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A gold ring is something really valuable, and it’s possible to sell it fast. But it’s not so easy to get a good price for a gold ring if you don’t know a trustworthy buyer willing to pay top dollar. The average pawn shop or gold buyer pays only between 40% and 65% of a gold ring’s real value, while pays you at least 90% for your gold rings. You really need to know where to sell to get the most money out of your rings.

  • We pay $29.26 per gram for 10K gold rings
  • We pay $41.15 per gram for 14K gold rings
  • We pay $52.76 per gram for 18K gold rings is a very well-funded fintech startup company specializing in buying gold rings, jewelry, and precious metals. We dominate the gold-buying industry with the absolute highest prices paid for your valuables. There is truly no better way to sell gold rings. On top of that, with, you have the guarantee that you won’t be under any pressure or obligation to sell, and if you decide not to, we’ll send you back your rings with no questions asked.

What about very rare and valuable gold rings? We pay more than just the gold price for gold rings with gemstones or diamonds, and of course for very valuable, rare, antique, or branded gold rings. Our experts have the ability to deal with any kind of gold rings, ensuring you get paid the highest possible price.

Sell gold ring online: easy like 1-2-3

It’s our goal to provide you with the easiest way to sell gold rings online. Basically, it’s this simple: start online, ship your ring, agree to our offer, and get paid on the same day. It’s a very easy, straightforward, and trustworthy process.

Men's gold ring with blue seal on 24k gold sheet

And please remember—it’s worth selling your rings online rather than locally to the nearest pawn shop or gold-buying operation. We’ll pay you top dollar, and you’ll have the certainty that real jewelry experts are handling your rings—not a dubious buyer from an even more dubious pawn shop.

Class Ring

class ring made of 14k gold

Metal: gold
Purity: 14 karat
Gems: diamonds, sapphires
Sell for: $918.24

College Ring

college gold ring made of 10 karat gold

Metal: gold
Purity: 10 karat
Gems: blue glass
Sell for: $607.21

Luxury Gemstone Ring

Luxury gemstone gold ring with topaz and sapphires

Metal: gold
Purity: 14 karat gold
Gems: topaz, sapphires
Sell for: $370.36

Art Deco Ring

Art Deco gold ring with jade

Metal: gold
Purity: 18 karat
Gems: jade
Sell for: $422.06

Opal Ring

opal gold ring with center diamond

Metal: gold
Purity: 18 karat
Gems: opals, diamonds
Sell for: $474.82

Diamond Ring

diamond gold ring with baquet set diamonds

Metal: gold
Purity: 18 karat
Gems: diamonds
Sell for: $1054.11

Wedding Ring

14 karat gold wedding ring

Metal: gold
Purity: 14 karat
Gems: N/A
Sell for: $473.24

Onyx Ring

Metal: gold
Purity: 18 karat
Gems: onyx
Sell for: $404.13

Sell Your Gold Rings – Understand the Selling Basics

Our appraisers are regularly astonished that so many consumers are willing to sell their gold rings for little money to their neighborhood gold buyer. Usually, a local buyer pays approximately 50% of your gold ring’s real value; in other words, you get around $100 for a gold ring worth $200 or about $300 for a ring worth $600. After doing some research speaking with our customers, we found that most folks simply don’t know the value of their gold rings, which is why they let their rings go for too little money. This lack of knowledge is the number one reason pawn shops and other buyers are able to take advantage of people selling their gold.

You can easily avoid that outcome by understanding the simple appraisal process for gold rings. Only three specs are needed to get a rough idea of the value of a gold ring: the gold ring’s purity (stamped and marked in karats), the weight (determined with a scale), and the current gold price which can be calculated with our online gold calculator.

Your Gold Ring’s Purity

Start by checking for the purity of your gold ring. The purity refers to the common term “karat,” which is used to describe the quality of your ring’s gold. In the US, 10K gold, 14K gold, and 18K gold are the most common gold alloys used to produce gold rings.

It is important to understand the term “karat”, as that makes it much easier to understand how much your gold ring is worth.

10 karat41.6%10K, 416, 417
14 karat58.3%14K, 585, 583
18 karat75%18K, 750

Your Gold Ring’s Weight

Technically, your gold ring’s weight is the most important factor in determining the value of your ring. The heavier your ring is, the more valuable it is. It’s that simple. Although a 10K gold ring is made of a lower gold purity than a 14K gold ring or an 18K gold ring, it may be worth more if its weight is significantly higher.

