Where to sell gold in Detroit? How to find reliable gold buyers?

You live in Detroit or the urban area of Detroit and you plan to sell gold, jewelry, silver, diamonds or watches? Yes? Then it’s time for you to read our investigation report about gold buyers in Detroit and your selling options. Generally, it makes no difference if you plan to sell in Southwest, Downtown, West Side, East Side, Midtown or at Palmer Park area: it’s always the same and most important selling rule saying “compare, compare, and compare.” Don’t become a victim of an unreliable cash for gold- dealer just by following some rules and recommendations. We did the main work for you comparing your selling options listed in the next paragraph. But before you learn more, we will prepare you with a serious warning: there is no guarantee for getting paid a high price for gold or jewelry. We know that thousands of Americans sell gold, diamond, jewelry or watches every day without thinking about the value. Don’t sell for the amount you maybe need. Sell for the amount your items are worth. Very often, the misery starts just by answering a simple question asked by the gold buyer:


Many consumers call the amount they maybe need. They offer two gold rings to pay a $200 bill in time and call for $200 because they need $200. But is it a good deal if the rings are worth $400? Right, it’s a terrible deal. Never answer such a question. And when you shop around, you will be asked that question very often. Gold buyers in Detroit are well prepared and already await clueless gold sellers to make fast cash. Don’t walk right into a trap. Now, we have your attention. Let’s start on your satisfying gold selling process in Detroit.

Where to offer and sell gold in Detroit?

Gold buyers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, pawn shops, jewelers, pawn brokers and second hand dealers buy gold. Not all of them but the majority does. Another option is selling online to an online gold buyer or selling on eBay or craigslist (detroit.craigslist.org). You can offer your gold to local gold buyers in Detroit, you can sell it online, you can auction it, or you can offer it on craigslist. Craigslist is a good place to get rid of some old stuff but it’s questionable to sell gold or jewelry on craigslist. We heard about robberies concerning gold and craigslist. If you sell gold in Detroit by using craigslist, meet potential buyers only at public places like McDonalds or Starbucks. And don’t sell on craigslist if you own extremely valuable items. You can become a victim, faster than you may imagine.

Sell gold to local gold buyers in Detroit: All over Detroit are gold buyers located. From Downtown, Midtown up to the north or the east side. You find gold buyers like Cash City, located at 1300 Randolph Street or Cash For Karats, located at 12600 Jefferson Avenue or Cash for Gold 12758, located at Fenkell Avenue or also Aaron’s Jewelry & Loan Inc, located at 12345 Woodward Avenue. All of them advertise to buy gold, silver and jewelry. What can you do now? It’s simple but effective. You should shop around but don’t go alone. Take your friend, your brother or your sister with you. Selling gold in person can be very tough and you have to be tougher to realize a great amount of money. Ask for business cards and note down the offered prices. beware of lures like, sell right now and get an iPod for free. It’s not a good deal, we guess. And remember, don’t call a price. Let the gold buyer make the pricing. It’s up to them to make a quote. In addition to that, don’t accept that they bring you in a hurry. Take the time you need. Say good bye, take your gold (count the items) and leave. Offer your gold to at least 10 different cash for gold spots in Detroit and compare the prices online by using a gold calculator. You can double-check if the offered amount is really proper. You need to know the weight and the purity of your gold. If you don’t know – ask. They will let you know and if not or if they become unfriendly, leave. It’s the wrong place for your gold. Online gold buyers are in great competition with local gold buyers from Detroit. Don’t let them know that you also compare online. They will tell you scary stories about lost gold and other incidents. Well, not all online gold buyers are reliable like reDollar.com but if they publish guaranteed prices, normally you should trust them.

Sell gold like jewelry, dental gold or coins in Detroit

There is a big difference between selling old-fashioned gold, scrap gold, and fine jewelry. Diamond jewelry sells for more cash than other jewelry. Jewelry made from well-known brands sells for more than unbranded jewelry. If you have jewelry in the upper end price range, consult an expert. Don’t sell to a shabby location based dealer in your neighborhood. You could get ripped off and even when the guy has honest intentions it needs a lot of experience to unlock the true value. Maybe there are gold buyers in Detroit with such skills but are you really willing to shop around as long as you find one of these guys? Maybe you should sell online or ask companies like Sotheby’s for help. Detroit residents know a lot about safety and public behaviors and it’s not a secret that you should hide what you own, if you are located in Detroit or its urban area. Shopping around with fine jewelry in Detroit? That’s very questionable. Better avoid such a situation.

But it’s not only fine jewelry that requires special skills. Dental gold, for example, also needs more than a testing acid and a scale. A professionally organized gold buyer should work with an X-ray machine to determine the value of dental gold. White colored dental gold can be made of platinum. You can’t exactly identify platinum with a testing acid. But platinum teeth are common and extremely valuable. Only two platinum teeth can pay $200, $300 or more.

What can you learn?

You need a jewelry expert for fine jewelry, a gold refinery for dental gold, a watch expert for fine watches, a diamond appraiser for diamonds and a coin dealer for coins, to realize the perfect selling target. Only a few dealers can accomplish such special skills. reDollar combines all this skills in one company. Maybe ask your local gold buyer in Detroit for his experience with dental gold, coins or watches before you offer special items like that. You can also ask if he does the evaluation with acid or an X-ray. Information is power and when potential buyers realize that you are well prepared you maybe get a better offer.

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