How much is a Raymond Weil watch worth? Asked Susan

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How much is a Raymond Weil watch worth? Asked Susan

Hi! My name is Susan and I would like to find out how much my Raymond Weil watch is worth. I have two very nice watches from this famous brand but I have absolutely no idea how much they are worth. Please help me to determine the value of my Swiss Raymond Weil watches. Thank you! Susan
Susan from Detroit, Michigan

Dear Susan, thank you very much for contacting the reDollar appraisers. We are very excited to help you with your question. Raymond Weil watches are indeed very beautiful watches from a traditional Swiss luxury watch maker. It’s our pleasure to determine the value of your Raymond Weil watches with you together, you will see it’s also a very informative process.

reDollar appraiser, Steve Redrich

Susan wants to know, how much is a Raymond Weil watch worth

Raymond Weil Parsifal watch 18K goldSusan: Hi Steve! Thanks for your reply. I’m very excited to assist you with the evaluation process. How can I help you?

Steve: Good morning Susan, nice to meet you! Your assistance is indeed very essential for my evaluation procedure online. Before we get started, please provide me with photos from your Raymond Weil watches. Please make sure to make a photo of the case backs too.

Susan: OK I will send you as much photos as I can. I hope the quality will be sufficient.

Steve: Thank you Susan! I just received your email with the attached photos. The quality is more than sufficient, thanks a lot. Do you also have certificates of your Raymond Weil watches? It’s not a must for making the evaluation but it can be useful to work with certificates.

Susan: I’m not sure. I think I have only one certificate. I will check again.

Steve: Thank you Susan. Raymond Weil Genève is a Swiss luxury watch maker, founded in 1976 in Geneva. The company is a family-owned independent Swiss luxury watch brand. The originally founder was Mr. Raymond Weil (born in 1926 and died 2014) who founded the company 1976 when the Swiss watch manufacturing branch faced a riot because of the Quartz crisis. At present Mr. Elie Bernheim has the leading position as CEO of the company. Bernheim is Weil’s grandson. Raymond Weil is an established name in the Swiss watch industry and part of a very little circle of Swiss watchmakers which are still in family hands.

Susan: What was the quartz crisis Steve?

Steve: The Quartz crisis, also called Quartz revolution is a term used in the watchmaker industry. It describes the upheaval that was caused when in the 1970’s and 1980’s the Quartz movements have emergence, which have largely replaced the mechanical movements.

Susan: Oh, that’s interesting.

reDollar watch experts at workSteve: Yes it is. It was a path-breaking time for watchmakers back then.
I have just won my fist facts to your Raymond Weil watch. The first watch I would like to evaluate is your Raymond Weil, Don Giovanni Cosi Grande watch. This watch was first manufactured in 2002 and is an homage to the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his opera Don Giovanni. The Raymond Weil Don Giovanni Cosi Grande is a male collection only and your respective watch is very outstanding piece. It’s a pink gold automatic dual time wristwatch with date display. I think your watch was manufactured around 2008. It has a RW2200 caliber, with 25 jewels. It also has two separate time zone subdials and an 18 Karat pink gold two-part case which is brushed and polished. The dial is silvered matte with hobnail decorations. The case back is special because it’s transparent, fixed only by four screws. The watch buckle is also 18 Karat pink gold and signed. In addition to that also the case, the dial and the movement are signed. Could you please confirm the dimensions of your Raymond Weil Don Giovanni Cosi Grande watch Susan?

Susan: Yes of course. I measured the watch and I found out that it has the following dimensions: 37.5 mm x 50 mm. Pink gold that’s nice. I thought the gold is rose gold.

Steve: There is only a little difference of rose gold and pink gold. 18 Karat rose gold has a composition of 75% gold, 22.25% copper and 2.75% silver and 18 Karat pink gold contains 75% gold, 20% copper and 5% silver. So you can see, the difference is not very big. Only the amount of copper and silver varies.

reDollar pays high prices for your Raymond Weil watchSusan: Yes, that’s true. Thank you for the detailed description of my Raymond Weil watch but what do you think? How much is a Raymond Weil watch like mine worth?

Steve: I would estimate a fair market value of $3,000 – $4,000 for your Raymond Weil Don Giovanni Cosi Grande watch, depending on the condition. If the condition is mint then in the range of $4.000 or a little more, if there are some or significantly signs of wear then rather $3,000.

Susan: Oh that’s not bad. That’s a fair amount of money. For me this are great news, I’m happy with this evaluation. What about my ladies watch?

Steve: Your second Raymond Weil Geneve watch is the model Parsifal, which is an homage to Richard Wagner and its opera Parsifal. This collection was first manufactured in 1991 and is Raymond Weil’s first stainless steel and 18 Karat gold collection. The collection was relaunched 2010. A very beautiful ladies watch with an excellent Quartz movement. Your Parsifal watch has a round shape and an 18 Karat gold case with stainless steel. The dial is made of white-mother of pearl with a set of 11 diamonds. Each diamond has a brilliant cut and a weight of 0.06 carats. The diamonds are from good quality VVS2 to VS1. Thank you for the certificate. Some information I could extract from it.

Susan: You are welcome! How much is my Raymond Weil Parsifal watch worth Steve?

Steve: I would say depending on the condition, a fair market value should be
$600-$1,000 for this Raymond Weil Parsifal ladies watch. Maybe a collector would also pay $1,200 if the watch is in mint condition but I would say this is should be an exceptional case.

Susan: That sounds fantastic! For both watches I could get around $4,500, that’s fine for me and exceeds my expectations significantly. Thank you very much for providing me with such an extensive appraisal, I’m very satisfied with your service. I think I couldn’t get it better. I will discuss my final decision with my husband but if we sell the watches, then we will definitely do it with your company.

Steve: Thank you for your friendly words Susan! You can gladly run a comparison if you want. We always suggest this to our clients because that way you can find out who pays best for your watches. It was a pleasure for me making the evaluation process for your Raymond Weil watches. Good bye!

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