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Michigan, The Great Lake State, is home to almost 10 million habitants. Michigan is the 35th wealthiest state in the US – seen from the income-point of view. Due to that wealth, residents own a lot of gold, jewelry, gemstones, luxury watches and other assets. Every now and then it comes to a sale of assets to get some extra cash. People then look for pawn shops, jewelers or gold buyers. Very often consumers are confronted with ads like “Top Dollars for Your Gold” or “I Pay The Highest Price” or even other alluring statements. Gold buyers try to attract potential customers, but often don’t keep their promises. They know that most individuals in Michigan don’t have an exact idea of the value of gold and jewelry. Only industry insiders or collectors know the real value of precious metals in any form and the connection to the stock price of gold. Ignorance is a great barrier for selling and our editorial team knows that. Therefore we see it as our mission to help interested readers to find the perfect selling options for their current circumstances.

Many people think “I’m a one-time gold-seller. It doesn’t make sense to waste my precious time to get into the topic of selling.” – Unfortunately that’s totally wrong and can end up in a disaster. We know a story about a lady owning an inherited white gold ring. Mounted it was a nice looking stone – she thought it was glass but it turned out that this glass was an authentic diamond worth approx. $10,000. She shopped around in expectation to sell it for some hundred dollars. Probably she would have lost thousands of dollars if she would have hit the wrong place. If you are unsure about the value in your assets, contact our experts for a free evaluation. Better ask a question before you lose a lot of money.

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