k gold ring is worth!

Find out how much your 10K gold ring is worth

reDollar expert Maria TaitMaria is reDollar’s jewelry expert and is responsible for appraising 10K gold rings. Maria has worked with hundreds of 10 karat gold rings in her laboratory and would love to appraise your 10K gold ring or jewelry. Maria will estimate the value of your 10K gold ring for free and with no obligation to sell. This is what we mean by outstanding customer service and care.

Quick knowledge about the value: Eight out of ten 10K gold rings are worth the gold value but no more. Two out of ten 10K gold rings are worth more than the gold value, thanks to gemstones, rarity, source, age, or craftsmanship.

10K gold ring pics and how much they are worth

10k gold college ring blue stone 10k white gold ring with blue gemstone
$294.87 $464.78
10k yellow gold ring with gem 10k gold seal ring
$1551.60 $529.65
10k yellow gold diamond ring 10k antique gold ring
$750.10 $344.02

gold, palladium and platinum prices newspaper and gold nuggetsWhat makes a 10K gold ring valuable? The first thing you have to check is the gold value, because approximately eight out of ten 10K gold rings are worth only the gold value but no more. If you see a 10K gold mark clearly and you have the chance to weigh your ring, you are close to knowing its value. You can either use a gold calculator or a newspaper like the Wall Street Journal to find out the current gold price. Usually, newspapers publish the gold price in ounces. That means that you have to then divide the price in ounces by 31.1 (1 oz equals 31.1 g) to get the current gold price per gram. But that’s the pure gold value. To get the value of 10K gold, you have to multiply the price of pure gold by 0.416.

For your convenience, here is the current value of 10K gold:

24K gold market price per gram $74.86
10K gold selling value per gram $28.08
10K gold selling value per dwt. $43.67

How much is a 10K gold ring worth? Asked Diana

Hi appraisers! My name is Diana and I’m from Kent, Washington. I would like to sell some pieces of jewelry that I’ve inherited from my husband. There is a 10 karat gold ring in the collection, and I would like to find out how much a 10K gold ring is worth. I’m a nurse and I don’t have the greatest income, which is why I would like to sell some pieces – but only if I can sell them for a really good price. It would break my heart to give away my husband’s jewelry for a bargain amount.

Diana from Kent, Washington

Good morning, Diana! First of all, I would like to express my sincere condolences to you. I really appreciate that you have contacted us with your concern and inquires. The loss of a loved one is always a personal tragedy, and we can fully understand that it’s very hard to sell jewelry from your husband. We will try our best to provide you with our long-lasting know-how and expertise to find out how much your 10K gold ring is worth.

reDollar appraiser Alan Jensen

Diana wants to know, how much is a 10K gold ring worth?

Diana: Hi Alan! Thank you very much for getting back to me so soon. Losing my husband has been extremely difficult. We were always very close and had a very happy and harmonious marriage. Now it feels like I’m completely alone, and I have to deal with all the responsibilities and financial expenses. That’s why I want to sell some jewelry.

Alan: We can fully understand your concern. We hear from many people like you who come to us after losing a loved one. We know this is a very difficult time, and we will strive to help you with your issue as best as we can. You know we are jewelry experts, and together we will estimate the value of your jewelry and answer your question, “How much is a 10K gold ring worth?” We hope the outcome is positive for you and the money that you can get for your jewelry can help you a little bit.

Diana: Yes, I hope so too. Thank you for your kind words, Alan.

Alan: My pleasure, Diana. Initially you mentioned your 10K gold ring. Could you please send me a photo of this ring? This would be very helpful.

Diana: Yes, of course. Is that all you need?

Alan: In addition to the photo, it would be fantastic if you could weigh the gold ring, because with the weight I can calculate a price.

Diana: Ah, I understand. So the primary factor to calculate the value of jewelry is the weight?

