Small but valuable? How much is your small diamond worth?

Hi! My name is Melissa and I would like to find out how much is a small diamond worth. I don’t know how to determine the value of diamonds but I own some little diamonds which I would like to sell if they have a good value. Please help me to find out how much is a small diamond worth. Thank you for your help.
Melissa from Memphis in Tennessee

Melissa, thank you very much for contacting me. My name is Tamay Rostan and I’m the reDollar expert for diamonds and precious gemstones. It’s my pleasure to help you with your concern. Against the common opinion that small diamonds have nearly no value, I can tell you that small diamonds have a value of course. When you provide me with some information about your small diamond(s), then we can make the determination of value together. Let’s get started right now.
reDollar appraiser, Tamay Rostan

Melissa wants to know, how much is a small diamond worth.

Melissa: Hi Tamay! Thanks for getting back to me. I would really like to sell my small diamonds but I’m very unsure that this little stones have a considerable value. You mentioned that I should provide you with information. What kind of information do you need from me?

Tamay: Hello Melissa! Nice to hear from you. My first question is always if customers have certifications relating to their diamonds or gemstones. Do you have a certificate of your small diamond?

Melissa: Well, I would like to sell three little diamonds. I have a certificate of one diamond but for the other two diamonds, unfortunately I have no certification. The one loose little diamond was bought for investment reasons and the others were part of old jewelry which a jeweler has changed for me, several years ago. Back then he broke out the diamonds and replaced them with rubies. That’s why the loose diamonds remained without certificate.

Tamay: I understand. It happens very often that people change the design or the size of their jewelry and what remains are the loose diamonds, gemstones or residues of precious metals like gold, silver or platinum. Melissa, please be so kind and send me a copy of the certificate, that way I can better perform my analysis.

Melissa: Alright! I have just sent you an email with my diamond certificate. What do you think?

Tamay: Thank you Melissa! Well, this diamond is a really nice loose, round, natural diamond with a brilliant cut. The weight of this diamond is 0.25 carats. This is indeed a small diamond but from good quality. The color is graded as F (+1) and the clarity is graded as VVS 2 what means very, very slightly included.

Melissa: How much is a small diamond worth, which is like mine?

Tamay: Well, I would estimate a fair market value of $300-$400 for this little diamond.

Melissa: Wow that’s a good price, but what makes the price of a diamond?

Tamay: The most important facts that build the price of a diamond are the carats, the clarity, and the color. The carat weight of a diamond plus this two grading facts build the price of a diamond. A 0.52 carat diamond with a color grading D, which is the best grade, and a clarity grading FL, which means flawless, the diamond has no inclusions can have a value around $4,000.00. A diamond of the same size but a lower clarity and color grade can only have a value of around $1,100.00. So you see, not only the carat weight is essential also the quality.

Melissa: Oh wow, what a huge difference! What about my other small diamonds? Can you tell me the value of them too?

Tamay: Because you don’t have a certificate relating to this stones, I would rather prefer to check this diamonds in my laboratory. I have to check the clarity and the color of this stones with a magnifier to determine a value properly. I hope you understand.

Melissa: Yes of course, that makes absolutely sense to me. I’m happy with your appraisal service because you already answered my initial question “How much is a small diamond worth” very accurate, thanks for that. I’m positively surprised by this price and look forward to your analysis result concerning my other little diamonds.

Tamay: Thank you very much for your friendly words Melissa. I’m happy that I could help you with your concern.

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