How selling works: some helpful hints to sell gold in Phoenix

$100 Dollar premium if you sell today! The most cash for gold in Phoenix! Nobody pays you more in Phoenix! We offer highest prices for gold and jewelry! Sell gold and get a free iPod! Have you ever heard or read such slogans? Yes? Your local gold buyers in Phoenix love to run such advertising to attract people to sell gold. But take care it could be just a lure. Just think about such slogans for a second. Do you think getting paid the highest price can really work if you get a free iPod or $100 extra? NO! It’s not working because a gold buyer who pays extremely high prices makes a margin in the range of only 10%. He makes $100 if he buys gold worth $1,000 from you and an iPod costs about $200. The buyer would make $100 minus if he gives you an iPod too. How is it working? You can get an iPod, if a gold buyer pays you $500 for gold worth $1,000. But that’s a very bad deal, isn’t? So, almost all premium offers are not a good deal. Maybe there are some reliable gold buyers in hope to attract new regular customers with premiums but such premiums have to pay off finally. And it’s you paying off. Our recommendation is, don’t sell your gold to a gold buyer who offers expensive premiums. Never deal with a place if you think that a limited time offer sounds “too good to be true.” And it’s really possible to get a very good price for your gold if you follow some rules.

We did a helpful job by summarizing some Dos and DON’Ts for you. Try to follow our notes to sell your gold in Phoenix and you will see selling gold can be fun.

Beware of lures and compare the gold buyers in Phoenix

The major rule to sell gold, silver, jewelry, diamonds, watches and other valuable things for a good price is an extensive comparison. Offer your gold to many buyers to proof the different offers. Keep in mind what we told you. Finding the one honest and reliable gold buyer is a challenge. We know that many buyers offer just little money for gold or jewelry. The good guys are not easy to find. But there are some alarm signals you can recognize:

  • Be aware if a gold buyer asks YOU for the amount YOU expect. It can be a sign that he is maybe willing to pay YOUR asking amount and not a high price. Imagine you ask for $700 but your jewelry is worth $1400. Guess what happens! Do you really think that the gold buyer will raise your asking amount on his owns will? Most gold buyers won’t.
  • Be aware when a gold buyer badmouths your gold. Statements like “That’s just scrap gold and not very interesting to me” can be a sign of unreliable intentions.

A gold buyer is interested in making a good deal. He wants to make a nice margin. Make you happy and satisfied is not his main target. Always expect that an offer could be bad. Go ahead and don’t let them interfere in your comparison. Don’t sell just because a gold buyer says the gold is worth what he has offered. Sell when YOU know that it’s a good offer. In Phoenix are countless cash for gold places. Visit at least 10 different places to get a feeling for the value. You will be very surprised how different the purchase offers are.

Compare the offers with online gold buyers

Online gold buyers are in competition with local gold buyers. Some of them (like offer extremely high prices. Tools like a gold calculator can be very helpful to proof an offer. Well, it needs some information to use such tools but you can collect this information by running a comparison. You just need to know the purity and the weight of your gold to calculate the price. Plus your diamonds weight specified in carat, if you want to sell diamond jewelry. About 90% of all circulating jewelry and gold can be calculated that way. Selling online is an option if you don’t find a good price in Phoenix.

Information is power! Find out more before you look for cash for gold places

Knowledge is always an advantage. As you learned before, you can ask the gold buyers for your gold’s alloy and purity. But you can also find out this information by yourself without asking cash for gold dealers. You need very healthy eyes or a ten power loupe plus a scale. Weighing gold simply works by using a digital scale. Spot the so-called “gold markings” and sort your gold regarding this markings. Weigh them separated and note down the weight to use a gold calculator for your own evaluation. Very common gold alloys in the US are 10K, 14K, 21.6K, 22K and 24K. Jewelry or gold can also show European or Russian markings. European markings are .585, equaling 14K or .750, equaling 18K. A very common Russian gold marking is .583, equaling nearly 14K gold. Meet a appraiser for more help or a gold marking identification.

Where to run my comparison? Where to find gold buyers in Phoenix?

You can sell gold with jewelers, second hand dealers, gold buyers and pawn shops. We recommend you to visit a significant amount of buying locations. And don’t forget: information is power. Never ever call a price for your gold, if you don’t have powerful information concerning the value. It doesn’t make a difference if you visit a very fancy looking store or a gold buying hut. Both places can be extremely reliable and extremely unreliable. In NY, for example, is one of the best known and most reliable gold buying places located in a shabby location. You never know. It depends only on the guys and not on the appearance of a store.

We collected some gold buying addresses in Phoenix for you. Places like the Valley Goldmine, located at 4600 East Washington Street or Pawn 1st Loan Centers, located at 3505 East Thomas Road or AZ1 Gold Buyers, located at 1925 E Camelback Rd or also Cash For Gold Store, located at 3625 North 16th Street or maybe also Diamond Jim’s, located at 6005 North 16th Street.

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