Some facts for selling gold to Fort Collins, CO gold buyers

reDollar gold experts at workDo you know how many Americans own unwanted gold or jewelry they would like to sell? Guess! It’s nearly every fourth US household. Think about all the wedding bands, engagement rings, jewelry and coins. Can you imagine how much gold this is? It’s an awesome amount of gold, really hard to imagine. Fort Collins has a total population of about 150,000 residents. Let’s make an exciting projection:

  • 25% of all Fort Collins residents own at least 3 gold rings. That makes 112,500 gold rings, in total.
  • Let’s say that each ring has an average weight of at least 3.8 grams.
  • How much gold is circulating in Fort Collins, just in form of gold rings? 112,500 rings multiplied with 3.8 grams equals 427,500 grams in gold rings.
  • This amount of gold is worth $18739974.94 – only for the gold rings. We have calculated on basis that the gold rings are made of 14K gold what is an average and wide-spread gold alloy.

Now you can imagine how many people are looking for gold buyers in Fort Collins to sell unwanted gold. There are so many rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cuff links, pendants, bangles, coins, ingots, bars, dental gold or silverware in Fort Collins waiting to get sold to a reliable buyer like us. We offer you 90% of the spot price for your scrap gold and even 95% for bullion gold such has bars, ingots and gold coins.

reDollar pays highest prices for your goldBut how can you find a reliable gold buyer in Fort Collins? That’s a good question and not easy to answer. First you have to imagine that so many cash for gold spots came up since the gold price has increased. These buyers offer cash for gold to make money and not to make you happy. We guess that at least 50% of all local gold buyers are offering less money for old gold than we do. You have a fifty-fifty percent chance to sell at such a place if you shop around in Fort Collins. Always keep in mind that your gold can be worth a lot. Don’t sell it to the next door gold buyer make a price comparison before. We know that it’s very easy to sell gold in Fort Collins but a fast deal can turn out as an expensive sale. Use our gold calculator to find out what a fair offer for your gold is.

Figure out how much money the gold buyers in Fort Collins are willing to pay for gold per dwt or gram. Don’t sell to a place where the buyer is not willing to share the price information with you. This might be an indicator to get ripped-off. Try it by yourself and ask the local cash for gold spots for their current purchase prices. You can ask gold buyers, pawn shops, jewelers or even antique stores.

Cash for gold in Fort Collins – the locations

Get cash for gold by selling with reDollarYou can ask the guys at NoCo Gold & Diamond, located at 2057 Vermont Drive #101 or Diamond Peak Goldsmiths, located at 614 South Overland Trail, or even Kay Jewelers, located at Front Range Village, 2842 Council Tree Avenue. Another sport to get cash for gold is Sather’s Leading Jewelers, located at 145 West Swallow Road or the Garwood’s Jewelers, located at 131 South College Avenue. You can also sell gold to Fort Collins pawn shops like Daily pawn, located in 2925 South College Avenue or Mason Pawn, located at 6508 South College Avenue or Mister Money USA, located at 111 West Monroe Drive or even to City National Pawn, located at 1654 North College Avenue. These companies are buying gold in any form and amount. Shop around and find out how much money they offer for your stuff.

Sell gold to Fort Collins Gold Buyers if you know the value

Would you sell your home without knowing how much it’s worth? Would you sell your car or your boat without knowing the market value? NO! You would not even sell your iPhone without knowing how much you can get paid for it. Why should you sell your gold in Fort Collins without knowing the circa value? Right, there is no reason. Therefore you should learn how to identify jewelry or other things made of gold or silver. The fastest way figure out the value is using a gold calculator. You can better negotiate, if you know how much money your items are worth. Good luck!

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