How much is 916 gold worth?

.916 gold also known as 22K gold is a premium gold alloy containing 91.6% pure gold. Due to it’s high amount of pure gold .916 gold is a very valuable gold alloy. One gram of .916 gold is worth $63.05 and one  pennyweight of .916 gold is worth $97.72. 916 gold is very rich in color and usually easy to identify as it’s either marked “916” or “22K”. Gold merchandise from countries like Saudi Arabia or India may not have a gold stamp.

916 Gold Jewelry & Coins

Most US gold coins are made of .900 gold or .999 gold and only a few US medals are made of .916 gold. 916 gold is more common for jewelry as some consumers value the rich color and high purity. Look for the marking as most 916-gold items are clearly marked (see pictured gold stamp). It may be hard to find or identify the marking but using a magnifying glass can help. Markings, especially from vintage or antique jewelry may be worn-out what makes a clear identification from at home nearly impossible. Unfortunately some jewelry is marked directly on the clasp. The constant opening and closing process of the clasp can lead to a complete removal of the marking. In this case experts are using gold-testing acid or an XRF machine for a clear identification.

Clearly marked as 916 gold

Bracelets and necklaces are usually marked on the clasp. Earrings are often marked on the post and rings mostly inside the lower shank.

916 gold stamp on bracelet clasp

Unknown, outworn gold marking

On the picture below you can find a good example for an outworn marking. The marking can’t be identified even not by using a magnifying glass. In this case professional equipment is needed.

Unidentified, outworn gold marking on bracelet clasp

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How much is 916 gold worth? How to calculate the value?

If you own gold items considered 916 gold it’s from great importance that you know the value. You could either plan to sell gold or you need information for insurance or liquidation purposes. It’s very easy to find out how much .916 gold is worth. You just need a scale to weigh your items and the math can be done by using our gold calculator. Using a digital scale is highly recommended as working with a precise weight is crucial for calculating the value of your gold. We offer a good working scale for just $5.00 which is very helpful if you don’t have a scale.

Like any other gold alloy 916 gold will be evaluated based on the weight and the current gold price. Branded gold products, very rare items, and gemstone or diamond jewelry is worth more than just the gold value. It really depends on the specific item but as guideline it can be said that approximately 90% of gold products in circulation are evaluated by the gold price without adding a premium for the craftsmanship. Remember that this is a general rule and may not be applicable to your jewelry.

916 gold jewelry on calculator for evaluation

916 Gold Calculator Result

Using our gold calculator to get a quick value-estimate is easy and convenient. We update our prices every millisecond which is why you’ll get slightly different results after every calculation. You can freeze the current price to make sure you’ll get paid exactly what you’ve calculated.

916 gold jewelry gold calculator result

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