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You found the best way to sell your jewelry for top dollars: – one of the fastest, most convenient and most trustable places on the internet to sell gold, silver, jewelry, watches, diamonds and other valuables. Why do we think using reDollar is the best way to sell jewelry?

There are the truthful reasons that confirm our opinion:

• Thousands of gold buyers are advertising paying the most cash for jewelry. In reality nearly all of them are offering bad quotes for your jewelry. Almost nobody of this guys can keep their promises. You don’t believe? Try it and ask for a quote! You will learn that they won’t tell you their prices. They always argue that it’s important to see in person what you are planning to sell to determine a price. But this is a lie. Gold has a determinable price that can be told even on the phone. Take a look at our gold calculator to see how much gold is worth. You just need a common scale and some knowledge about your jewelry’s gold content. You are also able to combine the gold value calculation with a diamond value calculation. Therefore you can also calculate your total payout amount if your gold ring is coming with a diamond. That’s it. It’s that easy. You can trust our gold calculator and our truly high payout amounts. That’s why we can guarantee that is the best way to sell jewelry.

  • Saving precious time is another reason why using is the best way to sell jewelry. You have to go to countless dealers to compare purchase offers for your jewelry if you don’t know a trustable place like reDollar. You can find countless places to sell jewelry, even in a smaller town. Asking this dealers for prices can take you hours or even days. It’s just 3 clicks to know the reDollar prices coming with the Top Dollar Guarantee.
  • Using is extremely convenient and possible without personal efforts. You don’t have to stuck in traffic to sell your jewelry to us. You don’t have to look for free parking or paying for valet parking to compare prices using reDollar.

Just get started online to get your cash. It’s that easy like 1-2-3. Tell us your basic information, describe the jewelry that you would like to sell and finalize your sale while telling us how you’d like to mail in your gold. You can schedule a free pick up to sell your jewelry without ever leaving your home or your office. That’s why we think is the best way to sell jewelry. is also the best choice to sell jewelry when you don’t know what you own

So many Americans inherited jewelry from the grandparents or other relatives. Most of this families are ready to cash out because the inherited jewelry is old fashioned ore even scrap gold. Only a few pieces will be kept for memories. The rest of this jewelry will be turned into cash to get some extra money for the household budget. In the majority of cases this families don’t have knowledge about jewelry, gold, diamonds or watches. That’s why it’s even more important to know a trustable place to sell jewelry. Take care! There are so many dealers using lack of knowledge to increase their profit offering you worst quotes for your jewelry. is calculating your price without taking advantage of your situation. We pay what it’s worth – to all our customers and we make no exceptions. That’s for sure and that’s why we know that using is the best way to sell jewelry.

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