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Bullion is a physical form of gold in form of bars, coins, medals or rounds which are often made of a certain purity and weight. The most common purity for gold bullion is known as fine gold or pure gold what is essentially the purest form of gold. Also known as 24k gold, it’s 99.9% pure gold. Very popular gold bullion items weigh 1g, 2.5g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 0z, 1/2 oz or one full troy ounce. You can currently sell gold bullion to for $2270.93 per troy ounce or $73.02 per gram.

Gold bullion has always been a very reliable and stable investment due to its intrinsic value and stability. Thus, the American people are hoarding tremendous amounts of gold bullion coins and bars. Unfortunately, many of those looking to sell gold bullion are liquidating their investment for too little money. It’s not always ignorance but very often it’s the missing access to a reliable and top-dollar paying buyer.

It’s a strong misbelieve that you can sell your gold bullion only locally. In fact, it is often to your financial disadvantage to sell gold bullion in your hometown. Most local buyers simply don’t have the financial strength to offer top-dollars. A successful selling transaction will ideally result in a 95% settlement of your gold’s current commodity value.

The market for gold bullion is very liquid, meaning that it is actually pretty easy to buy and sell gold at any given time. Furthermore, gold is also seen as a hedge against inflation and a store of wealth why a bullion seller will always find a buyer. Gold bullion is also portable, allowing coins, bars or medals to be easily stored and transported. Gold is also the only asset that is universally accepted as a real form of physical payment.

Sell Gold Bullion Right Now is your place to sell gold bullion. We serve all 50 states and we do offer the highest price for your bullion. There is absolutely no reason not to be comfortable to trust an online gold buyer like reDollar. Dealing with high-value bullion shipments is our bread and butter business.

The market for gold bullion is giant, with buyers and sellers from all corners of the world. By looking to sell gold bullion outside of your local area, you can often find more competitive offers for your precious items. An online gold buyer like is usually a great option as they are able to offer better purchase prices than your local buyer, mostly due to the large amount of gold we are buying. Additionally, is offering free shipping for your gold bullion and we do provide lightning-quick payment options with no hidden fees. Finally, we are also able to provide more accurate and transparent purchase prices, as the gold market is fluctuating every business day. Our gold calculator is allowing any seller to review the current gold price at any given time.

Umbrellaed by Insurance and Experience

We have tremendous experience when it comes to sell gold bullion. All of our buying and selling transactions are solely online and fulfilled by UPS ParcelPro what is the high-value shipping division of UPS. We do nothing but shipping extremely valuable items – all day long.

Your package won’t get lost and you will get paid as soon as you agreed to our purchase offer!

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Hundreds of dealers, from New York to Los Angeles, are asking you to sell your bullion to them. Why should you trust us? Why should you make a deal with us? Well, it’s because of our industry-leading purchase prices. We don’t promise things we can’t deliver. The most important reason is our gold calculator. You can calculate how much you will really get paid. No hidden costs, no fees and no deductions. You get what you calculated. Period. Sell gold bullion to our company and get paid the highest possible price that a consumer can get paid in the US. For you, it’s good to know that there is nearly no limit of the amount of gold bullion you can sell with us. We buy only one gold bullion coin as well as a big collection.

Instructions To Sell Your Gold Bullion

  1. Start online & confirm insurance value
  2. Pack well and drop your package off
  3. Once arrived, approve offer and get paid

Ship with UPS to selll your American Eagle gold bullion coin.

Sell Any Gold Bullion Coin – From all Over The World

We buy any gold bullion coins. Domestic coins but also from all over the world. The most common gold bullion coins are: the American Gold Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Austrian Philharmonic, the Australian Kangaroo, the South African Krugerrand, the Chinese Panda, the British Britannia, and the Mexican Libertad.

Very popular European coins that have been minted of lower quality gold can also be considered bullion coins: the French Rooster, the Swiss Vreneli, the Belgian Franc, the Italian Lira, the Dutch Guilder, the Spanish Peseta or the German Mark. Those coins will usually show visible signs of use or storage and may change hands for a little higher discount (in the range of approx. 2% to 3%).

WeightValueSell Now
1/10 oz$226.36SELL
1/4 oz$567.37SELL
1/2 oz$1135.47SELL
1 oz$2270.93SELL

Sell Gold Bullion Q&A

This Q&A section is designed to answer questions before you sell your gold bullion. It’s extremely important to be educated. It’s happening quiet too often that folks realize that they have been significantly underpaid after they sold their precious metals. Generally spoken, it is really easy to understand the pricing process of gold bullion. Mainly because gold bullion is clearly marked/ stamped: besides the purity, the weight will be indicated as well making it very easy to request a price quote from different buyers.

It’s understandable that folks with plans to sell dental gold or scrap gold are having a hard time to understand the pricing process because markings are hard to identify or even not present at all. Don’t get cold feet ad have some faith in your skills. Check your gold bullion and find out how much it’s worth before your commit to sell. is the place where you find transparent help and honest advice.

Do banks accept and buy gold bullion?

Yes, but only very few local community banks are accepting gold bullion. The gold must meet certain purity and weight standards, and the customer must provide proof of ownership. Furthermore, those banks require you to have an account with them where the selling proceeds may be credited. The vast majority of US based banks do not accept gold bullion for purchase.

How much is a 1 oz gold bar worth, today?

Today, the spot price for a 1 oz gold bar is approximately $2390.46. However, the price you will get paid if you sell a 1 oz gold bar can vary depending on the buyer. One of the best gold bullion buyers in the US,, will pay you $2270.93, today. The discount for selling gold bullion is usually 5%, sometimes up to 10% of the current spot price.

How can I legally sell my gold?

As long as you are at least eighteen years old, contractually capable, the lawful owner of the gold you plan to sell, your selling activity is 100% legal. Potential gold sellers should bear in mind that they must confirm their identity with a government-issued, still-valid photo ID in order to comply with federal and state laws.

Where to sell gold bullion near me?

Most pawn shops, coin dealers, thrift stores, gold buyers or jewelry stores will buy your gold bullion. Please keep  in mind that selling gold bullion near you, will most likely result in an underpayment of the real value present. Always compare the value of your bullion with a gold calculator before you sell to a buyer near you. Furthermore, do not blindly trust a business you may know for a long while. It’s not uncommon that your “family jewelry” is taking huge advantage of your lack of knowledge.

How much is gold bullion worth?

Most gold bullion is made of 999 pure gold and worth $2270.93 per ounce, $1135.47 per half ounce, $567.37 per quarter ounce, $227.09 per one-tenth of an ounce or, in other words, $73.02 per gram. Additionally, you may get a paid a premium for rare, poured or special branded gold bullion products.

Most gold bullion is clearly marked with a stamp telling you how much gold was used to produce the item. Except your item is a fake, you can really trust this indication of weight.

How many grams of gold are in an ounce, half ounce, and in tenth of an ounce?

One (troy) ounce of gold equals 31.103 grams, a half ounce of gold contains 15.55 grams, and a tenth of an ounce of gold is equal to 2.83495 grams. A “US Ounce” is a unit of mass used in the United States and equals 28.35 grams. A troy ounce is a unit of mass used for precious metals and equals 31.1035 grams. The difference between the two is that a US ounce is used for measuring the mass of everyday objects, while a troy ounce is used for measuring the mass of precious metals, such as gold and silver.

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