Sell Silver Spoons

Can you sell silver spoons?

You can absolutely sell silver spoons, and selling can be very fruitful. Silver is valuable, and fortunately spoons are usually pretty heavy, which makes selling even a single spoon appealing. A crucial factor in your spoon’s value is whether it’s made of plated silver or solid silver. A silver-plated spoon is unfortunately almost worthless, while a solid silver spoon easily sells for $10 to $70 depending on the weight and purity.

It’s always best to let an expert take a look at your spoons to find out if they’re valuable or not. You can sell any silver spoons to our company, including entire silver spoon collections.

reDollar expert hands on silver spoons and cutlery is the perfect place to sell silver spoons for the highest prices. We’ll pay much more money for your silver than what you’ll get from your local pawn shop or gold buyer.

We can buy any silver spoons!

antique sterling silver spoons, gold plated

Don’t underestimate the value of old silver spoons. They may be tarnished, scratched, or even really unattractive, but they’re probably still worth real money. Most old silver spoons are priced by weight, and especially old spoons can be heavy and valuable. It’s worth it to take a closer look before getting rid of them. Any silver markings on them will also be a key indication of their worth.

Fruit Spoons

sterling silver fruit spoons

Metal: Silver
Purity: .925 – 172 grams
Value: $157.51
Sell for: $141.90

Tea Spoons

.925 sterling silver spoons

Metal: Silver
Purity: .925 – 56 grams
Value: $51.28
Sell for: $46.20

Large Salad Spoons

silver made salad spoon set

Metal: Silver
Purity: .800 – 293 grams
Value: $232.06
Sell for: $209.06

Gold-Plated Collection Spoon

.900 silver, gold plated collection spoon

Metal: silver
Purity: .900 and gold plated
Value: $125
Sell for: $100

Sell sterling silver spoons, old spoons, or spoon collections

reDollar experts sorting silver spoons, forks and knifes

At, we happily accept any kind of silver spoons: sterling silver spoons, old silver spoons, scrap silver spoons, European silver spoons, gold-plated silver spoons, antique silver spoons, and very rare or valuable spoons. Depending on the kind of spoon you’re planning to sell, we either apply the current silver price to calculate its value or the item’s current collector’s value if it’s a spoon worth more than the silver price.

Sell Scrap Silver Spoons

From a statistical point of view, the majority of silver spoons in circulation are worth the current material value. And the good news about that is that silver is currently doing very well. One pound of sterling silver is worth $373.73 which is great, because thanks to the weight of just a single spoon, your items can quickly amount to a pound or even more.

Sell European Silver Spoons

We regularly receive silver marked as .700, .800, .835, and even .850, all of which are European silver markings. We can of course accept spoons from foreign countries. Also keep in mind that not all pieces are marked with a number indicating the silver’s purity. Some silversmiths used other markings like the “left-looking lion head,” which was used in Great Britain to mark solid silver. Russian silver is also very common and marked with numbers, but the numbers don’t directly indicate the purity the way .925 means that 92.5% of the item’s content is made of pure silver. Russian silver manufacturers usually used other numbers to identify their silver.

Russian silver markings: 56, 72, 84, 88, 92, 96 or 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16

Sell Valuable Silver Spoons

Last but not least, it’s important to know that pays much more than just the silver price for valuable silver spoons. Our experts have the ability to identify every valuable spoon or silver item worth keeping for resale as an antique or special piece. We have access to an archive of millions of sold silver items, which allows us to be very precise in our evaluations—even for rare silver.

How to Sell Silver Spoons?

We’ve created a very easy and smooth process for selling silver spoons, other items made of silver, and valuables in general. There are just 3 steps to sell silver spoons or other items with us: order a shipping kit or request a shipping label, ship your silver/items and receive our purchase offer within 24 hours, and then get paid instantly if you agree to our offer.

Historical Facts About Silver Spoons

Did you know that silver spoons made in the 14th and 15th centuries were really flat? At the beginning of the 16th century, silver spoons were made very well—comparable to contemporary spoons. In the 18th century, many spoons were transformed into forks. In many European countries, forks were very new and in high demand, so many silversmiths just turned spoons into forks instead of crafting new pieces.

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