Gold buyers Memphis: we investigated your selling options

You are in need of a gold buyer in Memphis? If yes, you plan to sell gold, jewelry, coins, bullion, ingots or maybe even dental gold. We investigated your selling options in Memphis and we tell you how to sell gold for a good price. Don’t expect that members of the public pay more for gold or jewelry than the gold buying industry. You can get paid an awesome price if you just find the right cash for gold place. First, bear in mind that gold you own is valuable and even when your gold is looking old-fashioned or even when it’s broken. Gold is gold, no matter in which condition. You can expect getting paid at least the gold value minus a dealer margin in the range of about 15%. So, if your gold is worth $1,000 you should get paid about $850 for it. What do you think? Is the average of the gold buyers willing to pay you this amount? Yes? No? Well, it’s a matter of luck. You can find reliable gold buyers in Memphis as well as scam running gold buyers. It really depends on your luck. We did some work for you providing a selling guideline for Memphis. You are more than welcomed to read our tips and proceed afterwards with your own gold buyer comparison in Memphis.

How and where can you sell gold in Memphis?

Generally you have just a couple of options. You can sell gold to a gold buyer, to a jeweler or to a pawn shop. You can list your gold online using craigslist ( or other classified directories and you can also sell gold online using an online gold buyer. Taking your gold to a local auction house can be another option. But consider that local auction houses are asking for commissions up to 20% of the selling price. Furthermore some are charging you for insurance or photos. We think that a local auction house is a very expensive option, if you don’t own something extremely valuable.

Run a comparison in Memphis before you sell gold: visit the cash for gold spots

A good gold selling experience begins with understanding the odds of getting ripped off. And it’s up to you to prevent yourself from bad experiences that maybe escort you for years. What do you expect from selling gold? We are very sure that you expect a proper price for your gold or jewelry. And a proper price is the most important part of a good experience. Are you satisfied, when you get paid little money from an extremely friendly gold buyer? NO! Are you satisfied if a grumpy guy pays you a great price for your gold? YES, you are. You are not looking for a new friend or a good conversation, you are looking for cash. And keep in mind that you can meet extremely friendly and helpful dealers you could fall in love with. Wake up, HE WANTS YOUR GOLD! And he wants it cheap.

Start your comparison: Use our list of gold buyers in Memphis or make your own list. Try to compare at least 8 gold buyers to gain a helpful overview. Write down how much money they offered you and how they determined the value. Ask for the gold alloy and the weight and write it down. And don’t only ask one buyer for the alloy and weight. Ask them all and you will wonder how different they evaluate your gold. Use the shared information to calculate the value of your gold using an online gold calculator. Such a calculator is a very helpful tool to double-check the offered prices. It’s a fact that some online gold buyers offer great prices and selling online is easy like 1.2.3.

Are you really ready to sell? Set a realistic price!

Just because someone told you that the old engagement ring was valuable, doesn’t make it valuable. Especially small diamonds don’t have a significant value. It’s more expensive to prepare them for a resale instead of melting it. But beware, diamond jewelry can be very valuable. Take a ruler or better a caliper to measure the diameter and check if your diamond has a diameter greater than 5 mm. You can expect some extra money for such a stone in addition to the gold value. Some gold buyers likely “forget” to calculate an additional amount for such a stone. Ask the gold buyers for checking your stones and also write down what they tell you. Most of them will be honest telling you what you own. But it could also happen that they evaluate your diamond as a worthless zirconia. You learn, there are so many things to consider to sell gold in Memphis.

Cash for gold spots in Memphis

Cash for gold spots in Memphis are jewelers, gold buyers, pawn brokers and second hand dealers. Compare buyers like Memphis Gold Buyers, located at 3129 Poplar Avenue or Summer Jewelry Pawn, located at 4205 Summer Avenue or Accent Jewelers & Loans, located at 5050 Poplar Avenue or maybe also Daniel Yacoubian Jewelers, located at 5030 Poplar Avenue or Gold & Diamond International, located at 7221 Winchester Road.

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