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We did the leg-work for you and asked the top gold buyers in Chicago to give an idea of what they will offer you. We asked them each for their scrap gold price per dwt for 18k gold. If you compare these rates with ours, we are sure that you will agree that you will be happier and your pockets will be heavier when you sell your gold to us!

Gold buyers in Chicago – the results in detail

We asked them for the scrap gold price per dwt for 18k gold.

Cash for Gold Chicago,
OfferSpot PriceDeduction per dwtYELPZIPAddressPhoneDate of Inquiry
Chicago Gold Gallery$35.0 to $38.0$43.50
-19.54% to -12.64%
to -$5.5
5.0 ★606601236 W. Devon Avenue773.338.778711/7/2014
Chicago Coin Companz$37.0$43.50
3.0 ★606386455 W Archer Ave773.586.766611/7/2014
Luo M. Jewelers, Inc$35.0$43.50
4.5 ★6060219 N Wabash Ave312.236.550311/7/2014
Steve Quick Jeweler$23.0$43.50-47.12%
4.5 ★606142471 N Clark St773.404.003411/7/2014
Gold Star Jewelry & Coin Co.$31.0$43.50
4.5 ★606267048 N Clark St773.942.655611/7/2014
Bryn Mawr Jewelry Company$25.0$43.50
5.0 ★606601125 W Bryn Mawr Ave.773.271.626311/7/2014
Professional Gems Jewelry, Inc$35.6$43.50
5.0 ★606035 S Wabash Ave312.236.970611/7/2014
Cottage Jewelry$35.0$43.50
4.0 ★60202530 Dempster St
Clark Pawners & Jewelersup to $32.0$43.50-26.43%
3.0 ★606142626 N Clark St773.528.790011/7/2014
Schierer & Popp Jewelers$26.0$43.50
4.5 ★606413912 N Cicero Ave773.685.519511/7/2014

* dealer offer per dwt for 18k gold
** spot price at the time of the comparison
*** deduction in percent and per dwt of 18k gold spot price

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