Let’s appraise your chain: how much is a 750 gold chain worth?

750-marked gold chains can be super valuable as the gold alloy used to produce such chains is with 75% of pure gold high graded. 750 marked gold items are  almost twice as valuable as 10k gold. Those chains are usually produced overseas and of very good quality as European manufacturers are well known for their quality assurance. We highly recommend to compare buyers before selling as some buying operations are paying very bad prices. Use our company, reDollar.com, for comparing, for getting educated and for selling. We pay $51.50 per gram of 750 gold what is 90% of the current gold price and known and appreciated as the highest possible price you can get paid.

How much is a 750 gold chain worth?

Most 750 gold chains are easy to evaluate as their value is related with the current spot price of gold. Excluded from this general rule are branded chains from well known manufacturers as this type of jewelry is worth more than the gold. Those items are easy to identify as the brands proudly mark their jewelry and usually they don’t to it too small as they want you to see what you own.

For all other 750 marked gold chains, the current market value of gold is the foundation for finding its value. If the gold price is raising, the value of your chain is rising as well but if the gold price is dropping, your chain is also effected from the price reduction. reDollar.com offers a transparent way for finding the value of gold chains and times where people asked “how much is my 750 gold chain worth” are over as we don’t leave them alone with this question.

750 Gold Chain

“Miami/ Cuban Chain”

463.66 gm | $23878.94

750 gold chain called Miami, Cuban link chain

750 Gold Chain

“Curb Link Chain”

62.07 gm | $3196.67

750 gold curb link chain

750 Gold Chain

“Italian Chain”

15.61 gm | $803.93

750 gold chain made in Italy

750 Gold Chain

“Link Chain”

42.16 gm | $2171.28

750 gold link chain

Free Gold Chain Evaluation

Did you know that reDollar.com offers a free gold chain evaluation? 100% free of obligations with guaranteed no force for selling to our company. It’s our mission to make people understand how much their gold is worth.

750 Gold Chain

“Heart Chain”

19.07 gm | $982.12

750 gold heart chain

750 Gold Chain

“Link Chain”

14.81 gm | $762.73

heavy 750 gold link chain

750 Gold Chain

“Cuban Chain”

212.27 gm | $10932.11

750 Cuban gold chain

750 Gold Chain

“Diamond Accents”

96.55 gm | $4972.42

750 gold chain with diamond accents

Selling 750 Gold

Use caution if selling gold from overseas. We have heard frightening stories from our customers. We were even told that a competitor tried to buy a 750 marked gold ring as gold-filled for 10 dollars. Other buyers however refused to buy 750 marked jewelry as they were, obviously, not skilled enough for dealing with this uncommon gold alloy. Sell with confidence to reDollar.com – guaranteed trustworthy with getting paid the highest possible price.

Calculate Value of 750 Gold

Doing the math at home is pretty easy. You need not more than a scale for weighing your 750 gold. The rest can be done with our gold calculator – in 2 easy steps. We always have the latest prices imported from the Comex offering you guaranteed 90% of gold’s current spot price.

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