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Tiffany is a loved and most sought jewelry brand. Old Tiffany pieces can sell for really high prices. But to achieve a high price for your Tiffany jewelry, you need to find a reliable buyer first. is such a reliable buyer. We buy old Tiffany jewelry for the highest prices. Even damaged or broken Tiffany jewelry is easy to sell with us. Our appraisers have the ability to determine very rare Tiffany pieces as well as pieces made for the daily use. Old fashioned Tiffany jewelry pieces are welcomed as well as exclusive ones. Just $100 or even $10,000 – we don’t care. What are you waiting for? Cash your Tiffany pieces today by starting right now.

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Tiffany identification: we explore the jewelry you plan to sell

Old Tiffany pieces can be just old-fashioned ones but can be really rare as well. You need an experienced appraiser with the ability to recognize if a very valuable Tiffany piece is present. has a couple of in-house experts for Tiffany jewelry and follows an international appraiser network for very rare jewelry. The experience, the manpower and our network let us calculate very high prices for your Tiffany jewelry. As a benefit, we offer a free appraiser talk to unlock your pieces’ value before you finally sell. It’s up to you if you want to get more information before you sell or if you sell your old Tiffany jewelry straight away without hesitating.

Sell old Tiffany jewelry like that:

Tiffany Sell old Tiffany jewelry
Tiffany Diamond Heart Pendant Tiffany Diamond Heart Pendant: This outstanding Tiffany pendant is made of platinum, showing approx. 3 carat in diamonds. Stone quality of this calculation example: D-G and IF-VS2. Old platinum pendants like that are popular and therefore you can expect a high price if you sell it to us. Sell such an old Tiffany pendant for: $1,500
 Tiffany Diamond Bracelet in 18K gold Tiffany Diamond Bracelet in 18K gold: This awesome Tiffany bracelet is made of 18K gold and weighing almost 23 gram. We see pave set diamonds showing about 0.35 carat stones in VS1 quality. This diamond bracelet is a design classic and wearable for centuries. We can offer a very high price for such a Tiffany bracelet. Sell this old Tiffany bracelet for: $1,300
Tiffany women’s watch Classic Tiffany women’s watch in gold: Only Tiffany collectors and people following Tiffany, know that Tiffany made also very nice looking women’s watches in the past. This masterpiece is a typical collector’s watch and normally not so easy to sell. Good that you know We also buy such old Tiffany watches from you. This watch was made of14K gold, comes with a silver-rose colored dial, hour hand, minute hand, second hand and mineral glass. The casing is made of a matt shined yellow gold. A very nice and elegant watch but sadly, not worth a lot. Sell this old Tiffany watch for: $250
Tiffany Blue Enamel earrings Schlumberger designed Tiffany Blue Enamel earrings: These Tiffany earrings were designed from the well-known icon jewelry-designer Jean Schlumberger. Check the hallmark “TIFFANY&CO. SCHLUMBERGER” to proof the authenticity of this gorgeous piece. These earrings are made of 18K yellow gold and perfect for selling with us, thanks to its special design.Sell such old Tiffany earrings for: $1,250
Rolex Oyster Datejust Chronometer with Tiffany dial Rolex Oyster Datejust Chronometer with Tiffany dial: Rolex watches showing “Tiffany on the dial” are very special watches with an interesting background. Tiffany had a very qualified watch specialist in the back room, dismantling watches in the 1970s for carefully signing “Tiffany & Co.” onto the dial of such Rolex watches and other watch brands before offer them for sale. Rolex never printed such dials for Tiffany! Reading tip: sell Rolex watch onlineSell such an old Tiffany signed Rolex watch for: $1,300
Tiffany Jazz Four Square Diamond Earrings Tiffany Jazz Four Square Diamond Earrings: Aren’t they magnificent? These Tiffany earrings are made of .950 platinum weighing almost an ounce. The total diamond weight shows 3.70 carat in color D and IF clarity. Please observe the outstanding design in detail. See the special arrangement of the set diamonds reminding of Art Deco jewelry.Sell such old Tiffany earrings for: $3,600

How selling old Tiffany jewelry works

First, meet a reDollar appraiser or start online right away. Tell us your name and how we can reach you to discuss details. Please provide some information concerning the old Tiffany jewelry you plan to sell. Tell us the quantity and other information you have handy. If possible, tell us the estimated value to arrange the fully insured shipping. As soon as your Tiffany jewelry arrives, our experts begin to work on your pieces. Carefully handled with cotton gloves and examined from at least two experts. Your payout amount will be calculated in just a couple of hours. The closing works by instant payment, as soon as you confirm our payout request. Sell your old Tiffany jewelry with us and achieve the highest prices for old, vintage, damaged, rare or finest Tiffany pieces.

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