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Antique cabinet with watch, crystal, and other collectibles.So many Americans own collectibles they would like to sell. Because of estate inheritances, divorces, break-ups, home liquidations, moving, oversized collections or foreclosures, tons of collectibles are in circulation. But reliable outlets to sell collectibles for a decent price are really rare. Most dealers strive to make a fortune for themselves while sellers get paid with a fistful of change and a smile. But it’s not only the greed of the second hand industry what leads to bad prices for sellers. Another reason for the dropped demand in collectibles is that times have changed the last decade. Young Americans aren’t so much attracted from collectibles like in the 1990s, 1980s or decades before. The young generation tends more to invest their money in contemporary electronics, watches or fashion. The demand is responsible for the prices of collectibles. How many collectors really want your stuff? A growing number of collectors would cause a higher demand and as a result of that also higher selling prices. Your local dealer on the next corner needs more time and advertising money to flip collectibles he has bought. It’s not unusual that it needs months to sell collectibles for a fair price. American’s are faced with a selling problem. They got all this nice stuff but they don’t know how to sell it. Some people sell collectibles via auctions. But they soon find out that selling commissions are too high and the involved affords aren’t worth the money they get out. What Americans need is a new, modern way to sell collectibles online – a way without wasting time to take pictures, to edit those pictures, to describe the stuff and to clarify the authenticity. Moreover nobody wants to be responsible for shipping, handling or insurance. Voilà, we got the solution for your situation: sell your collectibles with It’s the smart way to cash out, coming with the guarantee to get paid a great price. Take all your stuff you plan to sell, and stuff it carefully in a big shipping box – or two. We arrange the free pick-up for you. Just get sure that fragile items get wrapped with old newspaper, paper towels or bubble wrap. Get started online, share some information with us and book your pick-up. That’s all! Isn’t that a great solution?

Sell any kind of collectibles with us

Many people are overdue for selling. Attics, cellars or additional rented lockers are stuffed with merchandise collected, got or inherited maybe over decades. Now it’s time to start selling. is the perfect place to sell any kind of collectibles. We accept watches, clocks, porcelain, figurines, lamps, medals, military stuff, silverware, artwork, paintings, small furniture accessories like wooden boxes, class rings, family rings, college rings, broken jewelry, dolls, vases, glass, sports cards, collecting cards, vintage comics, music instruments and much, much more. There is just one rule you are asked to follow: only sell items that are not heavier than approx. 10 pounds and easy to handle. Please don’t sell space-consuming and oversized stuff and especially no furniture. That’s all to consider.

Our board of advisors is excited to determine your stuff’s value

Antique furniture, paintings, pottery, and glasswareThere is an expert of each profession field. Pocket watches, for example, can’t be evaluated from the same person like vintage lamps. has an expert network for all your merchandise and we are also linked with some universities to reveal all hidden secrets in a special item. We want to find out if your watch probably belonged to George Washington, your heat to Billy the Kid or your jewelry to Marilyn Monroe. Provenience can escalate your collectibles value significantly. It’s our assignment to spot all sleepers in the stuff you’ve offered to us. And we will, that’s a promise. In contrast to many local antique traders or second hand dealers, has access to laboratories equipped with the newest technology to determine your item’s value. We have gold testing machines, microscopes, a library, an archive and tons of equipment to check your articles for authenticity and provenience. You can sell collectibles with us without hassle and fully ensured that a board of experts will find out what you got. You can sell single items as well as boxes full of vintage or antique merchandise.

Don’t waste your time with online auctions

So many consumers look for ways to sell collectibles online. Online auctions are still a common way to cash out but all the involved efforts and hassle isn’t worth the time you have to spend. You can end up with an unsatisfying auction result if you provide a faulty description. Furthermore you probably forget to take a picture of an important imprint or engraving or you overlook value-increasing facts like containing precious metals, gemstones, pearls, corals or any other valuable components. Our experts don’t fail and work in groups to achieve the best selling experience for you.

Beware of bad buys and only invest when you know for sure what you buy

People get totally thrilled when an estate sale gets announced in their neighborhood. They set out and wait in line long time before the sale starts just to be under the first folks at the scene of interest. Estate sales are much more than just pastime – it has become a challenge to hunt valuable collectibles of any kind to make a fortune by the way. Especially jewelry, watches, stamps, coins, military stuff, paintings and figurines are sought-after from hungry collectors, coast to coast. At the scene of the estate sale, visitors get infected from something like a gold fever. Generally, wonderful finds can be made. One of our experts has a blog with information about estate sales and the ways to sell collectibles. He visits estate sales on the weekend in his community and reports regularly of great buys for his own collection. Almost always he is able to find gold remains in boxes with costume jewelry. Last weekend he got a fistful of jewelry remains priced for a fiver. He forwarded his buy to our gold department and was happy to receive a $210 payment. But he is skilled and knows what he usually buys. And this is what we recommend to all people hunting for sleeping valuables: buy what you know. Go for porcelain if you are familiar with it or go for watches if you have related knowledge. You can boost your odds only by knowing the merchandise you buy. Better buy 2 or 3 things instead of 10 things and flip the 3 things for a profit. You can sell your collectibles with us and the help of our experts. You can even ask our advisers online – for free.

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