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Arizona often suffers from its wrongfully bad reputation for crazy Governors, Sheriffs, far too hot summers and weird residents but it’s one of the greatest states in the US! Our inhabitants are straight, decent, honest and hard working people. But what about the gold buying industry in Arizona? Are the dealers worth a visit? Do they serve you with proper purchase prices? And are they able to do a professional estimation?

Consider that Arizona is also known for gold mines. In 1863, a huge gold deposit was discovered estimated with over 2 million ounces of gold. The Mohave County, the Cochese County, the Yuma County or the Maricopa County are responsible for the long-lasting gold mining image. But what about the gold buyers in Arizona? To be honest, the guys in Arizona don’t act more reliable or less reliable than gold buyers in other States. The whole industry is not very honest. But it’s homemade: what do you think if someone offers you $500 for an ounce of gold worth $1,200? Would you classify this person or company as reliable? Would you push them with a personal recommendation? Absolutely not, right? We know how it works to achieve a fair price for your assets. We know how gold buyers in Arizona think and act. Click one of the listed cities to find out more.

Please also consider to sell gold online. By now it’s common to sell gold, silver, jewelry, gems and watches online. Online buyers depend on a positive image. Mostly they offer more money than a local gold buyer in Arizona. But it’s up to you. Click one of the cities and read what we recommend you.

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