Selling dental gold

It happens not seldom that people get in contact with dental gold. Sometimes it’s the inherited dental gold from granny which comes in a small quantity, sometimes it’s the inheritance from a former dentist and the dental gold comes in a higher quantity. And sometimes people own dental gold because they just replaced their old gold crown with a new one. We accept all kinds of dental gold and we can make the accurate analysis of every piece. No matter if you want to sell dental gold in form of gold inlays, gold crowns, gold dental bridges, gold braces, gold brackets, or even gold prostheses. But selling dental gold is a delicate subject and needs consolidated knowledge for the proper analysis process. Every piece of dental gold has a different compound of gold, other precious metals and base metals. To calculate a precise price it needs to work with an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. The x-ray fluorescence measuring instrument is perfected for the fast and non-destructive analysis of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium alloys. This analysis method is 99.9% precise and perfect for analyzing dental gold of any kind. Our experts in our high-tech laboratories work with such instruments. This professionalism is your profit. If you plan to sell dental gold and you consult local gold buyers, don’t be surprised if they don’t accept your dental gold. Unfortunately not every gold buyer who pretends to be a dental gold buyer and who advertises proudly to buy any kind of gold, does it in reality. With us you have found your first dental gold buyer because we keep our promises, for sure.

Selling dental gold to best conditions

Selling dental gold to reDollar is convenient and attractive. We pick up your dental gold from your home or your work place. Get started now and sell your dental gold with us. We offer free insured shipping with the option of booking a secured courier pick up. You can sell dental gold with reDollar from anywhere in the United States. 24 hours/day, 365 days a year. Regardless of where you live, we will be there for your needs. You would like to find out how much your dental gold is worth before your start the selling process? No problem, weigh your gold, and use our gold calculator to calculate by yourself what we can offer you for your dental gold. We are very sure that our offer will meet all your expectations.

A true story of selling dental gold to a local gold buyer

Recently the daughter of an elderly lady contacted us by phone and told us that she wants to sell her mother’s dental gold with us. Our service representatives guided her through the sales process and the final analysis result has shown that her dental gold had a value of $2,350. When we confirmed the price offer with the old lady she couldn’t believe our words. The daughter told us that her mum tried by herself to sell the old dental gold in Billings, Montana, where she lives but nobody of the local gold buying stores wanted to buy the gold from her. The lady told the buyers her emotional-filled story of having not much money since her husband died and that she needs some extra money to pay the bill for the oil heating so that she can survive the ice cold winter months. But none of the buyers wanted to accept her gold. The reasons why they rejected her gold are unclear for us but anyway, we think this is a very sad story. Dental gold is also gold and therefore it has a quantifiable value. The thing is that many gold buying spots are not able to analyze dental gold professionally but nevertheless this is no reason to send away an old lady who needs urgent help. We are glad that we could help Mrs. Baker (real name withheld). To avoid such sad experiences, send your dental gold straightaway with us. Please remember that selling dental gold is not binding. To no point of time you have an obligation to sell. If you would like to request your dental gold back, no problem. We make sure that you receive all your items back, fully insured and with no delay. You see, selling dental gold with reDollar makes you happy! Get started now and make a great selling experience! Our customer support representatives await your contacting.

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