We offer a great-working five-dollar scale for weighing your gold ring to prevent you from selling for pennies on the dollar.

10K Gold Ring10g$292.63
14K Gold Ring10g$410.11
18K Gold Ring10g$527.58

The Gold Price

The gold price ultimately defines the value of your gold ring. While a higher gold price is resulting in a higher payout, a lower gold price will lead to a lesser payment for your gold rings. The current gold price is $2428.35 per ounce, or $78.08 per gram. Please consider that a 10-karat gold ring is made of 41.6% pure gold and a 14k gold ring of 58.3% pure gold. You have to do the math based on the purity of your gold ring.

We made things easier by providing an online gold calculator to do the math for you. Simply spot the karat marking with a magnifying glass and weigh your ring with a digital scale. That’s all you have to do for a quick gold ring evaluation.

Gold Rings Worth More Than Gold

About 8 out of 10 gold rings are evaluated based on the current gold price, but some rings have a higher or even significantly higher value. Gold rings that are worth more are usually diamond rings, gemstone rings, and branded rings. The most common brands that are more valuable are Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Mikimoto, Chopard, Piaget, Bvlgari, Graff, Buccellati, Van Cleef & Arpels, LeVian, and Harry Winston. Other reasons why your gold ring may be worth more are rarity and provenience. A ring from a former president or an actor could sell for top dollar if the provenience can be proved.

Fine jewelry including fine gold rings with rubies and diamonds

NICE FIND! About a year ago, one of our experts identified a gold ring that was mailed in as scrap gold as a European ring that was over 300 years old. Frankly, this happens extremely rarely, but it could happen to you as well. Increase your chance of getting paid a fantastic purchase price for your gold rings and deal only with, the very best place for selling gold rings.

Gold Ring Melt Value

Please don’t think that the melt value of your gold ring is bad—and please don’t sell it without knowing more about it. Very often, people know that the gold ring they own needs to be melted because it’s damaged or just out of fashion. An average gold ring is made of 14-karat gold and weighs between 2.5 grams and 11.5 grams, which means that you can get between $102.88 and $473.24. If your ring is made of 18-karat gold instead of 14-karat gold, you can get between $131.90 and $606.72 for it. And this is the melt value.

Class ring in melting crucible about to be melted down

Don’t listen to unreliable folks telling you tales about how “bad” your gold is and how much it will cost to process your gold. That is just nonsense and a big ploy to get your gold rings for a bargain.

Use our calculator to calculate your ring’s value: gold calculator

Most Common Ring Selling Questions

You need a strong, honest, and transparent selling partner like reDollar. We don’t leave you alone with your questions. We are here to educate you. Understanding why and how we price your gold rings will give you the confidence you need to have a satisfying selling transaction.

How to sell a gold ring?

You can sell a gold ring to a pawn shop, gold buyer, or jeweler, but you can also sell online on eBay or to Most of the time, local buyers pay the least, while eBay or can get you the most for your rings.

($) local gold buyer

Do gold rings hold their value?

Indeed, they do. If you bought a gold ring 20 years ago, you can sell it for significantly more money than you initially paid for it. While in 2000, the average gold price was about $280 per ounce, today’s gold price is $2428.35 per ounce.

Although gold rings don’t weigh much, they can still be considered a little storage of wealth on your ring finger.

Should I sell my gold ring?

It really depends on your personal situation. If you’re looking for some extra money, now is not a bad time to sell; the current gold price is pretty high, which will result in a decent payment. If you are in no financial need, you may consider keeping your gold ring.

How much gold is in a gold ring?

The amount of gold depends on your ring. While a 10-karat gold ring is made of 41.6% pure gold, an 18-karat gold ring contains 75% pure gold. Some small gold rings can weigh as little as 3 grams, while heavy gold rings can weigh as much as 20 grams.

How much gold is in a 14k gold ring?

A 14-karat gold ring is crafted with 58.5% or 58.3% pure gold. A certain percentage of copper and/or silver will be added to create the desired color. Fourteen-karat gold can be made into yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even a greenish gold.

How can I sell my gold ring for cash?

Selling a gold ring for cash is quite easy, as buyers are ready to buy it from you. The problem with a fast-cash selling transaction is the price you’ll get paid. Fast cash almost always comes with a big drawback: a low payment. also pays cash (cashier’s check), and it only takes one to three business days—but unlike other buyers, offers the highest prices paid in the US.

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