Alan: Yes and no. In general you are right, but there are also other factors that can strongly influence the value of a piece of jewelry. The value also depends on the origin, the manufacturer, goldsmith, or jeweler, the age, the condition, and the provenience. An old piece of jewelry, for example, a ring that was owned by a famous and powerful monarch, has a much higher value than it would if it had not had such a distinguished owner. Also, jewelry from famous brands or jewelers has a considerably higher value. Cartier or Tiffany jewelry, for example, is especially valuable, but this also applies to fine jewelry  but also fine jewelry from Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff, Harry Winston, Mikimoto, or Bvlgari, just to name a few. But when people sell their jewelry, the majority of their pieces are not from big-name designers. Almost 80% of their jewelry qualifies as scrap gold, and the value of scrap gold will be calculated with help of the jewelry’s weight. Sellers can factor in a surcharge for diamonds, sapphires, or other additional gemstones that might be part of their jewelry. But in general, the value will be determined based on calculations using the gold’s weight.

Diana: Thank you for the explanation. That’s really interesting. Responding to your request, I have calculated a weight of 17.8 grams for my 10K gold ring.

Alan: Thank you, Diana. Based on the information you provided, I have calculated a price of $527.65 for your 10 karat gold ring. Are you satisfied with this price?

Diana: Well, the price is OK but honestly, I expected more money.

Alan: You have to consider that 10 karat gold is not a very high-grade gold alloy. Ten karat gold means that only 41.7% of your ring contains pure gold. In comparison to 18 karat gold, that’s not that much. If your ring were made of 18 karat gold (gold content of 75% pure gold), I would estimate a price of $951.30. Just from this example, you can see how enormous the difference is.

Diana: Oh wow. The difference is huge! I didn’t know that before. There is such a big variety of gold alloys. What gold alloys are most common in the United States?

Alan: That’s an interesting question. The most common gold alloys in the US are 10 karat gold alloys, 14 karat gold alloys, 18 karat gold alloys, 20 karat gold alloys, and 24 karat gold alloys. Twenty-four-carat gold is commonly used for the minting of bullions, but not for jewelry.

Diana: Ah, that leads me to my second question. I also own a vintage gold bracelet. I’m not familiar with the value estimation of jewelry, but I think this bracelet is so-called scrap gold. It’s very old and already damaged, but it’s made of 14 karat gold, so I hope the price for this bracelet is slightly higher than for my ring. I just weighed the bracelet and I found out that it has a weight of 35.02 grams.

Alan: Unfortunately, I cannot check your bracelet for special characteristics, which could raise the value significantly, so for now we will assume your bracelet can accurately be categorized as scrap gold. In this case, I would estimate a price of $1459.85 for your 14 karat bracelet. Does this offer meet your expectations, Diana?

Diana: Oh yes, it does. That sounds much better. What’s the percentage of gold in my 14 karat bracelet?

Alan: Fourteen-karat gold contains 58.8% of pure gold.

Diana: Thank you for your brilliant and informative support, Alan. You answered my initial question, “How much is a 10K gold ring worth?” perfectly.

Alan: Thank you, Diana! It was my pleasure to assist you. We would love to welcome you as a new reDollar customer if you would like to sell your jewelry with us.

Diana: Yes, I’ll definitely sell my gold with your company. Your expertise and tremendous patience fully convinced me.

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10k gold rings on cash

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Ten karat gold rings have a great hardness, which is why you can even find fine jewelry made of 10K gold. We have seen 10K gold rings loaded with diamonds of good quality, as well as with emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Don’t immediately assume “that’s a colored stone but nothing precious” due to its 10K gold alloy. Only a microscope and gem refractometer examination can unveil the facts.

Various 10k gold rings with Cubic Zirconia

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Maria Tait and Alan Jensen reDollar's gold and jewelry expertsMaria and Alan are reDollar’s experts for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They will estimate your 10K gold ring’s value for free and without any obligation. Gather as much knowledge as possible to get comfortable with selling your precious assets. You may be very surprised by the value of what you own.

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