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Franklin Half DollarThe Coin’s Specifications
Gross Weight12.50 grams
Silver Content90%
Pure Silver11.25 grams
Selling Value$8.92
Mintage1948 to 1963

Franklin Half Dollar Value

A Franklin half dollar coin weighs 12.50 grams and contains 90% pure silver. The pure silver sitting in Franklin dollars equals 11.25 grams or 0.3617 troy ounces. According to the coin’s specifications, the value of a Franklin half dollar coin is exactly $8.92, today. Besides the pictured Kennedy half dollar coin, we have have displayed the amount of pure silver as granules used to mint the coin.

pure silver as granules hiding in a Franklin silver half dollar coin

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Franklin Silver Half Dollar Facts

The Franklin half dollar silver coin is a fifty-cent coin that has an interesting history. On the obverse, the coin bears the portrait of the founding father, Benjamin Franklin and the liberty bell on the reverse. It dates back to the period between 1948 -1963 when it got minted. Well, some people might feel honored by such an act, but historical reports indicate that most likely Benjamin Franklin may not have approved the idea of having his image on a coin. However, long after his death, his admirers thought that it was a befitting honor for a founding father.

It all began with a wish by mint director Nellie Tayloe Ross who had long toyed with the idea of having Benjamin Franklin on a coin. Ross may have gotten influenced by the John R. Sinnock’s medal bearing the portrait of Benjamin Franklin to pursue the idea of having him on the coin. In any case, it was a deserved honor for a founding father and a good reminder of his message on thrift. However, the new half dollar coin could not have appealed to Benjamin if he was alive at the launch of this idea. He did not support the idea of having portraits of persons on coins, and his preferred bird was not the eagle, which was part of this new coin.

In 1947, Ross implemented the idea, asking Sinnock to produce the design featuring Franklin on half a dollar coin. Sadly, Sinnock died in May 1947 before he could finish the reverse design of the coin. That did not stop the work, and the new chief engraver carried on the mission to complete the design plans. In 1948, the new half dollar was ready for release, although with an unreported disapproval of the commission of fine arts of the reverse of the coin. Nevertheless, the Treasury went on to release the new coin, noting the enthusiastic approval of secretary Synder.

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Sell Franklin Silver Half Dollar

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Franklin half dollar coins in shipping box on dollar bill

Franklin Silver Half Dollar Material Value

The material value of a single Franklin half dollar coin is $9.91 and we pay you $8.92 what is approx. only $0.99 less than its real value. reDollar offers the best possible deal.

3 Franklin silver half dollars sitting on silver melting equipment

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