Gold buyers in Naperville: our selling guide

We guess that there are about 12 gold buyers in Naperville. Furthermore you find about 7 pawn shops and about 15 jewelers in Naperville. Almost all of them offer cash for gold and silver. But wait before you shop around. Read our selling guide before you turn your assets into cash. The odds are at least fifty-fifty to get too little money for your gold. How much money would you expect to get paid from a gold buyer in Naperville for gold worth $1,500?

Awesome price for gold worth $1,500: in the range of $1,300 and $1,400
Almost fair price for gold worth $1,500: around $1,250
Don’t sell your gold for less than: $1,200 if it’s worth $1,500
Our research has shown that the US average gold buyer would offer you only $700 to $1,000

As you learned before, don’t sell your gold to a gold buyer offering less than $1,200 for gold worth $1,500. You have to get into the topic to find out how much your gold is worth. Generally, it’s not more than determining the weight and knowing the alloy to calculate the value. You can proceed by yourself using a gold calculator, if you know the weight and the alloy.

How much money offer gold buyers in Naperville?

There is just one way to find that out. Give them a call or shop around. First call them but don’t be disappointed if they don’t let you know their prices. We know that nearly no cash for gold spot is willing to give you a quote without seeing what you want to sell. That’s not very reliable but there is a reason why they act like that:

They can decide how much money they will offer you for your gold. They would pay more cash if they see a nice looking gold ring, maybe with a gemstone. But NEVER expect that they pay you really TOP Dollars. We know that almost all gold buyers are offering less money than the current material value, even when you offer fine jewelry. Well, for big diamonds they have to give you more but only when you know for sure that it’s a diamond. If you don’t know they probably won’t tell you.

Don’t get us wrong. We know that many guys are doing a very honest and good job. The average of gold buyers is not as honest as they should be. Always keep in mind that your gold could be MORE worth than you expect. Never underestimate your goods.

Cash for gold in Naperville: your local options

You can sell your gold in Naperville. That’s for sure. But keep in mind that you can sell gold online, too. Figure out who pays you more: the local gold buyer in Naperville or the online gold buyers. Shop around to find it out. Ask for a quote and visit local companies like Midwest Gold Buyers,located at 2840 U.S. 34 or Matthew Erickson Jewelers, located at Westfield Fox Valley, 4421 Fox Valley Center Drive or also Fox Valley Coins, located at 4S100 Illinois 59 or check Marks Brothers Gold Buyers, located at 1525 Ogden Avenue.

Not only gold buyers offer cash for gold in Naperville. Pawn shops also buy gold. Well, they are specialized in lending money but they also buy. You can visit Fast Cash & Pawn, located AT 1669 Montgomery Road or PLS Loan Store, located at 954 East New York Street or First Cash Advance, located at 1155 North Farnsworth Avenue or maybe Pebblewood Jewelry and Loan, located at the Pebblewood Shoppping Center, located at 1550 N Route 59 or even Fast Cash & Pawn, located at 929 E Ogden Ave.

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