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reDollar gold experts at workPeople say that residents of Lincoln are financially well-off due to almost full employment, affordable real estate prices and moderate living costs. From time to time people face the situation to sell gold in Lincoln, simply to get some extra cash or to get rid of unwanted memories. Estate inheritances, break-ups, or divorces, for example, are reasons why gold, jewelry, watches or gems are flooding the second hand market. Gold buyers in Lincoln are one of the first options that people consider when they think about selling. Some consumers also know that pawn shops or jewelers buy gold, but many people are of the opinion that jewelers offer only trade-ins and pawn shops are more specialized in loaning valuables. Some people also don’t like the idea of being in a pawn shop. Your neighbor, friend, or employer could think you’re in finical troubles. For this reason most people look for gold buyers in Lincoln, to offer their valuable possessions there. Even a small amount of gold can be worth a decent amount of cash and the gold buying industry, sadly but true, tends to offer far too less money. You should be aware of that when you visit gold buyers in Lincoln. But what are your options for selling gold in Lincoln?

reDollar offers the most cash for your goldFirst, there are the above mentioned gold buyers in Lincoln you can visit. But expect more a bad experience than a great one. We really don’t want to paint an overall picture of gold buyers but unfortunately there is a high chance to meet unreliable guys. Officials and consumer protecting agencies warn of the high risks of getting too less money from local gold buyers. Because of skyrocketing gold prices many new gold buying stores popped up in Lincoln to make a fortune by buying scrap gold and jewelry for a bargain. It doesn’t need tons of experience to perform an acid scratching test to determine if something is gold. Just put some money in the business to call yourself gold buyer. Moreover, low regulations on state and local laws allow almost all business men to vie for prospective gold sellers. But the wide-spread inexperience leads to low ball offers because unskilled buyers deduct more money to be safe in case of a miscalculation. Avoid this potential troubles and sell with us, your trustworthy, reliable and highly – skilled gold buyer.

Our reDollar gold prices at a glance:

reDollar price per gram 9K gold: $25.38
reDollar price per gram 10K gold: $28.15
reDollar price per gram 14K gold: $39.49
reDollar price per gram 18K gold: $50.63
reDollar price per gram 22K gold: $61.84
reDollar price per gram 24K gold: $71.19

Know what you have before you visit a gold buyer in Lincoln

Sell your gold with an expert onlyThe best way to sell gold in Lincoln is to prepare yourself for selling by collecting some information about the items you plan to sell. If you know what you have and how much it is worth you probably don’t end up with too little money in your pocket. Our website, for example, is a great source to find out how much your items are worth. We provide tons of information about the value of jewelry, coins, dental gold, and collectibles. There is an overview provided in our answer center section. Moreover our board of experts answers your questions related with the value of any kind of assets made of precious metals. Get informed on our website and set out to compare gold buyers in Lincoln with your new won knowledge. Nonetheless we don’t recommend to divulge your knowledge because if you err, a potential buyer may offer you too little cash.

The best way to get started is to work out a list of gold buyers in Lincoln you plan to visit. Consider pawn shops, coin dealers and jewelers. Try to compare at least 7 places in your community and also online gold buyers. What some people from Lincoln also do is asking gold buyers in Omaha. It’s only a 50 miles drive. We know that this process is time-consuming but finally it will pay off. Doubtful consumers can also ask an appraiser when they think they own something very valuable. Online advice is very often free. Ask our experts for help. It’s free and helpful in any circumstances.

Gold Buyers in Lincoln

Company Industry Address
Gold Buyers of America Gold Buyers Gateway Mall, 172 Gateway Mall, Lincoln, NE 68505
Lincoln Coin & Bullion Llc Coin Dealer 3534 S 48th St # 4, Lincoln, NE 68506
Sartor Hamann Jewelers Jeweler 1150 O St, Lincoln, NE 68508
Capital City Pawn & Jewelry Pawn Shop 3215 S 13th St, Lincoln, NE 68502
AAA Ultimate Pawn Pawn Shop 1400 South St, Lincoln, NE 68502
A-1 Pawn Shop Pawn Shop 135 S 9th St, Lincoln, NE 68508
Capitol City Pawn & Jewelry Pawn Shop Belmont Shopping Center, 2541 N 11th St # 13, Lincoln, NE 68521
Paycheck Advance Gold Buyers Gold Buyers 101 N 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68503
PCA Gold Buyers Gold Buyers 2525 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68512

Some people wonder if gold buyers in Lincoln pay more than pawn shops or jewelers. That’s questionable because you can find a pawn shop offering top dollars but also a jeweler. Some gold buyers, as mentioned above, offer by far too little money. It always depends on the buyer’s company philosophy. But be aware, there are countless gold dealers deducting a margin of 50-70% for themselves for buying your gold. We pay you 90% of the stock price for your gold, this is not an empty promise – this is a guarantee. You don’t believe us? Use our gold calculator and pre-calculate your payout amount and you will see for yourself that our prices belong to the highest in the industry.

Especially rare jewelry, seldom coins or antique silverware need special handling and a buyer with the ability to recognize a sleeper. There can be a giant difference between the value of an ordinary gold watch and a gold watch made from a special brand or designer.

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  • Lincoln located BB&R pawn shop (corner of 17th and O street) closed after 30 years of operation after his 72 years old owner retired. For more than 3 decades they bought, sold and pawned jewelry, guns, gemstones, coins, electronics, tools and even two-wheeled vessels.
  • A 33-year-old man from Lincoln pawned stolen rings, a gold bracelet, a ruby pendant and a class ring. He took out valuables of a Sheridan Boulevard home worth almost $50,000 including some silverware and electronics. Investigators checked pawn shop records and found out that the suspect pawned some of the stolen articles. He was sent to prison.

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