You can sell loose emeralds and emerald fine jewelry to reDollar!

Loose deep green Colombian emeraldSelling an emerald is a big thing and sometimes also a big decision. You have to be very selective to choose a reliable and skilled buyer. No matter if you plan to sell emerald jewelry or loose emeralds  – is a great place for your plans. Our gemologists and accredited appraisers are able to discover your emerald’s value with the participation of external experts if necessary and the support of GIA, the Gemological Institute of America. Extremely valuable emerald fine jewelry or very big loose emeralds will be appraised in a group work to guarantee the best possible payout amount for you. Get started right now and make a great gemstone – selling experience with us. With us you have no obligation to sell your emeralds at no point of time. All our services are cost-free for you, no charges for shipping and appraising. If you change your mind, claim back your emeralds, anytime. But thanks to our outstanding satisfaction quote we are 100% sure that you will love our offer for your emeralds.

Sell emerald jewelry

reDollar gemstone experts appraising emeraldsWith our company, you can sell vintage emerald jewelry, exquisite fine jewelry, antique emerald jewelry, broken emerald jewelry and modern emerald jewelry as well. Our appraisers will examine your emerald jewelry with the greatest possible care. We don’t only rate your emerald jewelry’s stone and its precious metal content, we also rate the handwork, the uniqueness, the provenience and the age of your jewelry. We sum up more than 20 facts in total, to calculate a payout amount for your emerald jewelry. We have the liquid funds to pay you top quotes and to accept big volumes of jewelry. Selling  emeralds is easy like 1-2-3. Just get started online. Provide your contact information and describe your loose emeralds or your emerald jewelry you would like to sell with us in a few words. Don’t forget to add an appraisal or a grading report if available. An appraisal, a grading report or a bill of sale can increase your payout amount.

Sell loose emeralds or natural emeralds

Not only gemstone dealer, trading companies or importers are in possession of loose emeralds. Also private individuals and wealthy households own loose emeralds. Emeralds belong to the most valuable and rare gemstones on earth. This desirable gemstones from Colombia, Brazil or Zambia, Nigeria, Madagascar or Afghan can be sold to high prices. The characteristics color, cut, clarity, origin, treatment and carat weight are decisive for the value determination. If you have serious plans to sell your emeralds or you need an honest and reliable buyer who brings the crucial knowledge for a satisfying selling deal, then we are your company. We often have customers who inherited gemstone collections but because they have other interests, they don’t know much about the complex value determination of gems. With us you can sell emeralds of almost any size, quality and quantity. If you are ready to sell your emerald(s) our team of experts can provide you an initial evaluation.

How selling an emerald works

How it works: You start online and ship your emeralds to our laboratories. Our appraisers and gemologists determine the purchase amount each piece. Get in touch with our customer support to discuss your special needs. The whole process and also the payment can be done in less than 2 working days. Get online and sell emeralds with us. We have a strong paying power what makes us able to offer  higher prices for your stones. That’s a promise.

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