Let’s check the value: how much is your Tiffany jewelry worth?

How much is Tiffany jewelry worth?

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What an important question; not only for people who want to sell their Tiffany jewelry, but also for others who are interested in learning about the value of Tiffany jewelry. Tiffany jewelry belongs to most famous and beloved widespread jewelry brands in the United States. Tiffany & Co. is an important piece of American history which has significantly marked and characterized the world of jewelry, in the United States and far beyond its borders. Founded 180 years ago, on September 18th 1837 in Brooklyn, the first store was located in Connecticut and initially sold a wide variety of stationary goods. Later in 1853 Charles Tiffany established the company’s special emphasis on jewelry – the beginning of a unique story – the beginning of jewelry history in the United States of America. It’s just more than likely that this question moves any Tiffany jewelry collector, admirer receiver or first-time buyer. We have answered this question, “How much is Tiffany jewelry worth,” with one of our experts in an interview below. In this article and interview we invite you to learn more about your Tiffany jewelry’s value, to be part of a Tiffany jewelry appraisal and get inspired by the interesting facts you can learn.

The value estimation of Tiffany jewelry is a delicate matter that needs profound expert knowledge and experience. Our reDollar accredited jewelry experts and appraisers have all these attributes to perform a value estimation at the highest level of your Tiffany jewelry. Our expertise and established business contacts to buyers and collectors all over the world allows us to pay the highest prices for your precious Tiffany jewelry. Important and magnificent jewels are part of our daily business, but at no point are these incredible pieces just simply a routine for us. We treat every piece of jewelry with the highest possible respect, grace, and awe.

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      Dear Maria, how much is my Tiffany jewelry worth? I went through hard times the last few months. Now I’m recently divorced, really glad to say. My ex-husband was a lovely charmer and very faithful in our first years together. I also got some very nice Tiffany & Co. jewelry from him. Even my engagement ring was made from Tiffany. Sadly but true, it turned out that he was a cheater. Now I would like to get rid of my memories by selling my Tiffany jewelry. I need some money now to pay legal expenses. Maria, how much is my Tiffany jewelry worth? I will send you some photos and also a copy of a certification. Can you please help me?

      Mia from Boston in Massachusetts

      Dear Mia, I feel very sorry for your situation. We hear such stories almost every day because lovely women like you want to make a fresh start after the divorce and start selling their ex’s jewelry. Besides getting a new styling, selling is also very common. I wish you all the very best for your future. You provided some very good photos and a certification, which was also very helpful for my analyzing procedure. I think I can tell you how much your Tiffany jewelry is worth.

      reDollar appraiser, Maria Tait

      Tiffany’s entry to the world of jewelry

      Shortly after Tiffany was founded in 1837, it did not take long until this incomparable luxury brand conquered the world. Europe and its long traditional vibrant jewelry scene was displeased and shocked when Tiffany presented their important jewelry pieces at the World Exhibitions in 1878 and 1901. Tiffany was awarded with coveted medals and prizes. For more than 180 years this exceptional company Tiffany & Co. which is part of the American culture, is a true symbol for nobility and elegance. Tiffany & Co. understands perfectly to combine true elegance and awe with popularity, modernity and lightness.

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      Tiffany’s success story

      Today Tiffany & Co. belongs to some of the most important and influential jewelry brands on the planet. Crowned with great success and leaded with exceptional skill, Tiffany has its legitimate and well-deserved place in America’s history. Who does not know the distinctive turquoise blue of the Tiffany box, a blue the company selected in 1837. Back then this color was very modern in France. A vibrant color that should be synonymous for modernity with a high recognition value – a symbol of Tiffany’s uniqueness. “Class does not age,” a motto that is just made for Tiffany and its famous admirers such as Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor.

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      How much is Tiffany jewelry worth?

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide you a pricing catalogue for all Tiffany pieces that have ever been created. A list like that would be endless but we have provided some price examples for you so that you are able to get a better impression about the value of Tiffany jewelry.

      The value of Tiffany & Co. jewelry

      To get a customized answer to that question, please get in touch with our jewelry experts. Ask our experts for free how much your Tiffany jewelry is worth and get a professional and quick answer. Our price examples below will give you an idea about the value of Tiffany & Co. jewelry.

      Tiffany 18k gold necklace VannerieTiffany & Co. gold necklace “Vannerie”

      Wonderful 18k gold necklace.

      Sell for $5,000.00

      Tiffany Burma Sapphire ringTiffany & Co. Burma Sapphire Ring

      A true beauty is this amazing Burmese sapphire gold ring from Tiffany.

