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Sovereign coins are British gold coins and according to its gold content very valuable. Currently, a single Sovereign gold coin can sell for $$$ with our company. Sovereign gold coins were made of 22 karat gold and they weigh 7.98 grams. Its pure gold content weighs 7.32 grams.

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Sovereign Performance Chart

The Sovereign, like any other gold coin, gained a very well performance over the last 15 years. In 1999 a 1 Pound gold Sovereign was worth $68.17 while its today’s value is $534.34

Sovereign gold coin performance chart 1999 to 2017

Sell Sovereign Gold Coins

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Sovereign gold coin from 1981 Sovereign gold coin reverse, Victoria

Sovereign SpecificationsFacts
Denomination1 Pound
Purity22 karat = .916 gold
Gross weight7.98 grams
Net weight7.32 grams
ManufacturerRoyal Mint
Thickness1.52 mm
Diameter22.05 mm
Minted since1817

Legend Obverse


Legend Reverse

Random Year

Minted: 1817 to 1917, 1925 and from 1957

Sell Sovereign Gold Coins

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A Group of Sovereign Gold Coins

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10 different Sovereign gold coins

Very rare and old Sovereign gold coins

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Rare 1899 Sovereign gold coin

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