You want to know how much a gold bar is worth? We publish prices for all sizes!

Answered by reDollar Expert: Alan Jensen

How much is a gold bar worth?

Gold bars are a common form of investment and very popular every since. Millions (!) of smaller gold bars ranging from 1 gram to 5 grams and also bigger bars ranging from 10 grams to 1 kilo are circulating in the US. Let’s find out how much they are worth.

The Short Answer

The value of most gold bars is based on the current gold price. Vintage gold bars, hand poured gold bars, and limited edition bars may be worth more. As a general rule, a one ounce gold bars is currently worth $2308.30. Most gold bars have a weight indication stamped on them, which helps in identifying their value. Based on the indicated weight, calculating the value with our gold calculator is very easy.

Let’s see how much your gold bar may be worth!

1 oz gold bar Perth MintWhen we speak about the value of gold bars we speak about weight and purity. You may know that most gold bars are made of 99.9% pure gold but there are also gold bars with a lower purity such as 99.5%, 99.2%, or 99.0%. Such gold bars aren’t as valuable as LBMA Good Delivery gold bars which have a gold purity of at least 995.0 parts per thousand parts in total. In addition this bars also have to be marked with a serial number, the refiner’s assay stamp, the purity and the year of manufacture. Generally, gold is gold but investors prefer buying LBMA certified bars what entails that most gold bars with a lower purity will be melted down.

The value of a gold bar is calculated by the weight stated on the gold bar. That makes it easy for consumers to find out how much their gold bar is worth. Just look for the weight of your gold bar. Below we’ve listed the current value of gold bars. If you have gold bars with a weight that is not listed below, please use a gold calculator and make a pre-calculation of our purchase price by yourself.

Our Current Gold Bar Price List

That’s the current price list for all common gold bar sizes, updated a few minutes ago. The published buy-back prices are binding and will get paid in full without deductions. Gold bars in scrap condition with flaws such as deep scratches or significantly damaged holders may trade for 3% less.

Mass - WeightTodays Value
500g (half kilo)$37110.91
1,000g (one kilo)$74221.81

Why are gold bars sod desired?

Gold is a really rare precious metal making gold bars inherently valuable and desired all over the world. Furthermore, gold has been used as a form of currency for thousands of years, giving gold bars a rich and fascinating history. Americans have a favor for gold and consider it a very reliable store of value that may even increase over time.

For some, the appearance may matter as well: gold has a very distinctive, lustrous appearance that is appealing to many people. Literally everyone knows that gold is valuable and owning “a piece’ in form of a bar seems to be very attractive. The pictured gold bar is a Fortuna gold bar, made in Switzerland. This gold bar is very popular among consumers and investors.

Fortuna gold bar made in Switzerland by Pamp

How much is my gold bar worth tomorrow?

Credit Suisse 20 g Fine Gold barTo be honest, nobody knows how much your gold bar is worth tomorrow. There are so many price-building factors starting by the development of the economy and ending by remaining deposits of gold in mines. Even job market data reports or economic view reports can affect the price of gold bars. Hypothetically your troy ounce could be worth up to 5% plus or minus by tomorrow but that would be very unusual. Normally, the value of gold bars changes in a range of plus/minus 1 or 2 percent a day depending on the current gold price situation.

The listed prices are a guide line if you think about selling. Calculate that a reliable gold buyer will deduct between 5% and 10% from the real value of the gold bar as his margin. Never sell gold bars if a dealer tries to deduct more than 10%.

How much was my gold bar worth?

Especially heirs are interested in past gold prices. They inherited gold bars from the grandparents have gained tremendous value. People are surprised to learn that in 2005, gold was only worth between $427 and $485 per ounce, or $ 290 per ounce in 1999. After 2005, the price of gold began to rise rapidly. If you sell your gold bars that you bought many years ago, you will definitely make a profit.

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