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There are many potential reasons why you might plan to sell a Tiffany ring. Unfortunately, the most common reasons are actually sad events. Divorces and breakups account for most of the Tiffany rings that hit the market as pre-owned jewelry. Inheritances and financial reasons are also very common motives to sell a Tiffany ring. Don’t worry, we won’t ask for your reason if you sell Tiffany jewelry with us—that’s not our job. Our job is to pay you the highest possible purchase price and to provide you with the very best appraisal service. is one of the best-known online jewelry buyers in the US, receiving only great reviews. We employ jewelry appraisers with decades of industry experience and GIA accreditation. We have both the experience and the funds needed to handle very rare and highly valuable Tiffany pieces.

Your Tiffany ring may be very valuable, so it’s advisable to work with a highly skilled buyer like reDollar rather than with a smaller family jeweler or even a pawn shop. When you own an expensive piece of jewelry, you don’t want to risk selling it for too little money to an unskilled buyer. That can be easily avoided by working with a well-respected, well-known, and highly recommended company like reDollar.

With reDollar, you can either sell your Tiffany ring right away for an all-cash payment, or you can consign your ring with our next-level consignment program. If you want to learn more about the difference between selling and consigning, please read our article “Sell or Consign 101” for a better understanding. The most popular option to sell rings is our all-cash payment transaction. From start to finish (cleared payment), the entire transaction takes less than 3 business days.

a Tiffany platinum ring placed on a reDollar selling flyer

Sell Your Tiffany Gold, Platinum & Diamond Rings is known to pay the highest prices for Tiffany rings. Below, we’ve listed a good selection of Tiffany rings that have been sold with us. This list will help you get an idea of the value of your Tiffany ring if you have plans to sell it. We are happy to buy Tiffany gold rings, Tiffany platinum rings, Tiffany gemstone rings, Tiffany diamond and engagement rings, vintage rings, and also antique rings.

Sell Tiffany Gold & Platinum Rings

You can sell any Tiffany gold or platinum rings with us, from wedding bands to plain ring settings and even damaged Tiffany rings. Thanks to our in-house jewelry repair division, paying top dollar even for your damaged jewelry is our highest priority. You can even sell a Tiffany ring with broken or chipped gemstones, as we work with diamond and colored stone cutters to make your piece look like new.

Sell Tiffany Diamond & Engagement Rings

The most common Tiffany rings that customers sell with us are engagement rings and diamond rings, often due to the end of a relationship. Inheritances are another reason why folks sell their Tiffany rings to us. We buy common Tiffany solitaire rings as well as unique and very rare Tiffany pieces. Our GIA accredited appraisers will come up with the highest possible offer for your jewelry.

Tiffany 1.6ct 3-Stone Diamond Ring
950 platinum diamond ring, E color, VVS1

Sell For: up to $12,000

Tiffany F Color Pear Shape Diamond Ring
1.4ct 950 platinum halo ring setting

Sell For: up to $5,000

Tiffany Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring
18K white gold, 2.4ct natural sapphire

Sell For: up to $15,000

Tiffany Soleste Pear Cut Tanzanite Ring
950 platinum, tanzanite, and diamond ring

Sell For: up to $4,000

Tiffany 18K Gold & Platinum Diamond Ring
2.70ct round diamond, F color, VVS1 clarity

Sell For: up to $40,000

Tiffany 18K & Platinum Schlumberger Ring
Schlumberger designer diamond X ring

Sell For: up to $2,500

Tiffany Platinum Emerald Ring
1.40ct natural emerald halo ring

Sell For: up to $3,000

Tiffany Platinum Pink Tourmaline Ring
1.36ct natural pink tourmaline ring

Sell For: up to $2,000

Tiffany T Wide Pavé Diamond Ring
18K white gold, 1ct diamond weight

Sell For: up to $1,700

Tiffany Schlumberger Enamel Ring
Tiffany France enamel pavé X ring

Sell For: up to $2,000

Tiffany Yellow Gold Ruby Ring
Tiffany Lucida ruby & diamond band

Sell For: up to $1,500

Tiffany Paloma Picasso Olive Leaf Ring
18K white gold diamond olive leaf ring

Sell For: up to $2,500

Tiffany Embrace Blue Sapphire Ring
950 platinum, natural sapphire ring

Sell For: up to $2,700

Tiffany Bubble Collection Diamond Ring
950 platinum diamond bubble ring

Sell For: up to $1,700

Tiffany Lucida Platinum Diamond Ring
950 platinum, F color, 0.60ct, VVS1

Sell For: up to $2,000

Tiffany 5-Row Metro Diamond Gold Ring
18K white gold, 5 rows all around ring

Sell For: up to $1,500

Good to know! We accept Tiffany rings made of gold, platinum, and even silver. You can sell very valuable Tiffany diamond rings and Tiffany rings with colored gemstones. Your Tiffany ring is worth $100,000? No problem. We have the expertise and the capital to settle for the highest possible price. If you plan to sell any very valuable Tiffany rings, we can offer you fully insured shipping solutions with UPS Parcel Pro, the number one jewelry and diamond shipper in the US.