      Sell for $25,000.00

      Tiffany 18k gold bangle with turquoiseTiffany & Co. gold bangle

      Tiffany & Co. 18k gold bangle with turquoise gemstones

      Sell for $8,000.00

      Tiffany 18k gold ring Atlas editionTiffany & Co. gold ring Atlas Edition

      Tiffany 18k yellow gold ring

      Sell for $950.00

      Tiffany platinum diamond solitaire ring Tiffany & Co. Diamond solitaire ring

      Tiffany diamond solitaire ring of 0.75 ct. Platinum .950

      Sell for $4,000.00

      Tiffany & Co heart shaped pendantTiffany & Co. heart shaped Elsa Peretti pendant

      Tiffany 18k gold heart pendant

      Sell for $450.00

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      Mia wants to know “How much is Tiffany jewelry worth?”

      Mia: As I told you, I own some very nice pieces of Tiffany jewelry. A silver ring, a silver necklace, a white gold engagement ring with a diamond solitaire and a yellow gold bracelet from a limited edition, I guess. You told me to provide as much information as I can. And Maria, I did my best. I sent you a couple of photos and a copy of a Tiffany certificate, signed from a gemologist. Please tell me, how much is my Tiffany jewelry worth?

      Maria: You provided ample detailed information to me. Thank you, that’s very helpful. I think I can answer all your questions, but I would like to tell you more about your items and finally I will tell you the estimated value for each item. Let’s begin with the yellow gold bracelet. First, I’m convinced that it’s an authentic Tiffany piece. It was designed by a special Tiffany designer named Elsa Peretti. Peretti has a diploma of interior design and she was born in the early 1940s in Italy. She designed some of the best-selling Tiffany items and is well-known to hundreds of thousands of women who love and admire Tiffany jewelry. For a true Tiffany fan, it’s a must have to own a Peretti piece. And I’m happy to say that your bracelet is also very nice and sought-after by Tiffany collectors. These types of bracelets are not made very heavy, which is why the material value is not particularly high. But even in used condition such a bracelet sells for more than just the gold price. I guess that your bracelet weighs between 9.2 dwt and 6.6 dwt. We would speak about $300-$410 when we just take into consideration the current gold price. But I guess that such a bracelet can sell for $550 to $650 depending on the condition. Your condition looks good to me but I would need to check it in person to make a binding statement.

      Mia: Wow, you did a great research. I’m very impressed.

      Maria: Thank you so much for your compliment. But to be honest, I know this design very well so it was an easy job for me. But let’s continue with your master piece, your engagement ring. Sending me a copy of the certification was very helpful. I found out that you own an 18K gold diamond engagement ring with a round brilliant cut. The estimated weight shows 0.41 carat. It’s not a big diamond, but a really nice one. The clarity is VS2, what means that you can see flaws with a 10 power loupe. It’s the fifth best clarity of 10 clarity grades. Not bad but not best. I know that some dealers try to sell such used Tiffany rings for about $1,500 but I don’t believe in a quick selling success for such a price. I see a realistic value between $700 and $1,000 for this ring.

      Mia: I was expecting a little more, but your explanation sounds plausible to me.

      Maria: The value of jewelry is also a thing of taste. You can get paid more than I evaluated, if you are lucky in finding one special person falling in love with your Tiffany ring. What I do is an evaluation of the market price that you can realize immediately or in the near future without waiting months to get a fancy price.

      Mia: I fully understand what you mean. Thanks for explaining.

      Maria: Now, I will tell you more about the value of your silver necklace. This necklace is one of the best known Tiffany necklaces. I would say it’s a classic piece. It’s named the “Return to Tiffany,” necklace because of its engraving of this message. It was introduced in 1969 and has been produced countless times. Did you know that the original idea was really sending back a found necklace to Tiffany? The necklace buyer would tell Tiffany their contact information in case of lost jewelry and would hope that an honest finder would send it back to Tiffany. Isn’t it a lovely idea? Such used necklaces can be sold for a price between $50 and $100, depending on the condition. Your necklace looks good to me but you know that I have to see it in person for the final price evaluation.

      Mia: That’s was very interesting what you shared with me. I think, I should learn more about jewelry. It’s an incredibly interesting topic. What about my Tiffany ring? How much is my Tiffany jewelry worth?

      Maria: Your Tiffany ring is named, “Paloma’s Venezia Goldoni Hard band Ring” and made of sterling silver. The original selling price was about $250. This ring was designed from Paloma Picasso, a famous Tiffany designer. Such used rings are sought-after and can sell for $50 to $70 in used condition. Let’s sum up: I see a value between $550 and $650 for the yellow gold necklace, a value between $700 and $1,000 for your white gold engagement ring, a value of $50 and $100 for your necklace and a value between $50 and $70 for the silver ring. So, your Tiffany jewelry shows a value between $1,350 and $1,820 in total.

      Mia: I really thank you for your efforts, Maria. I finally decided to sell my Tiffany jewelry with your company. Maybe you can give me a call to discuss the free pick up that is offered. Have a good day. It would be my pleasure to recommend you to my friends and family.

      Maria: Thank you for your friendly words. I will tell our support staff to call you for scheduling a pick up at your home or your office. Thank you for asking reDollar how much your Tiffany jewelry is worth.

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