How much are loose or in jewelry mounted emeralds worth?

How much is an emerald worth? Asked Donald

Hi guys! I’ve inherited a loose emerald and I would like to find out how much I can get for this gem. I have absolutely no clue of determining the value of gemstones, not to mention emeralds. If the price is very good, I would sell it, if not, my wife want’s to mount this stone in jewelry. I’m very excited to find out a price for this gem. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks, Donald
Donald from Memphis in Tennessee

Hi Donald! Nice to meet you! It’s my pleasure to help you with your concern. Don’t worry, it’s really not a must being familiar with the evaluation of gemstones. That’s why we are here for our customers. We will find out together how much an emerald is worth. Let’s start right now with the quick and informative evaluation process.
reDollar appraiser, Tamay Rostan

Donald wants to know, how much is an emerald worth

Loose emerald from ColombiaDonald: Hi Tamay! Thank you for your reply.

Tamay: You are welcome Donald. My first question, could you please send me a photo of your emerald, so I can get a better impression about the stone’s appearance.

Donald: Of course! Sorry that I forgot to do that initially. Give me some minutes, soon you will have a nice picture of my emerald.

Tamay: Thank you for sending me a photo of your emerald and also the grading report which belongs to it. A certificate is always very helpful for appraisers but it’s not a must. We can also make gemstone appraisals for our clients but in that case it would be inevitable to have the respective gemstone in our laboratory. A special expert would check the gemstone in detail and we would create a laboratory report on basis of the obtained facts and the emerald’s specifications.

Donald: That’s fantastic. I will bear in mind that you can also provide reports, that’s good to know. Does this service also apply to jewelry? I’m asking because my father-in-law is a jewelry collector and sometimes he makes good bargains. I think it would be interesting for him to know where he can get certifications for his jewelry.

Tamay: Yes we also offer certifications for jewelry of any kind. Our accreditate appraisers offer this exclusive service for our customers. For such matters I would refer you to my colleague Maria Tait. She can help your father-in-law with appraisals for his jewelry.

Donald: Thank you very much Tamay!

Tamay: Now back to your emerald. I have checked the provided information and would like to summarize some facts. You’ve send me photos of a really nice and big emerald including an AGL certificate. AGL means American Gemological Laboratories. The AGL Inc. was founded 1977 and is located in New York’s gem and jewelry district. AGL is specialized in comprehensive colored gemstone analyses. In my opinion a very good place for gemstone grading reports, the people there are well trained and you can trust their professionalism. GIA is also one of my favorite gemological laboratory, and by the way the biggest and most important laboratory for any gemstone and diamond grading reports. The Gemological Institute of America is a nonprofit institute, dedicated to the research and education of gemology and jewelry arts. Your grading report shows that your emerald has a weight of 6.16 carats. This is a very good size for an emerald. It seems that your emerald has its origin in Zambia, a region which is well-known for its rich Emerald deposits. It is documented that the first mining of Emeralds has taken place in Egypt. In the 13th century BC the mining of Emeralds has already begun in this area. Over thousand years, the mines of Sikait and Sabara supplied Europe with their valuable emeralds. Also for the Orient (Persians and Ottomans) and parts of India, Emeralds have been always very popular and acclaimed.

Donald: That’s very interesting. Thank you for the information Tamay.

reDollar gem experts are appraising colored gemstonesTamay: My pleasure Donald. The color of your emerald which belongs to the mineral group Beryl, is described as Deep Rich Green. The cut of your Emerald is a usual Emerald cut. In my opinion the Emerald appears eye clean. The luster and saturation is very good, the brightness good. All in all a very nice gemstone.

Donald: I think so. But how much is an emerald like mine worth. What do you think Tamay?

Tamay: Well, I think a realistic market value for this emerald is $7,000 -$8,000.

Donald: That sounds promising! I have expected $4,000 but your estimation makes me even happier.

Tamay: Well, the stone has a good quality and especially for jewelers who create fine jewelry with stones like that, this emerald is from great interest.

Donald: I’ve heard from emeralds greater than 5,000 carats. Is this true or only a myth?

Tamay: Yes that’s true. The biggest emerald that has ever been mined has a weight of 57,500 carats, this weight equals 11.5 kilograms. The emerald is named Teodora and was found in Brazil. But it’s not clear if this emerald is authentic. Dubious rumors are in circulation about the emerald’s owner. But I know another very interesting Emerald which is authentic for sure. The emerald is called Gachalá Emerald and weighs 858 carats. It was found 1967 in the mine Vega de San Juan in Colombia. This outstanding emerald with a length of 5 cm was sold to the very famous New Yorker jeweler Harry Winston. Winston donates the Gachalá Emerald to the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.) which is still in possession of this wonderful gemstone.

Donald: Wow that’s very interesting. I hope I can see this emerald one day.

Tamay: Yes you should, it’s really worth seeing it.

reDollar gemstone experts appraising gemstones with microscopeDonald: I’m very happy with your estimation and I will think about selling my emerald. Honestly I don’t want to mount the emerald in a piece of jewelry. There are not often suitable occasions, my wife could wear it. And when I think about locking the emerald in my safe, I’m getting anxious about robbery or theft. Maybe it’s the best to sell it and buy something for my wife that she can better use.

Tamay: That’s up to you Donald. If you need my further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It was my pleasure to estimate the value of your emerald. It’s truly a beautiful gemstone and also attractive to sell.

Donald: Thank you Tamay!

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