How much is your ring worth? Excited to know the value?

Dear Mr. Maria my name is Gabriela and I would like to offer my ring for a price evaluation. I would like to sell this ring because it was a gift from my husband who left me for a younger woman. A sad story but anyway. Please help me to find out how much is my ring worth. Thank you in advance, Gaby
Gabriela from Chicago in Illinois

Hello Gabriela! Thank you very much for your email. It’s my pleasure to help you with the value determination of your ring. If you want to get rid of old memories, then selling a ring is possibly a good method to find healing of the pain. So many of our clients sell jewelry to forget the past. The good thing is that the prices of precious metals are very attractive these days. Before we get started with the online appraisal process, please be so kind and send me a photo of your ring. Thank you! Best, Maria
reDollar appraiser, Maria Taint

Gabriela wants to know, how much is my ring worth

Gabriela: Hi Mr. Maria! Thank you for your response. Could you already check my photos?

Maria: Hello Gabriela! Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your email. I have received your photos and I have already begun to examine your ring. You asked, how much is my ring worth? Well, I think we can answer this question in a few minutes.

Gabriela: That sounds promising to me. As I have mentioned initially, my ex-husband gave me this ring as a present. I think it was a Valentines gift. Now I’m single and I would like to get rid of it. First I thought to sink it, but then I changed my mind. What a silly idea, I should better turn this ring into cash. And that’s what I’m going to do next. But first you must help me to find out how much is my ring worth, Maria.

Maria: I can fully understand you Gabriela, and in my opinion it’s very wise not to sink a valuable piece of jewelry. Honestly, the idea of destroying a gift might be relieving but for the cash you get paid for your ring you can buy you something new. And that makes definitely more fun, isn’t it? Chin up!

Gabriela: Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it. I have to admit that I’ve also consulted local gold buyers in L.A. but I wasn’t treated very well and my feeling said to me that the offered prices were not good. That’s why I wanted to give your service a try.

Maria: Thank you very much for your trust in us. May I ask what price was offered to you from local gold buyers in L.A.?

Gabriela: Of course but I would like to tell you the offered prices when we have finished the appraisal process.

Maria: That’s a great idea, I’m excited to the outcome. I was asking you that question because many of our client’s complain about their bad selling experiences with local gold buyers. I don’t know why so many local competitors show a bad buyer behavior because the completion is very, very hard and it’s important to make clients happy, not least to win them as regular customers but obviously many local competitors are greedy and want to make a big profit on each customer. But that’s not the right strategy. It’s our mission to enlighten people so that they better understand what they own and how they can find out the value by themselves. That’s the benefit of a transparent selling process, it’s a win- win situation for both parties. Anyway, I would not wander from the subject. Back to your ring. I see that you own a beautiful white gold diamond ring. Do you have a certificate or something like that relating to this ring?

Gabriela: I agree entirely. This was also the feeling I got when I walked in the jeweler shops. The people wanted to push me to sell the ring immediately. Some told me the ring is not very special and has no essential value, others wanted told me their offer is only valid today, tomorrow they can’t buy the ring anymore, it was like now or never. And when I called jewelers to get a price information by phone, I got not answer at all. But I just wanted to know their gold prices, that way I could have made a comparison but no way. Nobody wanted to tell me their prices by phone.

Maria: That doesn’t surprise me. That’s the exact same experience that we have made when we run a comparison. We offer a gold calculator, that way our clients can calculate our purchase prices by themselves. That’s the most transparency that we can offer and our clients are worth it. When you sell a car, you also want to compare the prices before you finally sell, isn’t it? So why not with gold, jewelry and other valuables?

Gabriela: I totally agree!!! But companies like yours are a rarity, I would be happy if others would also play with an open hand like your company does. You asked me for certificates, unfortunately I don’t have certificates, I’m sorry. But I know that the ring is made of 18 karat gold.

Maria: That’s great! Do you also know the weight of your ring?

Gabriela: Yes I do because one jeweler has weighed the ring. The weight is 7.20 dwt.

Maria: That’s the total weight including the diamonds, isn’t it?

Gabriela: Yes, it is.

Maria: Alright. Our current purchase price for 7.2 dwt. 18K gold is $308.00. I have just calculated this amount with our gold calculator. Please bear in mind that this amount can vary because if the gold price is increasing, also our prices rise. And if the gold price falls, also our prices fall. But that’s not the final price. Do you know anything about the diamonds in your ring? I see there is a nice diamond which is the centerpiece of the ring and also many little diamonds. I think the little ones are very small. It appears that the small diamonds have only 0,01 ct. – 0,05 ct. For this tiny diamonds we can’t pay a surcharge but for the bigger diamond which is the centerpiece we can buy a surcharge. Do you know the carats of this diamond? If no please tell me the length of this princess-cut diamond.

Gabriela: The diamond has a length of circa 4,5 mm. Princess-cut, that sounds lovely.

Maria: Well, for the diamond which seems to be a 0.5 carat diamond, we can pay a surcharge of circa $150.00. I can’t proof the quality, clarity, the imperfections, and the color of the stone via email. To make a detailed analysis I need to have the ring with the stones in hands. Diamond grading is a very complex thing and you have to consider many facts. But for a first estimation the details you gave me are sufficient. Summarized I would make an estimated offer of $458.00, rounded up to $460.00 for your diamond ring. What do you think?

Gabriela: Oh my god! That’s a great, great offer!!! Do you wanna know how much money the locals in Los Angeles have offered me for that ring?

Maria: Please let me know Gabriela.

Gabriela: The lowest offer was $100.00 and the highest $225.00 but that’s by far much lower than your offer. I’m speechless!

Maria: Well, your ring is beautiful and only the material value is $308.00. That’s a lot of money! I’m happy that you are satisfied with my evaluation.

Gabriela: Yes I’m. Now I know how much is my ring worth, holy… I will get started right now and will sell my ring with your company. Why should I wait any longer? Thank you so much for your professionalism Maria it’s obvious that you are an expert.

Maria: You are welcome Gabriela! It was a pleasure for me meeting you and making the appraisal for your gold ring for you. Bye!

Gabriela: Bye Maria!

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