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Tiffany & Co. 950 Platinum ringThe term “platinum” was originally associated with a metal of poor-quality. Platinum was named after the Spanish word “platina” that means “little silver”. The reality, however, is quite different: platinum is nowadays associated with finest quality of jewelry. Platinum is very resistant against impurities and keeps its sparkle a long time alive without polishing. You also may know that platinum jewelry doesn’t get tarnished because of its special characteristic. Moreover there are no discolorations coming with platinum rings and other items made of platinum. You have learned to appreciate these benefits, if you wore platinum rings over years. Now you plan to sell platinum rings? Maybe because your taste has changed or maybe because you own mismatched platinum rings? Or the platinum ring you plan to sell looks old-fashioned or it got damaged? For whatever reason you plan to sell your platinum rings, you need a very experienced buyer. And it takes more skills than just spotting the platinum hallmark. is such a qualified buyer. Besides the ability to identify finest platinum rings and jewelry, we are willing to pay the highest prices.

Our reDollar Platinum prices at a glance:

$16.13 per gram .500 platinum
$29.04 per gram .900 platinum
$30.66 per gram .950 platinum

Beware of bunglers if you sell platinum rings

reDollar jewelry experts appraising Platinum diamond ringWe have run a comparison showing a platinum ring to different gold buyers in three US cities. Believe it or not, but the result of this investigation is really alarming. A couple of gold buyers identified our platinum ring as silver. Even a hint was not helpful to some of them. Three gold buyers offered us indeed just the silver price for our very valuable platinum ring. That’s ignorant because our platinum ring was obviously marked as “Pt950” what needs just basic skills to identify this piece as platinum. We are not sure if they just tried to get our ring as a bargain or if they really failed our trial. Anyway, that’s unacceptable and by the way, we have experienced such unqualified manners also by asking gold buyers for a white gold ring quote. You learn, it needs experience besides reliability to calculate a great offer. is one of these experienced buyers. You can sell your platinum ring with us knowing that you get paid a great price. We examine your piece as long as necessary. Our experts check the fineness of your ring, the present gemstones, hallmarks, engravings and other price building facts. There is no need to provide a certification to find out what you own. Well, a certification can raise your payout amount but providing is absolutely not a must. We also try to acquire background information. Especially, if we get antique or vintage platinum rings, checking the engravings can pay off. From time to time, platinum rings with famous proveniences come to light. Wouldn’t it awesome if it turns out that your inherited platinum ring belongs to a politician, to a sportsman or to a celebrity? Such facts are a value boost and your platinum ring becomes an exceptional importance.

Sell your platinum ring online

Sell Platinum online with reDollar - your trustworthy buyerThere are some very important reasons why lots of consumers sell their platinum rings online:

  1. You can’t find an experienced buyer in your town.
  2. You don’t trust your next door pawn shop.
  3. You don’t want to waste precious time, looking for a place where platinum rings are bought.
  4. You are a very busy person and selling online is more convenient for you.
  5. You are of the opinion that shopping around with valuables can become dangerous.

We have listed just 5 common reasons why people sell platinum rings with our company. Plus, you can get more money if you sell online with We are well-known for experience, the highest prices, and a brilliant customer support. Plus, you learned that we check more than just the platinum hallmark to find a price. Well, we also buy scrap platinum rings but paying just the scrap value is not the aim. To be honest, very old-fashioned platinum rings or damaged platinum rings indeed just sell for the material value but even the material value can be a nice amount of money. Our gold calculator let you find out how much money you can get paid for scrap platinum. But don’t follow the stated prices if you own very rare platinum rings or platinum rings of finest quality or made form famous designers. A ring reflecting a material value of $300 can be worth $10,000 or even more.

The steps to sell your platinum ring online:

Sell platinum rings with reDollar to get the most moneyFirst, it doesn’t matter if you are not sure if you own platinum or not. Some people have knowledge about precious metals, others don’t have a clue. Don’t worry about that. Each customer gets an in-depth laboratory report, written by a jewelry expert. In this report we list the examined facts combined with our purchase offer. As soon as we have your written or mutual agreement, we make an instant payment on the same day without delay. There are just 3 simple steps to get the cash. Please, start now. Describe in a few words what you plan to sell or just indicate the quantity if you are not sure what you have. Decide for a shipping kit or a shipping label by email and sit back. That’s everything. Selling a platinum jewelry is hassle free and without obligations, reclaim your item at any time. Please bear in mind that all our services are cost-free. At no point of time we will charge you for shipping, appraising services or possible return shipping costs. For further questions regarding our services please don’t hesitate to contact us or read through our FAQ. Give us a try and sell a platinum ring with, you will see you will make a very smooth and quick selling experience.

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