Looking to price or sell: how much is the price of scrap gold?

Maria from Denver asked

How much is the price of scrap gold?

Alan, reDollar Expert answered

The current price of scrap gold depends on the current gold price and of your gold’s purity. In the United States, 10K gold, 14K gold, and 18K gold are most common gold alloys. While 10K gold is more affordable than 14K gold and 18K gold, 18K gold is most valuable.

Price of Scrap Gold per Gram

10 karat gold: $28.08/ g
14 karat gold: $39.49/ g
18 karat gold: $50.63/ g

Price of Scrap Gold per Pennyweight

10 karat gold: $43.53/ dwt
14 karat gold: $61.21/ dwt
18 karat gold: $78.48/ dwt

For people with plans to sell scrap gold, knowing and understanding the current value of gold is most important to get paid a fair price. We highly recommend NOT to sell to tour neighborhood buyer or next door pawn shop without comparing gold buyers.

How much is the price of scrap gold?

Right now, one ounce of pure gold is worth exactly $2330.20 at the stock market. This figure is responsible for pricing any kind of gold ranging from mined gold, coins to scrap gold. Even when it comes to appraise most valuable fine jewelry, the current gold price is one factor of finding the value.

Thus, if you know the current gold price you are able to calculate the current price of scrap gold. There are two possibilities to do the calculation:

  1. Just multiply the current prices with your gold’s weight
  2. Use a gold calculator like ours doing the job for you

scrap gold like rings, earrings and brroch

Do you have a question about scrap gold?

Many people own scarp gold and don’t know how and where to sell it for a good price. If you have general questions about scrap gold or your posibilities to sell it, get in touch with us for free.

    The Author | Alan is reDollar’s expert for scrap gold and precious metals. He has a tremendous knowledge and tons of experience. He is ready to help you finding out more about your scrap gold.

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