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How much is a gold necklace worth? Asked Joshua

How much is a gold necklace worth, asked Joshua.

Hi Maria, my name is Joshua. I live in the middle of Alabama and I found your website while I was searching for a reliable gold buyer. In my area there is no close possibility to sell gold for good money and I need cash to pay the university fees for my two kids. My wife has a vinatage gold necklace and she does not wear it anymore, it’s already out of fashion. I hope you can help me to find out how much is a gold necklace worth? The determination of the value of jewelry is absolutely unfamiliar to me and I don’t want to get ripped off from tricky buyers.
Joshua from Naperville in Illinois

Hi Joshua! I’m happy to assist you to determine the value of your gold necklace. You acted in an exemplary manner. I wish other people who also don’t know how much their jewelry is worth would contact me before they sell their valuables for unacceptable prices to buyers who take advantage of the people’s naivety. Before we get started, please give me more detailed information about your necklace, maybe you can send me some photos.
reDollar appraiser, Maria Tait

Joshua wants to know, how much is a gold necklace worth

Joshua: Hi Maria, thank you very much for getting back to me so fast. Maybe you have already checked your inbox. I have sent you the required photos of my wife’s necklace. I hope you like them. My question is, how much is a gold necklace worth that my wife does not wear anymore?

Maria: Hi Joshua! Thank you for the photos, yes, I like your necklace. It looks really nice. Do you have any background information about the necklace? I mean origin and estimated age, things like that.

Joshua: Yes, my wife told me that originally this necklace belonged to her grandma and her mum gave it to her when her grandma died, this was four years ago. My wife’s grandpa gave this necklace to granny in the late 40’s I think so.

Maria: I asked this question because your gold necklace appears really old, nearly antique. I found that out, not only by the design of the necklace, more when I checked the cut of the diamond in detail.

Joshua: Really? What’s so significant of the diamond’s cut?

Maria: You gold necklace has a little pendant with a diamond in the center. The diamond has an old cut, this cut is named old brilliant-cut. Diamonds with this cuts are known for the Art-Deco time, around 1925. Your necklace strongly reminds me of this time period and the cut of the stone has confirmed this theory to me. Can you find any stamps on the necklace? Please also check the pendant for stamps, not only the necklace itself. Mostly you can find markings on the closure from necklaces.

Joshua: I could not find any markings, what can I do now?

Maria: Have you tried to find the markings with a loupe? If you have a 10 power loupe handy, you should be able to spot the markings. Not every piece of jewelry has markings, so called hallmarks that indicate the purity of the precious metal, in your case the purity of gold. But the majority of jewelry is hallmarked.

Joshua: Thank you for the advice! I used my daughter’s magnifier that she uses for chemistry and I could actually find hallmarks. But to my surprise, I spotted two different markings. On the closure of the necklace I found a marking says “750”, whatever that means. And the marking on the pendant with the diamond says “Pt 750”, but what does it mean?

Maria: That’s interesting and again this facts confirm my theory of an Art Deco piece. Your necklace is made of white gold, better said made of 18K white gold. I think the origin of your necklace could be in Europe. The pendant with the diamond is not made of gold. The pendant is made of platinum. That’s fantastic because platinum is more valuable than gold and in the 1920’s it was a very common precious metal in the jewelry manufacturing.

Joshua: Wow that’s super interesting! We have European roots. Our grandparents immigrated to the US during the Second World War. I’m surprised that the chain of the necklace is made of a different precious metal than the pendant, is that normal?

Maria: Yes that’s very interesting but not unusual. Maybe the original chain to the pendant got lost and was replaced with the current chain, made of 18K white gold.

Joshua: Yes maybe it went that way. But how much is a gold necklace like ours worth? Does the age also play a role?

Maria: Well, to go ahead with the determination of the value, please let me know the weight of the necklace and the pendant. As we know now, we have to different types of precious metals, so because of that I need to know the weight of the pieces separately. The age of the necklace could play a role what concerns the price but in that case it does not increase the value significantly. The necklace is nice but it’s not outstanding. A very common necklace for that age which was manufactured in very high quantities.

Joshua: Ok, thank you. That sounds plausible to me. The weight of the gold chain is 14,9 grams and the pendant weighs 7,4 grams.

Maria: Thank you very much! According to your weight specifications I have calculated an estimated value of $619.75 for your gold and platinum necklace.

Joshua: Wow that’s a lot! I have expected not that much money. My wife will be amazed when I tell her your estimation.

Maria: I’m happy that you are positively surprised!

Joshua: But what about the diamond with the old-brilliant cut? Do you pay a surcharge for this diamond?

Maria: Good point. In certain cases we do pay a surcharge for outstanding gemstones, for stones that are very big or very rare or particularly beautiful. But in your case, because the diamond is very little we do not pay a surcharge. Generally it can be said that we pay surcharges for stones of 0,5 carats or bigger.

Joshua: Ok, that sounds plausible to me. Thank you so much for your professional counselling. I see no reason why not to sell my necklace to your company. You answered my question “How much is a gold necklace worth” very accurate and quick. Thanks for your help Maria.

Maria: The pleasure was mine! Thank you very much for contacting me. If you have any other questions, you know where you can reach me. Please get in touch with my by phone or email, I will answer as fast as possible.

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