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Earrings are timeless jewelry pieces and available in countless shapes, sizes, materials and designs. Scientists believe that earrings are in use since more than 8,200 years and thanks to their lasting popularity, earrings made of precious metals are contemporary assets you can find in almost every second American household. Tiffany jewelry and especially Tiffany earrings are highly sought-after. We estimate that at least 1 out of 45 American women owns Tiffany earrings. Some own affordable Sterling silver Tiffany earrings, others own fine jewelry Tiffany earrings with diamonds or gemstones set, made of gold or platinum. There is almost no limit in different available designs, materials and shapes of precious Tiffany earrings. If you have plans to sell Tiffany earrings because you taste has changed or you would like to get rid of your mismatching or damaged earrings, you need a professional and highly reliable buyer like reDollar. You shouldn’t sell your Tiffany earrings to the next available and maybe unskilled gold buyer or pawn shop in your hometown. Tiffany earrings are worth to invest some efforts for selling. Especially gold or platinum-made earrings are really valuable: Paloma Picasso designed heart earrings made of 18k gold. Other Tiffany earrings such as Tiffany T-wire hoop earrings made of 18k gold, platinum flower earrings with white and yellow diamonds, Atlas hoop gold earrings, Tiffany 1837 circle 18k gold earrings, Elsa Peretti Mesh fringe earrings with pearls or Enchant troop earrings are just some examples for the tremendous value of Tiffany earrings. We accept all kinds of Tiffany earrings: antique, vintage, rare or damaged Tiffany earrings as well as brand-new Tiffany & Co. earrings.

Sell Tiffany earrings worth $50 as well as $15,000

Our company is proud to belong to the real experts for Tiffany & Co. jewelry in the US. Our founders have the vision to serve all Americans with best knowledge and the highest prices. It is our aim to be the first selling address on the internet for very valuable Tiffany earrings as well as for other Tiffany jewelry to top conditions. We did a recent competitor-comparison and we found out that it can become a huge challenge to sell Tiffany earrings with local buyers. There are three types of buyers who can make you a hard time. Some buyers are not willing to accept silver earrings designed for the daily use, others seem to be limited on budget in buying very valuable Tiffany earrings and others have the financial power to pay you a good price for your Tiffany jewelry but their company philosophy is based on huge margins, what means the buyers are willing to pay only the material value or just 40-50% of the market value for your Tiffany & Co. jewelry. We think this is too less money and greedy. We think you deserve a better, more fair and transparent service. This unsatisfying situation needs to get improved, thought our previous president B. Obama. He build the foundation and set the standards for all jewelry we buy today.  It shall be possible to sell Tiffany earrings worth $50 as easy as selling Tiffany earrings worth $15,000 or more. Search through your inventory and offer your colored diamond earrings, pearl earrings, gemstone earrings, silver earrings, gold earrings (white and yellow gold) or platinum earrings. reDollar pays you an incredibly high price for your Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Sell Tiffany jewelry with us and make a fabulous selling experience.

Tiffany earrings you can sell with us

Photo Value and Selling Information
Tiffany diamond earrings Tiffany diamond earrings, approx. 0.9 carat in diamonds, VVS2 clarity, color F, made of platinum

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $1,750

Tiffany Silver Earrings Tiffany earrings “Please Return to Tiffany” made of .925 sterling silver

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $85

Tiffany Princess Diamond Earrings 18k yellow gold Tiffany earrings, 18 VVS-VS clarity, F colored diamonds total weighing about 1.8 carat

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $1,500

Tiffany Marquise Diamond Earrings Tiffany marquise cut diamond earrings, approx. 1 carat in diamonds, made of platinum

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $1,750

Tiffany Tourmaline DiamondEarrings Tiffany tourmaline drop diamond earrings, 18k white gold, pear-shaped and octagonal shaped pink tourmaline’s

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $950

Tiffany Paloma Picasso Earrings Vintage, 18k yellow gold Paloma Picasso X-shaped Tiffany earrings

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $500

Tiffany Schlumberger Earrings Tiffany earrings, Schlumberger design, 18k gold with red enamel

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $1,250

Tiffany Schlumberger Lynn Diamond Earrings Tiffany earrings. Schlumberger Lynn Design, made of 18k yellow gold and platinum, approx. 0.3 carat round brilliant cut diamonds

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $950

Tiffany Diamond Metro Hoop Earrings Tiffany diamond Metro Hoop earrings, made of platinum, F color, VVS clarity, 1.60 carat in diamonds

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $1,500

Tiffany gold rose earrings Tiffany gold rose earrings, made of 18k yellow gold, vintage edition

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $600

Tiffany tourmaline pearl earrings Tiffany tourmaline-pearl drop earrings, made of 18k white gold

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $400

Tiffany Picasso Daisy Earrings Tiffany, Paloma Picasso sterling silver and 18k gold Daisy stud earrings

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $250

Tffany amethyst earrings Tiffany amethyst stud earrings, 925 sterling silver made

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $250

Tiffany silver gold sapphire earrings Tiffany sterling silver and 18k gold earrings with sapphire center stones

Sell this Tiffany earrings for up to $350

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