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We offer the highest possible price for Britannia silver coins. We pay almost the spot price and if you sell your Britannia silver coins with us you can benefit even more because offers the easiest and most convenient way of selling.

Britannia silver coin
1979 to 2012
32.45 grams
.958 silver
Britannia silver coin
from 2013
31.1 grams
.999 silver

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Curious about our prices? We offer a gold and silver calculator making it easy to find out how much we pay. You can calculate .999 silver, .925 silver and .900 silver.

Britannia 2016 1 oz 999 fine silver One ounce fine silver coin Britannia 2007

Sell your proof grade Britannia coins for a great price

2 Pounds Silver Britannia 1 oz = 31.1 grams $61.44
1 Pound Silver Britannia 1/2 oz = 15.55 grams $30.72
50 Pence Silver Britannia 1/4 oz = 7.77 grams $27.66
20 Pence Silver Britannia 1/10 oz = 3.11 grams $25.68
10 Pence Silver Britannia 1/20 oz = 1.55 grams $24.69

Sell Britannia silver coins with expert support

Expert Maria with Britannia silver coin is specialized in buying silver coins and precious metals in general. We are able to provide you with the highest possible purchase prices. Sell your Britannia silver coins with the secure feeling that they arrive in a very modern laboratory, treated from real experts and not by dubious guys. Our experts know how to handle coins with respect and caution. They touch your Britannia coins only by wearing cotton gloves and document every step they do. When you sell Britannia silver coins with us, it usually works like that: the first step after opening your package is counting the coins you have delivered. After counting, we check the condition of your Britannia silver coins. But don’t worry – damaged coins will not lower the amount we pay you for each coin because our silver coin melt value is also 95% high. Today,we pay you $29.21 for Britannia coins in good condition but also $29.21 for damaged coins in scrap condition. Why that? Because we value the containing silver more than the overall condition of a coin. A scratched or tarnished Britannia silver coin can also sell on the market and will make a buyer happy because he needs to pay less than for a coin in great condition. Finally, it’s the same coin and if you just look for a silver investment you generally don’t mind. We know that most buyers set the importance on investing their money in silver and are looking for a way to get the most value out of it.

The Value of your Britannia silver coins

Most Britannia silver coins sell for the current silver value. With – the condition has no impact on the great price we pay. But what impacts the value of your Britannia coins, are special edition coins and coins in proof grade. A Royal Mint 2014 Britannia Collector’s set of 6 coins in proof grade can sell for up to $350 with us if the box and the paper work is included. An extremely rare Britannia silver coin from 2014 in proof grade and with box and paperwork can sell for up to $300 with us. The value of such coins or sets is not related to the current silver price. Don’t believe any guys making this believe – it’s a lie. Period. Special editions are rare on market and highly sought after from collectors. If we could put a silver Britannia D-Day Anniversary Coin in proof grade on the market, it would probably sell on the same day for a realistic price. Don’t make the fatal mistake and offer your valuable coins at an unknown place with questionable skills and a nontransparent price philosophy.

Sell any Britannia silver coins with us

Britannia Coins in Tube Britannia in Royal Mint Box
 Britannia silver coins in Royal Mint tube

Sell 25 pieces for $730.29

 Britannia silver coin in original Royal Mint box

Sell for $30.72

Britannia silver coin 5 oz proof Britannia silver coin 1 oz proof
 5 ounces Britannia proof silver coin

Sell for up to $200 per set

 1 ounce Britannia proof silver bullion coin in case

Sell for up to $250 per set

Do you know our competitive Britannia prices?

We pay you even more if you have special edition sets, proof graded coins or rare Britannia coins to sell. always offers a great deal.

Britannia Set of 5 coins 5 oz Henry VIII Rose Edition
 Britannia silver coin collector's set of 5

Sell for up to $120

 Britannia 5 oz fine silver Henry VIII Rose edition

Sell for up to $125

Britannia silver coin value compared with goldMany folks are curious to learn more about the value of Britannia silver coins and because we often get asked questions about prices, we have decided to provide some interesting facts: One Britannia silver ounce is worth $30.72, today while one Britannia gold ounce is worth $2257.01, today. Our earth’s crust contains 0.00015 percent silver but only 0.004 ppm gold (parts per million) thus gold is much rarer than silver. If you look at the picture, you’ll see a comparison of gold and silver. You will be excited to learn that besides the 1 ounce (31.1 grams) weighing Britannia coin, the small black bowl also contains 31.1 grams of  pure silver and so does the weighing dish filled with little gold nuggets. Gold has a high density of 19.3 g/cm3 while silver shows much lower density of only 10.49 g/cm3 what results to the fact that a smaller portion of gold can weigh much more than a larger portion of silver. Silver is doubtless a nice metal but gold is in higher demand and simply rarer than silver. The amazing luster of a silver coin can easily compete with the shinny color of gold but consider that in contrast to gold, silver tarnishes and it needs some work to put back a tarnished silver coin to perfect brilliance. The fact that silver tarnishes and gold does not is probably another reason why gold attracts more people than silver does. Nevertheless, every single Britannia silver coin is a precious piece, in high demand and reflecting a decent amount in value.

Britannia Silver Coin Edge & Obverse

Britannia silver bullion coin edge and obverse

Britannia Silver Coin Reverse

2 Pound Britannia silver coinreverse


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