Sell gold bars online with reDollar for highest prices!

Gold bars in reDollar envelopeSell your gold bars online from anywhere in the US. Selling with reDollar is convenient and lucrative as we pay 95% of the spot price for your gold bars. With us you don’t have to drive to a big city to get offered competitive prices, sell your gold bars with us and benefit from highest prices. Especially for very busy or elderly people it can become a nightmare to drive hours around to find a reliable place to sell gold bars. Many local gold buyers don’t pay a fair amount of money for your gold bar. High costs for rents and advertising force them to increase their margin on your gold bar. Avoid this potential risks and sell your gold bars with us, we pay extremely high prices and in comparison to local competitors and we keep our promises, that’s for sure.

1 oz Pamp Suisse gold barOur current purchase prices if you sell gold bars with us:

 Mass/ Weight Sells for
Gold bar 0.5 gram $31.09
Gold bar 1 gram $62.17
Gold bar 2 gram $124.35
Gold bar 2.5 gram $155.44
Gold bar 1/10 oz $193.36
Gold bar 5 grams $310.87
Gold bar 10 grams $621.75
Gold bar 20 grams $1243.50
Gold bar 1 oz $1933.64
Gold bar 50 grams $3108.75
Gold bar 2 oz $3867.28
Gold bar 100 grams $6217.50
Gold bar 10 Tolas = 3.75 oz $7250.85
Gold bar 5 oz $9668.21
Gold bar 250 grams $15543.75
Gold bar 10 oz $19336.42
Gold bar 500 grams $31087.49
Gold bar 1,000 grams $62174.98

If you sell your gold bar with us we don’t charge any costs for shipping, appraisal services or potential return shipping costs. All our services are cost-free for you. Start now and sell you gold bar with your first address to sell bullion gold. If you are unsure about the the value of your gold bar, feel free to get in touch with us. Our experts are more than happy to give you an estimate.

The most common gold bar manufacturers:

  • Apmex gold bars
  • Austrian mint gold bars
  • Credit Suisse gold bars
  • Engelhard gold bars
  • Heraeus gold bars
  • Holy Land Mint gold bars
  • Istanbul gold refinery gold bars
  • Johnson Matthey gold bars
  • PAMP Suisse gold bars
  • Perth Mint gold bars
  • Royal Canadian Mint gold bars
  • SMI – Sunshine Minting gold bars
  • Valcambi gold bars

Be aware of fake gold bars – Expertise is needed!

10 gram RMC Republic gold barIf you sell gold bars, profound knowledge is needed. This is also the case if you plan to buy gold bars. Our precious metal experts have this expert knowledge which is one of the main reasons why you can trust us blindly when it comes to the delicate business of selling gold bars. Because of the high gold price at the moment, many fake gold bars are in circulation. You have to take care if somebody offers you a gold bar to buy for a lower price than the stock market price. There are hundreds of illegal gold bar producing places which have only one purpose: to trick investors, private investors as well as business investors. We also were confronted with faked gold bars several times and many of this pieces were manufactured with great skill. If you are not an expert in that field you won’t be able to distinguish the fake gold bar from the authentic gold bar. Sell gold bars online to and we’ll find out for you if your gold bar is a treasure or trash. The criminal groups that manufacture such gold bars make big profit with their dark business. Faked gold bars have a thick coating of real gold but mostly they are filled with tungsten so that the bar has the same specific weight as a real pure gold bar. Otherwise the weight would be an obvious indicator of a falsification.

I decided to sell my gold bars to reDollar – How does the process work?

reDollar bullion experts at workThank you for your trust in us! Selling your gold bars with is a smart decision and we can promise that you won’t regret it. The selling process is very simple and fast: First please fill in our online sales form under START NOW.  You can choose between getting a fully insured and pre-paid shipping label by email or by getting a shipping kit by mail.  Based on the selling volume we can provide you insured shipping solutions with USPS, UPS or FedEx. Usually the whole turnaround time is two – three business days. On the day when we receive your items, our experts will thoughtfully examine your gold bars and based on our results we will make you an offer on the same day. You can then decide if you agree or disagree. An agreement means an instant payout optionally by PayPal, direct deposit, Zelle, money order, or check. You can always reclaim your items. In that case we would return your items, fully insured at our expense.

Start now and sell your gold bars with us!  Be one of our happy customers. Our real reviews proof that we keep your promises. At reDollar the customer is king.

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