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Platinum pink sapphire and diamond braceletPlatinum is a very special precious metal, 30 times rarer than gold and over decades also more valuable than gold. Platinum is and was very interesting for the jewelry industry. Its special characteristic allows goldsmiths to create very sheer platinum alloys with a fineness of 95%. In contrast to gold, high-quality platinum alloys stay very sturdy. This ruggedness makes platinum so interesting for the jewelry industry. Even at the beginning of the 19th century, platinum was very common to use for finest jewelry. Antique platinum jewelry or modern platinum jewelry needs a very qualified buyer. We recommend you, not to sell platinum jewelry with an inexperienced dealer. Look for a skilled platinum buyer with the ability to work with very rare platinum jewelry as well as with scrap platinum. Our company, for example, is able to serve you with skills, knowledge and a team of experts for platinum jewelry of all epochs, sources, designers, brands and proveniences. You can sell extremely valuable platinum jewelry with us as well as scrap platinum jewelry. The ability to distinguish between a platinum treasure and platinum scrap is the base of a satisfying selling experience. Get started right now to sell platinum jewelry online.

Our reDollar Platinum prices at a glance:

$14.54 per gram .500 platinum
$26.17 per gram .900 platinum
$27.62 per gram .950 platinum

Sell platinum jewelry: antique, rare or modern is welcome

reDollar jewelry experts apprasing .950 platinum ringNormally, platinum jewelry shows a high percentage of used fine platinum. In the US .950 platinum is common and well-known. But also other platinum alloys exist besides .950 platinum: .585 platinum, .750 platinum and .800 platinum alloys were produced in the past. Such alloys are very rare, especially in the US, but it needs the ability to distinguish between platinum, white gold and silver. We know that some gold buyers are not able to do that. Well, the majority of jewelry buyers is used to the common .950 platinum-hallmark but not to .750 or .585 hallmarks. Missing experience of antique or vintage platinum jewelry can cause confusion. Plus, especially very old platinum pieces sometimes don’t show a hallmark. Such pieces are often mistakenly determined as white gold. But antique jewelry made of platinum can be more attractive for collectors than white gold jewelry. And that makes a difference into the evaluated market value, if you plan to sell platinum jewelry. An antique piece made of gold can be worth $500 while a similar looking piece made of platinum can be worth $800 with the similar characteristics like mounted diamonds or other gemstones. That’s owed to the rarity of platinum, which attracts more collectors. Well, that’s very theoretical but possible. Sell platinum jewelry to a buyer like who guarantees the highest professionalism.

Questions regarding platinum jewelry?

We help you to unlock the value of your platinum jewelry. Our jewelry expert, Maria Tait, is awaiting your interesting questions. Consulting is free and of course without obligations. As a reliable buyer, we see it as our mission to stand by consumer’s side to help leading into a satisfying selling experience. Even when you don’t sell with us, our exemplary advice helps to gain the recommendation of our industry. But it would be a great pleasure for us if you decide to sell your platinum jewelry with us. We do our very best to provide our resources to make you satisfied. Sell platinum rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings, pendants, bangles and other platinum jewelry with us.

Sell damaged or mismatched platinum jewelry with us

Tiffany & Co. .950 platinum ring with hallmarkDamaged or mismatched platinum jewelry is predestined for selling. Very often, such pieces are tucked away for years but that’s barren capital. Better cash out and sell broken platinum jewelry with us. The paid amount can be used for buying new jewelry. Many of our customers just sell platinum jewelry to buy new pieces with the proceeds.

Check your jewelry box, your dresser, drawer or safe deposit box for unused platinum jewelry. We are very sure that you find pieces you don’t wear since years. Ask for a quote. It’s free and the majority of our customers are very surprised about the great amount paid.

Platinum jewelry is the premium class of jewelry. Already the Russian Czar, Alexandre loved fine jewelry made of platinum. Until today, platinum jewelry is very valuable and sought by collectors. You have to look for a very reliable dealer if you plan to sell platinum jewelry, because selling to the wrong place can cost you a lot of money. A reliable jewelry buyer like is able to determine the real value of your platinum jewelry. Lots of pieces can be worth more than just the current platinum value. It needs a great deal of practice to discover the real value of platinum jewelry and very few become skillful at it. The appraisers are acting in groups involving our great network of jewelry experts from all over the world. We find out which pieces are traded by the material value and which pieces can be sold for a lot more than for the scrap price. Get started online to get a price quote by tomorrow. You won’t regret it!

Sell platinum jewelry online and not in a local store

Sell platinum with reDollar's jewelry experts We know that nearly almost all dealers are buying platinum jewelry based on the current material price. But even if you own some scrap platinum, selling to a local dealer can cost you much money because the margin of this dealers is mostly huge. Platinum jewelry with a material value of $1,000 can bring you just $500. offers a lot more money – even for scrap platinum. And especially for fine jewelry we can offer a lot more cash than most of our competitors. We discover the age, the provenience, the gemstones, the producer, the designer and all other price building facts. Finally, we can provide an amazing purchase offer. You will be very excited – that’s for sure. Act now and sell your platinum jewelry with us.

How selling platinum jewelry works found the most convenient way to sell platinum jewelry. Selling with us is easy as 1-2-3. Just get started online by telling us some facts. We need a short description of the items you like to sell and also your contact information. Choose a way of shipping to finish your selling order. Shipping is free of charges and comes with a full insurance. We use an armored car service for shipping extremely valuable platinum jewelry. Depending on your assets, there is nearly no limit to the amount of jewelry that we can buy.

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