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How much is an emerald ring worth? Asked Marcus

Hi, Maria! I found your website via Google that’s why I contact you. My girlfriend wants to sell an emerald ring. Could you help us to find out how much is an emerald ring worth? The ring is very beautiful and comes with other little diamonds. For us the ring appears to be very valuable. Please estimate the value of our emerald ring so that we can decide between selling it or not. Thank you!
Marcus from Miami, Florida

Hello, Marcus! Thank you very much for contacting me. It’s my pleasure to help you with an appraisal for your emerald and diamond ring. Emerald rings can be very valuable, especially if the quality of the stone(s) and the color is very good. The color of a colored gemstone is the major factor for the value. My long lasting experience will help us to find out the fair market value of your piece of jewelry. It would be great if you could send me some photos of your emerald ring. Thank you!
reDollar appraiser Maria Tait

Marcus wants to know, how much is an emerald ring worth?

White Gold Diamond and Emerald ring Marcus: Hi Maria! Thanks a lot for your prompt response. I’ve also contacted an online auction platform one week ago and I still have no feedback from these guys. I’m very disappointed and hope you can better help me with my inquiry.

Maria: Hi Marcus! We our very best to serve our clients with the best possible customer care. I feel sorry for you making such a bad experience. I hope we can convince you of our professional way of working. I just received your photos of your beautiful emerald ring. Thanks a lot!

Marcus: You are welcome! I hope the photos are useful for your determination of value.

Maria: Yes of course! The photos are great and I can see a nice emerald and diamond ring. The color of your emerald looks great. A very rich dark green color. Do you have a certificate or a grading report regarding your emerald ring? A grading report of your emerald would help me a lot for the value estimation. GIA is the number one laboratory for gemstone grading in the US. The grading report gives me more information of the carat weight, the color grade, the cut and clarity grade of the stone and sometimes it can also tell me the origin of the gemstones. Especially when you sell emeralds or you would like to find out how much is an emerald worth, a grading report is very useful. Do you may know the type of precious metal your emerald ring is made of? Is it made of platinum or white gold? Because the emerald looks so nice I think I can exclude that the ring is made of silver.

Marcus: Good question! Actually I was assuming that the ring is made of gold. My girlfriend is also very sure that the ring is made of gold. Are there any possibilities for me as layman to make sure if the ring is made of gold or not? My girlfriend has no grading report for this emerald ring, I’m so sorry.

Colombian emerald and diamond platinum ringMaria: Yes of course, you can find out by yourself of which material your ring setting is made of. Please take a magnifier, at best a 10 power magnifier and try to find markings on the inner side of your ring. Markings we are looking for, mostly contain numbers and or letters.

Marcus: I could spot a marking on the ring. It says “750”. What does that mean?

Maria: That means that your emerald ring is made of 18K gold. 750 is a marking for 18K gold jewelry. 750 means that the gold contains 75% of pure gold which equals 18 karat. If you are in possession of a scale, please weight the ring.

Marcus: The ring has a weight of 9.2 grams.

Maria: The emerald appears not insignificantly small. I would like to find out the carat weight of the emerald. The carats indicate the weight of the stone, that’s an important factor for determining the value. Please try to measure the diameter of the emerald.

Marcus: Wow there are so many facts to consider to determine the value of jewelry. I see I can learn a lot from your professionalism. The emerald has a diameter of approximately 7 mm.

Maria: Ok that’s good to know. The diameter of 7 mm and the fact that your emerald has an Asscher cut, let me assume that the emerald has 2.0 carats. I can also see two tapered baguette-cut diamonds which look nice but I think this stones are very small. I would not ascribe a significant extra value to that diamonds.

Marcus: That sounds interesting but how much is an emerald ring like that worth?

14k gold Brazilian emerald and diamond ringMaria: Well, the material value of the gold is $266.80. But the ring looks really beautiful and has a higher value than the material value only. The color, cut, shape and clarity of the emerald seems to be very nice but to be precise I would need to check the emerald in person to find out more about any treatments that would reduce the value of your emerald significantly. Maybe the emerald has a clarity between VS1-SI2. This are clarity grades. VS1 means very slightly included, imperfections are not visible to the unaided eye. SI2 means slightly included, imperfections are visible under 10 x magnification and maybe visible to the unaided eye. Because I have no grading reports with detailed information regarding your emerald, I have to be very careful with my estimate but to give you a figure I would estimate a fair market value of circa $1,500.00 – $2,250 for this emerald diamond ring.

Marcus: That’s a great price! I think my girlfriend will be very happy when she hears about it. She counted with $1,000.00 and your estimation is fare above her desired price. Thank you very much for your professional estimation. I could learn a lot from it. The service you offer is unbelievably good! I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family!

Maria: My work is my passion, thank you very much for your kind words. It makes me very happy that you appreciate my value estimation of your emerald ring. Thank you for contacting reDollar, your jewelry expert and most reliable buyer.

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