How does selling your Tiffany piece with reDollar work?

The selling process is very easy, convenient, transparent, and safe. You can get started in less than 3 minutes by telling us more about the Tiffany ring you would like to sell. Then pick your preferred shipping method. You can schedule a free pickup at your home or office, order a mail-in kit, or receive a prepaid USPS, FedEx, or UPS Parcel Pro shipping label via email. Please bear in mind that all our services are free of charge with NO selling obligation. At no point will we ask you to pay for shipping, appraising, or possible return shipping costs.

Tiffany platinum diamond ring placed on reDollar selling flyer

Sell Tiffany rings with a professional and honest buyer

You can sell any kind of Tiffany rings made of gold, silver, or platinum with us. We accept Tiffany rings made of .925 sterling silver, 14K gold, 18K gold, and of course .950 platinum. You can sell Tiffany rings in mint condition as well as damaged or used rings with strong signs of wear. Vintage Tiffany rings are our appraisers’ passion and will get you paid top dollar. You can sell Tiffany jewelry from contemporary collections and designers as well as antique pieces from the late 1800s. Get started today and get paid at latest the day after tomorrow. There is no obligation to sell your Tiffany ring at any time. If you don’t agree to our offer, we’ll send your Tiffany ring back to you without charging you for the appraisal process.

Insure, Pack, Ship, & Sell

Once you’re in touch with us, our team of selling concierges will guide you through the process. Together with our appraising department, you will agree on shipping insurance that fits your Tiffany piece. A well-packed shipment is important, so if you don’t have the appropriate supplies at home, our shipping department will mail you a solid shipping box free of charge. Please don’t forget to pack everything that came with your Tiffany ring: boxes, receipts, appraisals, grading reports, and other documents.


Well-packed Tiffany ring in reDollar shipping box

Tiffany Rings We Accept: Tiffany infinity rings, Tiffany T wire rings, Return to Tiffany rings, Paloma Picasso rings, Tiffany T square rings, Paloma’s sugar stacks rings, Ziegfeld Collection rings, Lucida band rings, Tiffany & Co. band rings, Tiffany Enchant rings, Tiffany Metro rings, Elsa Peretti rings, Tiffany 1837 rings, Tiffany Soleste rings, Tiffany Somerset rings, Tiffany Harmony diamond rings, Atlas open rings, Tiffany twist rings, Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger rings, ribbon bow rings, Tiffany gemstone rings, Tiffany Grace rings, Tiffany Notes “Tiffany & Co.” rings, Marrakesh rings, cobblestone band rings, cocktail rings, yellow diamond rings, sapphire rings, pearl rings, tourmaline rings, shell rings, snake rings, Art Deco rings, green jade rings, palm rings, and heart lock rings.

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        Tiffany White Gold Rings

        Tiffany & Co. is well-known for white gold rings made in 14K gold and 18K gold. Especially in the last 20 years, white gold has become very popular again. You can sell your Tiffany white gold rings to reDollar. While 14K white gold was popular in the early 2000s, 18K gold is now more popular than 14K gold.

        Tiffany Yellow Gold Rings

        Although Tiffany is still offering yellow gold rings, white gold is currently more popular. In the 1970s and 1980s, almost all rings made by Tiffany were made of yellow gold. You can sell Tiffany yellow gold rings with us, and we’ll still offer the highest possible prices. Please consider: vintage Tiffany rings may be more valuable now than 30 years ago.

        Tiffany Platinum Rings

        Although platinum is less valuable than gold, it is still considered the “finest metal” for Tiffany rings. Platinum is ultra-resistant against bending and prongs will almost never break. You can sell your Tiffany platinum ring with us, and we guarantee to pay you the best possible price.

        Tiffany Wedding Rings

        When you sell your Tiffany wedding ring to our company, we’ll make sure that all personal engravings are removed and your privacy is protected. Our team of goldsmiths will inspect, polish, and completely refurbish your Tiffany wedding ring before reselling.

