Do it right and sell your inherited gold for a very high price!

reDollar experts appraising inherited goldYou have inherited some gold and now you look for an attractive opportunity to sell it? Welcome to reDollar the trustworthy gold buyer on the internet. You share your fate with millions of people who have lost a beloved person. What remains are wonderful memories and maybe a lucrative inheritance. Many heritages also contain gold in form of jewelry or bullion but it needs a reliable gold buyer for such a delicate transaction. Nobody who has inherited gold, wants to sell this “special” gold to an unreliable gold buyer and nobody wants to get ripped off. The inherited gold should be sold to a trustworthy seller who appreciates the precious metal and who is willing to pay an adequate and fair amount of money for it. The good news is, that you found us. reDollar understands itself as very transparent and honest gold buyer who pays top prices for gold. Gold and other precious metals like silver, platinum and palladium are our passion, hence we treat this precious metals very respectfully. We know about the value of our client’s gold and we don’t cherish only the material value, there is also an emotional value especially when we speak about inherited gold. At the end of the consumer chain should be a dignified end. But selling inherited gold to reDollar means that there is no final end.

Inherited 18k gold chain on one hundred dollar banknoteWe continue the recycling process of gold because with your inherited gold will be manufactured new jewelry or bullion which flows back to the consumers. We operate as Dotcom Company, what means that we don’t run fancy local shops and expensive advertising campaigns. This savings are your profit. We pay peak prices that can be calculated with help of our gold price calculator. Publishing purchase prices of gold is a rarity in our business. Sadly but true. Many gold buyers we have consulted for testing purposes, make a big secret about their prices. But we see no reasons why? Nearly 90% of the gold which will be sold to gold buyers, pawn shops, or jewelers is classified as scrap gold. Scrap gold is old gold which will be melted down because there is no attractive resale value. Scrap gold can be old gold, old fashioned gold, damaged gold, or broken gold. There is only a little amount of gold which will be sold for higher prices, diamond jewelry or jewelry from famous brands for example but this pieces represent only  the minority.

How to calculate the prices when selling inherited gold?

reDollar gold price calculatorIn our opinion gold buyers should openly publish their prices for scrap gold but unfortunately the majority doesn’t act like that. They hide their prices, but why? To make a big profit because not seldom they make their prices by face check. Or when you consult them they ask you “how much money do you want or need for your inherited gold?” But how should you be able to answer this question when you don’t know how much your gold is worth? And here starts the dilemma. Never answer the question “How much do you want for your gold?” What if you have inherited gold which is worth $2,000 and you say you just need or want $1,000. Do you think the respective gold buyer will offer you much more? We don’t think so. Questions like that are evil traps. Never answer such non-serious questions. Be honest and say “I would like to find out the value and be not here to answer how much I need.” Then the buyer is forced to tell you what he is willing to pay. With this information you can start a comparison. Visit or call a few gold buyers in your city to get different offers, then you can find out who pays best. You can also use our gold calculator to find how much you should get paid. Calculating prices for gold is not as difficult as you may think. Start with searching the hallmark on your (piece of) jewelry. If you own bullion, bars or ingots you can also find markings on it. If not, please get in touch with our skilled experts who will help you with the evaluation process of gold bullions like bars and coins. Nearly every piece of jewelry is marked with a hallmark that provides information about the gold content. 18 Karat gold is often hallmarked with 18K or 750 for example. It’s recommended to use a magnifier to find the hallmark. When you have found the hallmark, please weigh your piece of jewelry. When you know the alloy and the weight of your (piece of) jewelry then you can easily calculate our purchase prices with our gold calculator. Learn more about performing a jewelry appraisal and become an gold expert. On basis of your won results you can then start your comparison. You can also consult our experts who offer you free appraisals. If you would like to find out “how much is my inherited gold worth”, please get in touch with one of our experts, our “meet the reDollar appraisers” program is perfected for such matters. If you trust us blindly, thank you very much for your trust and confidence! We will guide you through the entire sales process and you can get started right now.

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