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Sell your gold rings with us and get the most cash. We are your professional buyer for 9k gold rings, 10k gold rings, 14k gold rings, 18k gold rings and 22k gold rings. We pay you great prices for your gold rings, 90% of the stock market price is our promise to you. Such a high purchase price for your gold is very rare on the gold buying market. You don’t believe us? Ask around and compare prices. We are pretty sure finally you will make the deal with us. Sell gold rings for cash with reDollar.com.

Our gold prices at a glance:

9k gold per gram $26.02
10k gold per gram $28.85
14k gold per gram $40.48
18k gold per gram $51.89
22k gold per gram $63.38

14k gold ring on gold foil

Gold is a very stable form of asset that means if you face the situation of needing cash, you could consider to sell your gold rings. The price of gold is the market price for the precious metal gold. The gold price will be generated on the commodity exchanges through the worldwide interplay of supply and demand and is primarily quoted in US dollars. Important factors that influence the gold price are the dollar price, interest rates, the oil price and also the prices of other precious metals and metals. But the gold in your gold ring has a fixed price that can be calculated easily. Your gold rings are like cash because gold is like cash. 1 troy ounce of fine gold has a current market value of $2386.13.

reDollar jewelry experts appraising gold rings

reDollar experts appraising gold rings

The value of gold is a fixed size. To find out more about the cash value in your gold rings you have to differ between scrap gold rings, gold rings with diamonds and/or gemstones and gold rings from famous brands like Tiffany, Cartier, Graff, Buccellati, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels or others. The value of scrap gold rings can be easily calculated via the weight and the alloy (fineness) of the gold rings. When you have gold rings from famous brands or gold rings lavishly set with diamonds or gemstones then you have to count with a premium. In that case the gold value plays just a secondary role. Then the main focus is set on the gemstones and the diamonds if the stones are from exceptional beauty and/or size.

Sell gold rings for cash and choose us as your professional partner. Our highly skilled and motivated jewelry experts and appraisers are more than happy to work with your gold jewelry. Our company philosophy is based on transparency and honesty. We publish our gold prices for you so that you know what you can get in advance. With us the business of selling gold online is not a risky or untransparent matter. Ask our experts for advice and get a quote for your gold rings. If you are happy with it, start selling gold rings now and get paid on the same day when we receive your package. We provide you an in-depth laboratory report with our purchase offer included. Once you have agreed to our offer, we pay you instantly via PayPal, check, money order, direct deposit or wire transfer.

18k gold Cartier Love ring

Cartier Love ring 18k gold

Metal: Gold
Purity: 18k
Sell for: $1,000.00

14k gold signet ring

Metal: Gold
Purity: 14k
Sell for: $750.00

10k gold class ring with Amethyst

10k gold class ring with amethyst

Metal: Gold
Purity: 10k
Sell for: $375.00

Diamond and Ruby 18k white gold ring

Diamond and ruby 18k gold ring

Metal: Gold
Purity: 18k
Sell for: $2,800.00

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Gold rings on cashGold was one of the first metals, human beings have processed. It is proven that already in the early Copper Age gold mining was important for the humanity. Earliest gold artifacts from that time period were found in Bulgaria at the burial ground of Warna. This precious gold discoveries go back to 4600 – 4300 BC. The desire for gold and gold jewelry goes back thousands of years and is still present. Gold can be seen as means of exchange because it has a transparent and comprehensible value. We at reDollar would like to make this values and prices more transparent and understandable for our customers. Selling gold rings means selling a real value, an asset. Even if you have no knowledge about the value determination of gold, you can learn easily how pricing works. Only the understanding of pricing and your gold ring’s value makes it possible for you to get paid very attractive prices. We would like to raise your awareness for gold pricing, an ability that’s crucial for selling gold. reDollar is your trustworthy partner for your gold businesses. Get started now and learn from the experts.

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