        Tiffany Engagement Rings

        If you decide to sell your Tiffany engagement ring with us, we’re going to make sure that you get paid well. It’s our daily business to buy engagement rings, and you can trust our appraisers with your Tiffany piece. You can sell Tiffany engagement rings with small diamonds as well as with big center stones.

        Tiffany Diamond Rings

        You can sell any kind of Tiffany diamond rings with reDollar. We buy antique, vintage, and contemporary Tiffany diamond rings. We have tremendous experience with Tiffany jewelry, and our network of collectors from all over the world allows us to pay top dollar for your Tiffany diamond rings.

        FAQs About Selling Tiffany Pieces

        For some people, selling a Tiffany ring is a big decision. Hardly any other selling transaction (not even selling a house) comes with more emotion than selling a Tiffany ring. While some may just look forward to getting rid of the jewelry they associate with bad memories, others are filled with pain and sadness. A piece of jewelry is often tied to a relationship’s history, and it’s really up to you to decide if you’re ready to sell your Tiffany ring. If so, we promise to accompany you through the process in a very professional and respectful way.

        Can I sell my ring back to Tiffany?

        Tiffany has no buyback program, meaning you cannot sell your ring back to Tiffany. This is to try to avoid any kind of conflict of interest. Plus, they would need experienced appraisers to verify the authenticity of every ring offered.

        Best place to sell a Tiffany ring?

        The best place to sell a Tiffany ring is We offer two ways to sell your ring: an all-cash selling transaction for a quick sale or a consignment opportunity that will get you paid the highest possible price in the industry.

        Do Tiffany rings have resale value?

        Tiffany & Co. belongs to the most recognized jewelry brands in the world. Thus, most Tiffany rings have a substantial resale value, with few exceptions; older Tiffany silver rings may not be worth refurbishing for resale, but they can still be sold as sterling silver scrap.

        Why are Tiffany rings so expensive?

        Tiffany rings are so expensive because the brand is known for having the highest quality, best designs, and worldwide recognition. They use only the finest metals like 18K gold or platinum and top-of-the-line diamonds and gemstones.

        How can you tell if a Tiffany ring is real?

        Most Tiffany fakes are bad fakes, and you can tell if a Tiffany ring is real by taking a closer look. Red flags include corrosion, a magnetic reaction, discoloration, pale-colored gemstones, and grayish or brownish diamonds.

        Vintage & Antique Tiffany Rings

        Most vintage and antique Tiffany rings may be worth more than contemporary Tiffany rings. Even 50 years ago, Tiffany produced rings for a greater market and limited-edition rings. Their value may be significantly different.

        Value of Tiffany Rings

        Determining the value of a Tiffany ring is truly an art, as the appraiser must have extensive knowledge about diamonds, gemstones, craftsmanship, and materials. They’ll need to closely follow the secondary market for jewelry since colleting conditions may change anytime. Something that’s hot and in demand this year may cool down significantly the next. The reDollar appraisers have both the gemological skills and a deep knowledge of collector demand and prices paid for Tiffany rings.

        Highly polished Tiffany rings in 18K yellow gold have been very popular and are currently making a comeback. Collectors are looking for beautiful 18K gold rings from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. The pictured Tiffany rings had what we would call “bargain price tags” attached. By the end of 1970, one ounce of fine gold could be traded for $38.90. Compared to today’s gold price of of $2389.62 per ounce, gold has been a very inexpensive metal even if you take inflation into consideration. Sonia Younis rings have been priced significantly higher, as she was a very popular Tiffany designer back in the day.

        18k gold and platinum Tiffany,by Sonia Younis

        Tiffany white and yellow gold rings from the 1970s are sought after by collectors. The Tiffany rings pictured came with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Back in the 1970s, those rings had price tags from as low as $345 to $2,250. Interesting to mention is that Tiffany priced the emerald rings higher than diamond rings. In the late 1960s and 1970s, emeralds achieved record prices due to their popularity. Ever since, Tiffany has used only top-of-the-line diamonds and colored gemstones. The quality of those gems is also often used to authenticate vintage Tiffany jewelry, as comparable jewelry from the same time period was often made with lower-quality gemstones.

        Diamond, emerald, sapphire, and ruby rings by Tiffany

        Heavy gold jewelry used to be more popular in the 1970s. One reason was of course the lower gold price, and designers like Tiffany have been able to craft jewelry in heavy gold.

        Vintage Donald Claflin rings made by Tiffany originally sold for as low as $625. If a collector is able to find a Tiffany Claflin ring, they have to pay thousands of dollars for it.


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