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A gold ring is something really valuable and it’s possible to sell it fast. But it’s not so easy to get a good price for a gold ring. The average pawn shop or gold buyer pays between 40% and 65% of a gold rings real value while pays you between 90% and 95% for your gold rings. You really need to know where to go to get the most money paid for it.

  • We pay $33.49 per gram for 14K gold
  • We pay $42.94 per gram for 18K gold is a very well-funded FinTech Startup company specialized in buying gold rings and precious metals. We attack the gold buying industry with best possible deals for gold rings and any kind of gold. There is no better way to sell gold rings on the internet. Plus, with us you have the guarantee to deal without obligations and our promise to send you back your rings without questions asked.

14k white gold rings with gemstones

What about very valuable gold rings? We pay more than just the gold price if you own gold rings with mounted gemstones or diamonds. And of course we pay you more for very valuable, rare, antique or special gold rings. Our experts have the ability to deal with any kind of gold rings ensuring you to get paid the highest possible price.

Sell gold ring online: easy like 1-2-3

It’s our goal to provide you the easiest way to sell a gold ring online. Basically, it’s not more than: start online, ship your ring, agree to our offer and get paid in less than 48 hours.

Men's gold ring with blue seal on 24k gold sheet

And please remember – it’s worth to sell your rings online and not local to the next pawn shop or gold buying operation. We pay you top dollars and you have the certainty that real jewelry experts handle your rings and not a dubious guy from an even more dubious pawn shop.

Class Ring

class ring made of 14k gold

Metal: gold
Purity: 14 karat
Gems: Diamonds, Sapphires
Sell for: $747.34

College Ring

college gold ring made of 10 karat gold

Metal: gold
Purity: 10 karat
Gems: blue glass
Sell for: $494.20

Luxury Gemstone Ring

Luxury gemstone gold ring with topaz and sapphires

Metal: gold
Purity: 14 karat gold
Gems: topaz, sapphires
Sell for: $301.43

Art Deco Ring

Art Deco gold ring with jade

Metal: gold
Purity: 18 karat
Gems: jade
Sell for: $343.51

Opal Ring

opal gold ring with center diamond

Metal: gold
Purity: 18 karat
Gems: opals, diamonds
Sell for: $386.45

Diamond Ring

diamond gold ring with baquet set diamonds

Metal: gold
Purity: 18 karat
Gems: diamonds
Sell for: $857.91

Wedding Ring

14 karat gold wedding ring

Metal: gold
Purity: 14 karat
Gems: /
Sell for: $385.16

Onyx Ring

Metal: gold
Purity: 18 karat
Gems: /
Sell for: $328.91

Sell gold rings – Here are the most important basics

Very often we are astonished why so many people are willing to sell gold rings for little money right to the next neighborhood buyer. Usually, a next door buyer pays only 50% of a rings real value – what means that you get around 50 dollars for a gold ring worth hundred dollars or about 100 dollars for a ring worth $200. After doing a research and after speaking to our customers, we found out that it’s not the willingness in general to sell rings or other valuables for little money. Believe it or not but more than 65% of the folks we were asking about a ring’s value have no idea how to come to the value. And this lack of knowledge is the reason why pawn shops or other dubious buyers have an easy job to get your gold for a bargain.

reDollar wants you guys to stop selling gold rings or gold at all for too less money. Let us help you understanding the value of your gold rings. You need to find you just 3 things about your gold:

  • Weight (use a digital scale to weigh it)
  • Karat (use a magnifier to spot the marking)
  • Gold price (use our website to get the price)

If you know the weight and the karat, you are just one step away from knowing how much your gold is worth. You can either use our gold calculator to calculate the value or you just lookup for the current gold price.

When you than know how much your ring or gold is worth you are also all set to check how much a buyer is willing to pay. Remember, what we promise you to pay – we really DO pay. Don’t let other people badmouth your gold’s value. It’s worth what it is even when it looks really bad or even when it’s damaged heavily.

Gold Rings Worth More Than Gold

About 8 out of 10 gold rings are worth the current gold price what means that about 20% of all existing gold rings are worth more than the material value. The most value comes from mounted gemstones and diamonds but also from a rings rarity, a rings original owner or even a rings age. Even a very unattractive looking ring can be worth a little fortune if you know a buyer/ expert who is able to reveal your ring’s secret.

About a year ago one of our experts identified a gold ring actually classified as scrap as a ring of 400 years old. Frankly, this happens extremely rarely but it could happen to you as well. Increase your chance of getting paid an amazing purchase price for your gold rings and deal only with The very best place when it comes to sell gold rings.

Gold Rings Melt Value

Please don’t think that the melt value of your gold ring is bad. And please don’t sell it without knowing more about it. First, very often people know that the gold ring they own needs to get melted because it’ just out-of-fashion or it’s damaged. An average gold ring was made of 14 karat gold and weighs between 2.5 grams and 11.5 grams what means that you can get between $83.73 and $385.16. If it was even made of 18 karat gold instead of 14 karat gold, you can get between $107.35 and $493.79 for it. And this is the melt value.

Don’t listen to unreliable folks telling you tales about “how bad your gold is” and how much it will cost to process your gold. That is just nonsense and a big lure to get your gold rings for a bargain. Don’t listen to them.

Use our calculator to calculate your rings value: gold calculator

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